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I love the concept of amateur couples being so free with their sexuality and so comfortable with their nudity that they engage in Cfnm-esque behavior in public. So here’s 10 lengthy videos that stay true to the intra-weaving themes of amateur couples, exhibitionism, public Cfnm, and nude beaches with plenty of swinger behavior thrown in. The 1st video is a compilation from a longer video (that I would love to get) that a husband made of his clothed wife sucking off 21 different guys in one night, mostly out in public in South Beach, Florida. Yeah, you read right, 21 guys! Then there’s two European couples’ self-made fully clothed public sex videos, the 1st couple fucking and sucking near a monument and the 2nd couple doing the same in a barn with people around. I then dug up two dick sucking contest videos that I’d originally posted on the blogspot version of All Things Cfnm years ago. The 1st involving 4 clothed girls having a blowjob race where someone actually wins by getting the guy to cum, and the second being the big “scandal” video that took place on a popular Greek booze cruise for college students. For the last 5 videos, you’re treated to 100% real and unstaged amateur exhibitionism and voyeurism on various nude beach areas. It’s amazing how much mutual masturbation and out and out fucking that happens in these places, all in front of whomever wants to stop and watch!
amateur_couple_12_guys_in_1_night_south_beach_cfnm amateur_couple_on_streets_in_europe amateur_couple_public_fuck_in_a_barn
dick_sucking_contest_chicago dick_sucking_contest_greek_cruise_scandal Public Cfnm on VE:
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Public Cfnm on PH:
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All 5 on RS: HERE

nude_beach_couples_gc_montage nude_beach_couples_gc_sex_spectators nude_beach_couples_gc_showoff_for_jerker
nude_beach_couples_mutual_masturbation nude_beach_couples_swinger_sex Beach videos on VE:
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Beach videos on PH:
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All 5 on RS: HERE

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6 Responses to “Amateur Couple Exhibitionist Cfnm – In Public and On Nude Beaches”  

  1. 1 CrazyJim

    I’m kinda surprised no-one has commented on these yet. Personally, I thought these vids were great, especially the ones of the the 21-guys-in-one-night and the greek booze cruise. If you ever manage to find the full video of that first one… damn. Thanks!

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    You know, Jim, I totally cannot understand why nobody commented on these videos myself. It’s a collection of some of the craziest things I’ve ever seen caught on videotape – especially the swinger video that you mentioned. When I first found that, years ago actually, I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t! I remember getting it from some swinger forum that now doesn’t exist if my memory serves me correctly. I had to ruminate quite a bit over it even after I posted the videos, because it was bugging me. Anyway, it’s pretty bold stuff and would very much love to get the whole thing. So hopefully somebody will come across the blog through a search engine and offer up a link for us!

  3. 3 Mr. Burns


    Agree with comment above by CrazyJim.

  4. 4 G Wiz

    Love the BJ Contest stuff. There seem to be only a handful of legit vids floating around the net over the past few years, but of course plenty of fakes. Thanks for these.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Hey GWiz: yeah, I really wish there were more of these around, as I’ve read about them and seen others over the years, but these two are definitely the best I’ve come across. There’s of course the Club reps blowjob contest video that made a bunch of press and a couple that happened at club events of wish are also posted on the blog here, just search through the archives using the search engine tool. But there’s got to be others out there, just waiting to be found. I guess we’ll hear about them when they appear, won’t we?

  6. 6 wowie

    That 21 bj vid in one night has to be somewhere! We need to find that…

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