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sucking_the_strippers_cock As in the case of this post and this post, I try to keep all you Cfnm aficionados apprised of new Cfnm sites and other developments that concern Cfnm fans. Well, the Orgymaxx network (which most notably produces Party Hardcore) has just launched it’s brand new face. It’s now called Tainster for some odd reason, but it’s a HUGE change, not to mention exciting if you dig having access to more Cfnm themed porn than you know what to do with. Basically they’ve rolled all of their 18 sites into one membership, so you get the ability to stream and/or download all those sites’ videos and picture sets, all their DVDs(which there’s literally hundreds of), as well as access to tons of interactive webcam girls. There’s also social networking within the site and practically 75% of the content is in HD. It’s pretty mind boggling, in my opinion, as there’s just so much available from them being around for almost 8 years. Since I can only give you a small taste of what all that is like, I put together 4 hot Cfnm scenes from just 4 of Tainster‘s sites. First up is some male stripper blowjob action from Party Hardcore, a hot Cfnm fantasy scene from Fully Clothed Sex, a kind of bizarre femdom Cfnm foot job scene from Tyrannized, and a very long blowjob orgy type of scene from Mad Sex Party. all this available from Tainster, so check these out and then check out on the network.
cfnm_stripper_suckfest_from_party_hardcore cfnm_threesome_from_fully_clothed_sex femdom_cfnm_footjob_from_tyrranized
mad_sex_party_cfnm-man-judging-event_2 Tainster Cfnm clips on PH:
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Tainster Cfnm clips on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4a | #4b | #4c
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2 Responses to “Four Cfnm Video Examples From An Incredible New Network”  

  1. 1 ianhnation

    Hi – cheers for another awesome spectacle. Tainster is a weird name for sure (couldn’t even find it in the online dictionary), but the site is a gateway to a different concept. Well worth a look.

  2. 2 allthingscfnm

    Hey Ian! Sorry about the non-availability… this week, weekend and next week are FULL. Lots of family stuff, dilemmas, weddings, get-togethers, home projects, etc.. Basically a mixture of good and bad. :-/

    But yeah man, weird name is right! But again I agree on your other point… the concept is where I think most of the major pay sites are going, where they want everybody to have as much available to them as possible so they can provide a quality product for the amount they charge. And it’s also a way for them to keep members coming back and continuing their memberships with them. Really, it’s a good payoff if you like what they offer, if not, then there’s other fish in the Cfnm sea, as you can tell from the site list on the right side of the blog!

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