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Based on the requests, comments, and video views, All Things Cfnm’s male stripper Cfnm is no longer the most popular Cfnm genre in your eyes. Now it’s Cfnm movies that were made by amateurs using webcam services like Chat Roulette and Stickam Shuffle. So since I’ve got literally tons of this type of Cfnm footage collected, there’s 8 videos of girls watching guys jerk off for them, a couple of which turn into mutual masturbation sessions! And since there’s a genre of Japanese Cfnm that’s quite similar to the Cfnm exhibitionism done via webcam, called “senzuri” (or girls watching men jerk off), I’ve included two very lengthy and highly erotic movies of that type below as well. Enjoy and be sure to comment on what you like and dislike about these!
amateur_webcam_cfnm_big_dick_stroke_for_hot_girls amateur_webcam_cfnm_danish_girl_big_dick_stroke amateur_webcam_cfnm_girl_with_big_tits_mutual_masturbation
amateur_webcam_cfnm_he-whacks_it_for_two_latinas amateur_webcam_cfnm_jerks_off_for_fun_girls amateur_webcam_cfnm_stroke-for-two-big-titty-girls
amateur_webcam_cfnm_two_teens_watch_him_bate amateur_webcam_cfnm_with_four_milfs Cfnm vids on VE:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Cfnm vids on PH:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

cfnm_japanese_amateur_girl_gets_to_see_him_masturbate_2 cfnm_japanese_amateur_girls_get_to_see_him_masturbate_3 Cfnm vids on VE:
1a | 1b | 2a | 2b
Cfnm vids on PH:
1a | 1b | 2a | 2b

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19 Responses to “Cfnm Exhibitionism With Amateurs On Webcams and Japanese Girls”  

  1. 1 Apple Jacks


  2. 2 AndyWithCandy

    In the 3 vid the male part is fake.. that vid have been used to fool many ladies! I have several vid where it is used..


    holy fucking shit,pardon me while i jump off topic and on topic, the latest up date from dancing bear, is the greatest stuff they ever did, not only that it is by far the very best male stripper cfnm ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    over 100 women 75% are real normal regular women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the best camera work ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    amazing lighting
    this is

    mind blowing!!!!!!!!!

    i think it’s called 100 100 mouths? anyhow the update is dated june 2nd

    dancing bear just made history!

    if only they can hear me, when i say always use real women, and always use that venue with the elevated stage!!!!!!!!!!

    also they put all the real women in the first 10 rows!!!!!!!!

    the effect is so freakin mind blowing i was reminded of the very first time i discovered loverboys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holy fucking shit!


    might i add i do not own a web cam and i might try it in the futre but BULGE FLASHING should be the number cfnm sport in my opinion. getting out there and connnecting with the world one on one, ahhh it’s great i tell ya,fucking great!!!!!!!

  5. 5 Murtney

    That Dancing Bear video is called “Around the World in 100 Mouths” and I’m sorry to say that it did not impress me much. There is really nothing special about it. The fact is, DB has become more of a Party Hardcore knockoff than a real innovative CFNM-style site. In this latest video, every cum shot was brought about by a blow job. Why? What happened to the good old hand job? DB started off with both to balance things out a bit, but now they are focusing more on blow jobs and fucking–and having the girls show far too much flesh (that’s just a personal thing with me). I for one would like to see more guys getting stroked to orgasm by the girls and have them shoot their loads right into the audience, or on a plate, or in a girl’s hands. Have the guys stroke themselves off once in a while, and let the girls do it too. There is so much room for variation and I hope they make an effort to mix things up. The guys at DB certainly have the money, expertise, and the talent to make the site much more interesting and kinky than what they are offering now.

  6. 6 Geovani

    Thats Great!!! I love these cam videos!
    Definitely the best ones!

  7. 7 Murtney

    Hi Super,

    I forgot to say “thank you” for the great Webcam stuff! Much appreciated!

  8. 8 Roman

    yeah the webcam chatroulette are A is there a forum out there where people post their videos??

  9. 9 Dauthie

    Thanks, love those amateur webcam clips. Really sucks that Jude303 never cums for the girls though… The other guy is much better–especially in the clip with the Dutch (not Danish!) girl.

  10. 10 Joe

    Love the vid!

  11. 11 scuffs

    love this fetish!!!!! wish they had sound i love to hear the reaction of those girls. The japanese once again are the masters of CFNM. Thanks again for sharing.

  12. 12 Enriquefustagueras

    Brilliant post, Super. Girls reactions in those flash videos are priceless!!

    By the way, I agree with Murtney’s view on DB. Their vids don’t look like real amateur(ish) partys anymore. A good hen party should end with handjob with happy ending…

  13. 13 ianhnation

    The Canadian girl with the English muscle guy. Wow!!!! That girl looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth! But she’s absolutely gagging for that guy. Fantastic viewing. Cheers. Let’s have more like that.

  14. 14 Rob

    Again this stuff is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a long time.
    Because the girls are reacting to the situation naturally…
    Man, when they start out all shy or semi-disgusted but by the end are doing whatever the guys asks…Ultimate fantasy type stuff there.

    I usually would be begging for sound too but the reactions are enough for em on this–I think the chat component is key though.

    Thanks for another killer post!

  15. 15 Joe

    Yea that osund would be great……and man that 3rd vid is hot!

  16. 16 Joe

    How do you have so many of these?

  17. 17 Apple Jacks

    i agree with Dauthie,

    Jude303’s video are interesting and has potential,

    but it’s a shame he never cums in most of the videos…

  18. 18 Paul Jones

    I am not very good on computers. I have just got a webcam. I want to join a cfnm cam2cam website. I love females watching me wank naked while they remain clothed especially japanese females. Can you advise me of a good webcam site to join, I would really appriciate it. Thanks Paul. Your site is really great.

  19. 19 PAUL JONES

    Can you please tell me how I can join a Japanese cam2cam site. I have tried senzuri but most of it is in japanese. Google only translates the first page, then i am completely lost. Also do you think it is safe to give my credit card detales to sites like this and can i cancel if i find it not much good. I am new with webcam and not that sure how it works. Please Help. Thanks. Paul.

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