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ashlee_gets_daughter_rachel_to_jerk_off_the_landlord Although they’ve taken a page or two from the combination of mature women with young girls Cfnm fantasy scenario mastered by sites like Pure Cfnm, Club Tug and See Mom Suck have their own flair. Obviously as both Club Tug and See Mom Suck are produced by the same people and available with one membership, you’d expect both sites would have similar themes. That they do, but are separate by one aspect, Club Tug is strictly Cfnm handjob focused and See Mom Suck involves blowjobs, more visible female skin, and tittyfucking. But two aspects they have that I love are mature women teaching young girls scenarios and the overall dirty talk that is thrown around in each scene. The girls openly discuss their experience as they jerk the guy off, talking about how hard it feels in their hands, and the like. I don’t know about you, but I love that when I’m getting a blowjob or a handjob – and it is even better with another girl (or girls) looking on! So here’s three examples from both Club Tug and See Mom Suck – starting with a muscle massaging infomercial video shoot that turns into a two-girl jerk fest and then followed by a Mom who shows her daughter and friend how to really take care of a big cock.
ct_danica_and_christy_jerk_off_the_camera_man sms_zoe_and_chloe_are_taught_how_to_suck_dick Cfnm scenes on VE:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
Cfnm scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2
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6 Responses to “Mature Women and Younger Girls Jerk and Suck In 3 Hot Cfnm Scenarios”  

  1. 1 Joe

    I love the teaching aspect…its so hot!

  2. 2 Rod

    I like much of the material on both Club Tug and See Mom Suck, but they overdo the dirty talk by having way too many adjectives when describing the guy’s cock. It sounds so obviously scripted, and doesn’t flow smoothly and naturally when they say “My boyfriend’s big, huge, hard cock”. I don’t know if you ever pass on any of our feedback to the sites you showcase here, but if you do, I hope they listen, because the dialog is very annoying.

  3. 3 cfnmdave

    most of these sites are over scripted and it shows…I am thinking there might need to be a CFNM subset called real CFNM

  4. 4 Joe

    It is over scripted…but the 2nd vid so much hotter then the 1st!

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Yeah guys, the scenes are definitely scripted… or at least the girls are encouraged off camera to talk it up much more than perhaps they would normally. And I’ll be honest, sometimes it is kind of annoying when you can tell that the girl or girls doing the jerking off of the guy are saying things they are having to force themselves to say. It just seems all too contrived when that happens. However, like in the two examples I posted, I really feel like 90-100% of the dialogue the girls have between one another is pretty goddamn good. I’ve especially got a thing for the first video, because of the obvious non-scripted cock slapping the mature woman on the left just starts doing during the handjob. They both together really seem to be having fun jerking him off. The second video I like because I totally love the younger girl’s reactions and the whole premise of the video’s story line is completely hysterical. Funny stuff to say the least. But it’s that kind of thing that I really like in fantasy scenes I guess. If it’s goofy, I’ll like it. That’s kinda weird, I know!

    And specifically to Rod: yes, they always seem to take any and all suggestions to heart. But I think that your feedback may fall on deaf ears, because the webmaster of the site (whom directs and sometimes stars in the videos) really wants that aspect of the site to stick out. He doesn’t want to be like a Tug Jobs site, where there’s absolutely no interaction verbally between the girl (or girls) jerking off the guy holding the camera. Because really, if all you’re looking at is a girl who gets noticeably bored while giving a handjob for 10 minutes, not saying a word, how exciting is that? Not much. But hopefully they will make videos that flow a little better, dialogue-wise. I think that probably will come with time and effort on the behalf of the talent involved. It’s already improved alot from when they first started!

  6. 6 Rod

    Usually when I point out any negative aspect of the posted material, it’s nitpicking, not meant to be taken too harshly. In general, most cfnm is far better than your average porn, and for the price we’re paying, we shouldn’t be too critical!

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