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a_dick_comparison Just as all good things must come to an end, so has the porn career of Brandi Belle. Based on my own investigative research with verification from two very reliable sources, I need to report that the once renowned “CFNM Queen” Brandi Belle has retired (see “retired” status here). If you’ve followed Brandi Belle’s site closely over the last year, you probably noticed 3 things that foretold the end of her porn career: 1. the site began being updated irregularly, 2. Brandi progressively did less interaction yet more supervision of other girls in the CFNM scenarios, and 3. when Brandi DID interact with a guy – it was the same one every time. Guess what? That is the very guy that she was in a relationship with throughout the last portion of her contract and whom has apparently “fallen in love with” and left the business for. I say more power to Brandi Belle for finding love in the porn business and I truly hope she prospers in whatever she does with her future. Alot of people have trashed the girl throughout the 5 years she worked on the site, but I’ve always thought that the Brandi Belle site is one of the most interesting and unique fetish sites on the Internet. In fact, I was the first Cfnm blogger to present Brandi Belle‘s material as a goldmine for Cfnm fans. Shit, Bang Bros didn’t even know what Cfnm was until I contacted them! But it is a shame that we won’t benefit from the always innovative, risky, quirky, and fun Cfnm from Brandi anymore, at least no new scenes. However, does that mean that it’s not worth joining if you haven’t before? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Why? It’s still got 202 full length scenes available for you, some of which I’ve already provided samples of in these previous posts. So there’s obviously tons of episodes of her creative Cfnm themed hijinx that you’ve most likely not seen before – including the four I’ve provided clips of below. The newer and older scenes “My Second Black Guy”, “Peeping Toms”, “Penis Size”, and “Personal Servant” have cock measurement, dick comparison, honestly fun female reactions, handjob, blowjob, and other Cfnm action you’ll enjoy. So although Bang Bros hasn’t included her site into their all-in-one site network yet, they may not ever. I have yet to hear any response from the emails I sent asking for a statement on the matter, so the Brandi Belle site may not be around much longer – get her stuff while you can!
brandi_belle_cfnm_my_second_black_guy brandi_belle_cfnm_peeping_toms brandi_belle_cfnm_penis_size_vid
brandi_belle_cfnm_personal_servant Brandi Belle CFNM scenes on PH:
Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3 | Scene 4
Brandi Belle CFNM scenes on VE:
Scene 1 | Scene 2 | Scene 3 | Scene 4
See these and 198 more at Brandi Belle

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11 Responses to “An End Of An Era – Five Fun and Unique Cfnm Scenes”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    One of my favorites… I will miss her.

  2. 2 Murtney

    I’m really sorry to see her go but am happy that she has found someone special in her life. I think she was one of the most creative and adventurous people to have ever produced CFNM — even if that was not her original intent. I was a big fan of hers from the beginning and will miss her a lot. She deserves a lot of credit for taking CFNM to a new level of kinkiness and innovation. Thanks Super for giving us all a heads up!

  3. 3 Joe

    I will miss her also…always had a crush on her. Is that fair to have a crush on a porn star? Thats pretty cool that she fell in love. Maybe she will become a business women like Jameson did.


    the skit she did with all school girls and one boy having an unwanted erection was perhaps the greatest sketch cfnm ever, along with the milfs at cfnm secret and their cucumber blow job skit, anyhow, although brandi belle fell in love sometimes women decide later on they gotta do what they love,and go back to porn, such just might be the case with brandi belle, maybe she will come back with her own site under her own rules and not bang brothers? one can only hope.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Yeah guys, I’m with you 100% on everything you’ve said so far about her and the site in general. I mean, like Murt said, even if it wasn’t the original intent (because it totally wasn’t) she and the people helping her produce the content did an incredible job of coming up with innovative Cfnm scenes. Not all of them worked, but hell, at least they were trying! There’s a number of sites that produce very redundant and predictable scenarios with the occasional great scene, whereas with hers, you just never knew what new crazy scenario they’d come up with week to week.

    I just hope that this news doesn’t discourage people from checking out her site if they never have. Because honestly, it’s one of the best Cfnm sites that is available – ESPECIALLY for the price of it.

    As far as Brandi’s future is concerned, I’ve come to learn over the past couple years that she really was actually in college. She’s done a good job of keeping those details under wraps, as she once mentioned it in a “behind the scenes” video right after the site started – one that’s been removed from the site as of a number of years ago. I lost the video in a hard drive crash way back when, so I don’t even have it. But anyway, I’m sure that she just is moving on with her life. Doing this site probably became her Achilles heel, in that it was taking time away from the things that she really wanted to do with her life. Obviously school, a relationship, and a “real life” outside of porn became more important than what she was getting out of being an Internet porn star.

    By the way, I’m planning on doing a series of these kinds of posts for awhile. Basically I plan on educating people on what sites are updating and which have become static and either don’t update anymore, have closed up shop, or are rumored to be shutting down. I think it’s about time somebody was completely up front about what sites really provide to the public. What do you all think about that?

  6. 6 Sparky

    Super, I think I recently saw the Brandi Behind the Scenes video on the RapidLibrary site.

  7. 7 Murtney

    “By the way, I’m planning on doing a series of these kinds of posts for awhile. Basically I plan on educating people on what sites are updating and which have become static and either don’t update anymore, have closed up shop, or are rumored to be shutting down. I think it’s about time somebody was completely up front about what sites really provide to the public. What do you all think about that?”

    I think it’s a great idea, Super. Most appreciated!

  8. 8 Joe

    Wonder what that behind the scenes video actually said. Yea that would be cool, behind the scene stuff at least in my opinion. I say go for it.

  9. 9 Edward James

    Where can I find clips of her doing stuff with the guy she fell in love with? It would be horny to see her interacting with someone for real.

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    To Edward, it’s like I said in the post – all the scenes that she’s done in the past year (including the last clip in this post) were done with her boyfriend. They sometimes disguised him or kept his face out of the shot, so that it wasn’t obvious that it was the same guy she was having sex with / jerking /sucking off every time. But of course it’s easier to tell when you are a member of her site and can download and watch ALL of the videos yourself.

  11. 11 bob N.

    I personally liked Brandi Belle . I think that there were some who didnt care for her because she really didnt fit neatly into any genre.

    Her stuff could defintly be considered CFNM . But it didnt seem to be only aimed at CFNM fans.

    And she was defintly in charge of the males in her videos.And often treated them like servants or simple objects or beefcake. I myself liked her role reversal style where the women are in charge and the males are either oggled or ignored.

    But it defintly didnt fit neatly into the BSDM catagory either.

    I liked the fact that she ahowed women in charge without resorting to S&M imagery .

    But i think that it confused many people.I remember reading some negative comments about the video where she played with a male servant’s penis in a bored sort of way while she watched TV and was served popcorn by him. I loved it! But it defintly wasnt your usuall CFNM video where the man is often the center of attention.

    I am actually curious as to how many female fans that she had. Maybe its me, but it almost seemed like she was filming for a female audience as much as a male one. That in itself is highly unusual in porn.

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