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This post is a mixture of public Cfnm and photography shoots that are Cfnm themed, all completely real and unstaged. Although it all started from a request by Bik for a repost of the 4th video, I added some other gems. First up are two videos from public Cfnm superhero Kucho masturbating (and sometimes jerked off by friendly female onlookers) for big groups of people. Then I’ve put together 3 videos all concerning clothed female photographers with naked male subjects. The first being a performance art exercise, as she gets the naked male subject to pose in different positions. The 4th is by the lovely Miss X of Hot Sapien and fantastic Cfnm photography solo projects (see her other videos here. She’s got a clothed female assistant watching a naked male subject jerking off as she takes pictures of them together. Then lastly is another artsy Cfnm photography shoot where the clothed female subject actually ends up giving the man posing with her a austere handjob. I’ve also included a batch of donated Cfnm pictures that were personally taken by the person submitting them. They are a mix of Cfnm that has occurred in San Francisco, like the Erotic Exotic Ball, the Folsom Street Fair and some captures of dirty girls enjoying themselves at a male strip club. Enjoy and feel free to discuss your thoughts on these in comments.
a-public-cfnm-jerk-off-display-by-kucho a-public-cfnm-jerking-kucho-compilation cfnm-photography-aude_pasquier_grall
cfnm-photography-jerking_guy-the-finish cfnm-photoshoot-paris-underground Cfnm movies on VE:
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Cfnm movies on PH:
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11 Responses to “Real Cfnm In Public and During Photo Shoots”  

  1. 1 Rod

    The Miss X videos are usually pretty good, I wish there were more to see. The stuff from San Francisco has its good moments, but I don’t like all the gay men which are usually hanging around to watch. I live in the S.F. bay area, and as an exhibitionist, I would love to be naked in these public events which attract some women, but unfortunately, have many more gay men. This will always keep me away (I don’t like gays, and I’m not afraid to say so, so all you politically correct liberals can stick it you know where).

  2. 2 Sparky

    I agree with Rod… my personal opinions about gays aside, I don’t really like seeing all the gayness included in CFNM.

  3. 3 Rod

    I forgot to mention the Paris Underground vid. I have several of them I purchased at Clips4Sa le. They are unique, and appeal to me because they come across as a non-porn artsy type model doing cfnm. Some of the models probably do hardcore porn, because they are shown in other scenes giving blowjobs, etc., but that doesn’t spoil it too much for me. And my comment about not liking gays is directed to those who feel they have to flaunt it all the time in public, with an in-your-face attitude.

  4. 4 Jeff

    I LOVE the Miss X videos. I wish there were a lot more to view – so fuckin’ hot.

    I believe anyone can actually have a session with her. If I’m correct you have to go to her NYC studio to do so, but I believe you simply schedule it and pay whatever her fee is.

    The next time I’m in NY, I’m going to seriously consider.


    BTW, I just generally like people, all people – gay included. In fact, I find it refreshing that many gay people are able to embrace who they are and revel in it. Many of us hetero’s could learn from this.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    To Jeff: isn’t Miss X great? The biggest frustration with her work is that she’s not limiting herself to creating videos that are to be consumed by people like ourselves on the Internet. Her work is beyond the regular porn / fetish website, in that she’s not in the business of making a CFNM video every week for people to download and enjoy on their own time. Basically what’s out there are either videos that she did for Hot Sapien (produced by Cate or Don Juan) or what she’s released as a promotion for her professional and one-on-one photography sessions.

    Yes, you are 100% correct in saying that anyone can have a session with her. You can easily go to her website: ( and contact her through her email form in order to set up a session with her.

    I also agree with the sentiment you expressed about gay folks, that us heterosexuals can learn from embracing our sexuality and not hiding it. I honestly think that heterosexuals still have quite a few cultural hangups with which we need to get worked out. After a couple hundred years of Protestant and Catholic dominated thinking, where sexuality was something to be kept secretive and all expression of it shameful, it’s a hard thing for us as an society to get over. I honestly don’t think it will ever get to a point where everybody is comfortable, but hopefully things will improve over time – I do have a positive belief that it will.


    what pisses me off is the best cfnm ever should be simple stuff, not complicated, not mish mosh not fuzzy, not gay, not here nor there grey areas, the best real cfnm ever should be easy simple stuff that works on a gut level.

    one 18 year old thin white boy with a 16″ penis. it happens to be thicker than a water bottle.

    girls come to the shoot but they also bring their girlfriends who bring their girlfriends!!!!!!

    everyone is happy, the comments are flying and never ending!

    so that;s one scenario

    next white thin ballerina leggings huge cock no underwear walking around a public mall while someone is filming all the reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hot stuff***

    cock shock and public bulge flashing, let’s make this world a better place, stop observing and start participating, get out there, and bulge flash, you’ll be glad that you did.

  7. 7 horndog

    Living in San Francisco and getting pissed off that too many guys are checking you out when you’re flashing in public is pretty funny. Maybe you should move to a more ‘manly’ city if your fragile male ego can’t take it.

    Fact is, alot of people would consider anyone gay for even watching naked male clothed female porn. I think people need to check their biases at the door and keep an open mind. Human sexuality comes in all forms. It’s not black and white. So you guys enjoy watching these vids and even flashing yourselves……does that mean if you saw another guy whip out his dick in public you would run the other way? Is it really that much of a threat to you if some guys are checking it out?

  8. 8 The Human Dildo

    I agree with Horndog. Rod, you should move to the midwest and you’ll probably feel a lot more comfortable. You for sure don’t belong in the Bay Area. I’m straight, but I’m totally comfortable with my own sexuality, I know what I like and what I don’t, so I have absolutely now issues being naked around gay men, if they wanna look at my dick and that turns them on, good for them, doesn’t affect me. Homophobic men who reject this type of scenarios are just scared of liking it, they are not in peace with their sexuality and have repressed feelings that they do not dare explore. Mostly, they’re just scared of getting turned on themselves, by the fact that other men might find them attractive so they don’t wanna expose themselves to that possibility. I live in the Bay Area and I’ve fucked hundreds of women here, thanks to my open-mindness, to the fact that even though I’m straight, I’ve performed naked in gay friendly environments and stuff like that. Women like men who are comfortable with their bodies and they sexuality, and they also like men with big dicks, like mine. Rod, you have a lot to learn.

  9. 9 Rod

    First of all, to horndog, I said I live in the Bay Area, not S.F. Learn to read, idiot. Like most liberal morons, you consider anyone with a different opinion to be biased or racist. That’s all you can do because you can’t ever win a debate of any kind. This goes for you too, Human Dildo. I’m not homophobic, that implies I’m afraid of homosexuals. Hardly the case. I don’t agree with their lifestyle, or the way they present themselves to the rest of us. This will be my last comment here, so say what you want about me, I don’t care, and I won’t be reading any replies. So have your fun, you faggot lovers.

  10. 10 allthingscfnm

    Yikes, things got pretty damn ugly in this thread…:-(
    Well, I’d guess that it’s because this post does contain what can be perceived as “gay”, as there are quite a few male spectators… possibly even more than female in the case of the Kucho videos especially. But here’s my thing, I’ve really no time or concern for what the guys are thinking or what their level of interest in watching another guy being naked in public is. To me, it’s easy to block out, just like how it is when you shower with a bunch of other guys at the public swimming pool, or maybe like how it was in high school gym class. So really in these clips, my only concern and focus is on the girls! And oh my God do I love their reactions to Kucho and the others in these videos! Totally fucking dig it! I mean, in the one clip, a black girl just walks by Kucho, sees him jerking off right there in the street with a couple of girls to his left and right, and she just looks shocked – then proceeds to jerk him off herself! Just for the hell of it! I couldn’t be less concerned with the guys around at all! That goes exactly the same way for when he’s jerking off and doing the lollipop in the ass routine with the one girl in front of the crowd… I wouldn’t normally watch a guy get anything inserted in to his ass pleasurable, but I do in this context because the girl is so frigging fun in her reaction to him allowing her to do it to him – in public no less, in front of perhaps hundreds of people! Crazy!

    So yeah… that’s my two cents… and let’s try to have a less insulting debate. Like perhaps no name calling? Or attacks on a person’s integrity just because of their opinion for that matter? We can have a civilized debate here, people, which I completely encourage and love about this blog. I would hate to see anger that’s appeared in this comment section get repeated and continued… so can we maybe be a little more respectful and nicer to one another despite differing opinions? I would appreciate that muchly.

  11. 11 THD

    I agree about blocking the gay dudes watching, but I think you are missing the main point. Those women act like that in public BECAUSE they are in a gay environment. That’s why they feel more liberated, less judged by their peers and able to do wild stuff, like grabbing a stranger’s cock in the middle of the street, stuff they’d probably never do if they were in an event where there’s a majority of straight people. So we should be thankful that these public festivals are full of gays and are totally open and welcoming of straight men who wanna go and show off, because that’s a great chance for CFNM situations that you’d never get anywhere else. People like Rod, are missing out on this because of their narrow-mindness. That’s ok with me, more CFNM for me.

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