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antique_dealer_gets_his_cock_appraised Imagine my surprise when I went to visit my all time favorite storyline-driven fantasy Cfnm site Pure CFNM yesterday, to find out that my membership also included free access to both Hey Little Dick AND Girls Abuse Guys. I was shocked! I have been hoping that this would happen, as all three sites are produced by the same entity, and BOOM, here it is. So a membership to inarguably the best Cfnm site now gets you access to one of the best small penis humiliation fantasy sites as well as one of the best girl-on-guy strap on domination sites. The only drawback? This is only going to be available for you Cfnm aficionados for the month of May. So if you’ve ever wanted to see the Cfnm embarrassment, light humiliation, and teasing handjob scenarios of Hey Little Dick, as well as the Cfnm female dominant strap on action of Girls Abuse Guys now is the time to assuage those curiosities. That goes triple if you throw in the fact that you’re getting almost $90 worth of regularly updated, high quality Cfnm porn for $29.95! Of course I’ve provided some hot Cfnm action in some sample scenes from Pure CFNM, Hey Little Dick, & Girls Abuse Guys so be sure to check them out – then take advantage of this awesome deal. 
pure_cfnm_girlfriend_massages_him_with_her_friends hld_girls_tease_his_small_package gab_prison_girls_strip_and_humiliate_guard
Three hot Cfnm scenes on PH: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
Three hot Cfnm scenes on VE: Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3
EDIT (05/04/10): I just received an email response to this post from Pure Cfnm stating the following, “In this time of global economic crisis we know that many people are struggling and value for money is of utmost importance. PureCFNM has been the best value for money CFNM site for years as we are the only one to update with a new scene every week – but we wanted to go a step further and by giving members access to our other two sites as well, it means they get an amazing 8 new CFNM scenes every month.” That about says it all, doesn’t it? I’ll keep you posted on any other developments in the comment section of this post.

All for 1 price!: Pure CFNM | Hey Little Dick | Girls Abuse Guys
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4 Responses to “Varied Theme Fantasy Cfnm Scenarios From Three Sites – For One Price!”  

  1. 1 mark

    is there a way you can post some amateur strippers with big breast black women

  2. 2 Sparky

    Everyone has different tastes, different strokes for different folks, etc. Ok, I get it.

    That being said, can somebody please explain to me how one gets a sexual thrill out of women laughing at a small dick? We all want the ladies to touch our junk but who wants a little dick? And if you’re unfortunate enough to have a tiny pecker, how does getting laughed at and receiving insults get you off?

    And if you have a large or normal size dick, why would you enjoy “little dick” porn?

    Thanks for explaining it.

  3. 3 Murtney

    I’m with Sparky on this one. The fascination some people have with seeing guys humiliated or abused is foreign to me. I don’t see anything at all exciting about watching women ridicule a man because he has a small penis. Neither am I interested in watching women abuse men–in whatever form that abuse may take. My two cents.

    Beyond that, I think Mr. Pure has done a fine job overall with Pure CFNM. I’d like to see more inventiveness in his scenarios along the lines of what the Japanese are doing with CFNM, but his content is nonetheless superior to most of what is out there today. And the three for one offer is generous considering some sites give you so little value for your money. Thanks Mr. Pure and thanks to you Super!

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Well guys, I think that a big part of it is that there are a lot of guys that enjoy the embarrassment and subsequent humiliation aspect of getting naked in front of women. That is quite a big aspect of Cfnm in general I think, even if it’s just the threat of possibly being made embarrassed by the clothed women seeing you naked by their less than erotic reaction. I mean, there’s many out there that focus on that embarrassment, it being the thing that turns them on about being naked in front of clothed girls. Or at least the fantasy of it. And the whole “small dick humiliation” angle just magnifies the embarrassment factor. Then by being demeaned or made to feel ashamed, the guy is given more incentive to be turned on by the “wrong-ness” of the situation. That’s what I would say in describing why people are into that particular genre of Cfnm. As far as why an average-sized dick owner might like this genre, I think one explanation could be that it definitely makes them feel more masculine in comparison. I’m not 100% “on board” with being continually teased for extended amounts of time on any level, so I can’t really speak much further on the subject.

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