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Basically all of these Cfnm scenes involve a clothed female reporter interviewing naked men (and women) in a variety of settings. The first and last scenes contain a female reporter interviewing folks at swinger clubs, while observing the nudity and blatant sex going on in front of them. The other 3 Cfnm clips involve clothed females interviewing people involved in filming porn movies right as the fucking and sucking is going on. These are of course all from South America (2 from Brazil’s Carnival) and Europe, as we’re too repressed in the U.S.. Now whether the reporters are real or not in the first 3 scenes are kinda up for your own interpretation, but the 3rd and 4th clips from the Dutch TV show Spuiten en Slikken are 100% legitimately real. I’ve also added 4 long scenes from the porn video series Pimmel Bingo as all 6 DVDs in the series involve a clothed female announcer-type woman who interviews amateur men off the street, ultimately talking them into trying to get off with her female porn star companion on camera. I previously posted 4 Pimmel Bingo clips here as well, but I think these are a bit hotter. Enjoy, and let me know what you think of them!
a_german_swinger_club_report_cfnm brazilian_carnival_orgy_report_cfnm short_cfnm_report_from_orgy
spuiten_en_slikken_porn_shoot_report_cfnm spuiten_en_slikken_swinger_club_report_cfnm Cfnm reports on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
Cfnm reports on PH:
1 | 2a | 2b | 3 | 4 | 5

pimmel_bingo_5_cfnm_scene_3 pimmel_bingo_5_cfnm_scene_4 pimmel_bingo_5_cfnm_scene_5
pimmel_bingo_6_cfnm_scene_2 Pimmel Bingo Cfnm on VE:
Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3 | Scene 4
Pimmel Bingo Cfnm on PH:
Sc 1a | Sc 1b | Sc 2 | Sc 3 | Sc 4a | Sc 4b
Videos on RS HERE and HERE

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14 Responses to “Female Reporters Engaging In Cfnm – Nine Scenes”  

  1. 1 ChilledJill

    Hehe, I love the idea of interviewing naked men! It’s a huge turn on to see men having conversations with their penises out for us! Thank you Super 😀

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    To Enrique and Jill, thank you! I am glad that you also found some interest in these videos. I just had found a few, then went searching for others on my harddrives to finish out the post. I know of some others out there that are actually more “on topic” in that all the women involved in the video are clothed, but I didn’t have the luck in finding them in time for this update. I’m very certain that a good number of videos of this type have already been posted here on the site. It’s all a matter of searching around for them. It really makes me wish that I’d done a better job of describing each video from the very beginning of this blog, because it’s sometimes tough to find the exact video I know I’ve posted before. There’s just so much here!

    Anyhow, to Danny: the reason why I believe that these videos were definitely Cfnm in nature is that the female reporters or photographers were all clothed throughout the entire scene in which they were involved. At least in the first 5 videos this is strictly the case. However, as the other woman who remains clothed about 90-99% of the time through out the last 4 videos is actually a porn performer herself, I would agree with your “non-Cfnm” stance. But hey, the women in these videos have seen other women naked all their lives… they haven’t seen as many naked men, nor have they watched people having sex in front of them as often as they’ve seen people clothed. That’s where the sexual interest is created… and yet they are faced with the interesting conundrum of having to remain professional while watching these incredibly erotic things go on in front of them.

  3. 3 Enriquefustagueras

    Amazing update, Super.

  4. 4 shane

    can u post scene from raised skirts no. 13

  5. 5 Danny

    It not really CFNM if the girls are also naked.
    But beside that awesomes

  6. 6 Joe

    Interesting vids…..some are hot but its to bad there aren’t more in English.

    Nice about us in the states being repressed lol!

  7. 7 Vega

    Loved that porn shoot from Spuiten en SLikken!
    She interviewing him while he’s jerking off and getting a blowjob; Classic!!

  8. 8 Joe

    Are there translations anywhere?

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    Yeah, it’s really too bad that there aren’t more English-speaking countries which are open minded enough to conduct interviews like these. I think that’s kind of a pipe dream, most unfortunately. And sorry Joe, unless I can somehow attract some Brazilian, Dutch, and German blog visitors that are comfortable enough to actually comment on this post, I don’t know if we’ll ever get any sort of translation.

  10. 10 Geovani

    Thats Great i loved the reactions! If someone wants to know who is the Brazilian reporter, shes Rita Cadillac.

  11. 11 Vega

    Might take me some time but I’d gladly translate the Dutch for you Super!
    Don’t know how to make subtitles though so it would just become a simple type-out of the conversations.
    I can probably easily make a translation of that porn shoot vid.
    If you dig it I could also translate that swinger vid for you.
    Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll get to work on it!

  12. 12 allthingscfnm

    Holy crap Vega! You’d be willing to do that? I’d be stoked (as I’m sure everyone else who visits the site would also be) if you were to undertake translating what you could of those interviews. Yes, I’d be VERY interested in you translating them! Thanks for the incredible offer as well!

  13. 13 Joe

    Translating would be great…….lol would like to know what there saying! More into that swinger club or amateur stuff vid for translating

  14. 14 Vega

    Hope you guys can do something with this!
    I tried to add some marker points so that you know at which point of the video the conversation takes place.
    I’ll be working on the swinger vid next, expect it tomorrow or Wednesday!
    Super; if you’d like this not to be in comments but as a single download to add to the vids, let me know. I’ll send you a proper file so that you can add them to your post.

    -Girl walks down street

    Girl: In here Don and Ads sons are busy recording a scene for the reality site ‘Teens for Money’
    And I get to take a look behind the scenes. Let’s see…

    -Girl comes into studio
    Girl: Oh shit! They’re still busy.

    Mr Orange: You can almost hippity-hop on those tits man…

    Girl talks to camera guy in Orange
    Girl: Everything going ok here?

    Mr Orange: YEs, it’s going fine

    Girl: Does the image look good on camera?

    Mr Orange: Yeah, it looks pretty good

    Girl: What kind of porn are you actually making here?

    Mr O: We make pure reality porn. In short that means we try to make things like as realistic as possible for the viewer. Not the plastic fantastic idea with white beaches and incredibly beautiful girls. Not thta she’s not a real hot girl though.

    Girl: But it has to look real.

    Mr O: Indeed

    Girl: Why do you think this style of porn is so popular?

    Mr O: The realism of it. People who watch it could strat to think that this could happen to them tooi f they picked up a camera and went outside. Maybe I too can pick up a girl from the street.

    Girl: Please continue filming. I’ll give you some space here.

    -Girl talks to porn actor in Blue.
    Girl: How are you doing here?

    Mr Blue: Yeah, pretty good, no complaints here as you can see!

    Girl: Does this realistic type of sex have your preference as a porn actor?

    Mr Blue: Absolutely, it’s what porn is all about at this moment. Oh by the way, the cameraman just tells me we’ve lost the footage but we’ll just keep going.

    Girl: No problem, we still have a camera running!

    Mr Blue: As you can see, this is what it is about nowadays.

    Girl: And is she supposed to be the girl next door?

    Mr Blue: That’s the idea yes. This girl here is supposed to be a 19-year old that I picked up from the street. Still wearing her shoes as you can see. It’s just more believable to think I picked her up on the street like this.

    Girl: You still keep jerking yourself off right?

    Mr Blue: Yes but it’s a great job I have and someone has to do the dirty work right? We have a good time here!

    -Girl talking about the scene from a distance
    Girl: It’s ‘Teens for Money’ and as you can see these guys thought of everything. Little teddy bears, Disney pillowcases that kind of stuff. Totally realistic, these guys aren’t dumb!

    -Girl talks to both guys after the shoot
    Girl: Ok guys, it looks like things went really well today

    Mr Blue: No complaints here!

    Girl: Thanks for letting us watch along!

    Mr Blue: And thanks to you for being here! Which brings me to my next point; You do fit our profile honey! I propose you play the lead in our next ‘Teens for Money’ video!

    -Girl on the street
    Mr Blue: Hey honey, looking good! Want to make 5 euro’s?

    Girl: 5 euro’s? Sure!

    Mr Blue: Can we fuck you for 5 euro’s?

    Girl: 5 euro’s?! Oh my, sure!!

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