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The last Male Stripper Cfnm post that I made here focused on the new school vs. old school versions of this popular genre. And this post recently explored the site Party Hardcore. This time around I want to make sure you get a taste of the best Cfnm footage made by major sites, so here’s four fairly lengthy samples of video footage from four such sites: Boozed Women, Cruelty Party, Dancing Bear, Extreme Cfnm. Now most seasoned Cfnm fans have their opinions about which site has real amateur girls interacting with the male strippers and ones that don’t. I’d like to see what you guys and girls think, which of these sites have purely amateur girls, which has a mixture of hired / “planted” professional adult video actresses, or straight up fully staged stuff. Be sure to watch each video, taking note of every cock grab, dick suck, and expression of joy and disgust by these girls in attendance of the shows. Then leave your comments in the comment section. I think this should spur on a great debate for Cfnm fans of this genre and if it does, I’ll do another post like this with the less popular male stripper Cfnm sites.
cfnm_boozed_women_suck_off_2_strippers cfnm_cruelty_party_stripper_suck_by_kasey_chase cfnm_dancing_bear_strippers_get_groped
cfnm_extreme_strippers_blown_by_amateur_girls Male Stripper Cfnm on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Male Stripper Cfnm on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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18 Responses to “Male Stripper Cfnm – Staged, Real, Or A Mix Of Both?”  

  1. 1 Joe

    That 2nd vid looks the most staged

  2. 2 Dan

    Just a smalll present for you all, why don’t you add her to facebook and ask her … lol

  3. 3 Mr Smithy

    Loverboys/ExtremeCFNM – mostly amateurs with sometimes one or two paid girls in the mix

    Boozed Women/4CFNM – almost purely amateurs

    Party Hardcore – mix of paid and amateur girls. The number of paid girls has increased over the last few years though – and the cameramen are now increasingly focussing on the strippers’ interaction with the paid rather than the amateur girls as well

    Cruelty Party (and Dancing Bear which isn’t on your list) – all paid girls

    Be interested to see if others agree…


    clip #1 100% real. i believe it’s british. although this stuff doesn’t do it for me anymore. it is too here lady here is my dick go on then suck it, it’s sort of forced, it’s sort of in your face, but i love it just the same, i guess, anyhow it’s 100% real with zero fake to it.


    clip #2 100% fake! although you hear a girl saying oh no i can’t suck his cock, it’s all planned ahead.

    if this was 2001 it would be great, however in 2010 this stuff is just fake fake fake!!!!!


    clip #3 80% real. this particular update is the single hottest male stripper stuff i ever saw in my life! it’s mainly real, with the first 5 front rows filled with real women!!!

    the backs and sides are filled with paid sluts.

    it is fantastic!!

    hats off to dancing bear for the amazing work here!!!

    the stage is elevated and the camera work captures all the women in one wide angle shot, this is as good as male stripper cfnm gets!!!!!!


    clip #4 100% real, that’s loverboys, good stuff, a shame they quit, but dancing bear is the new game in town.

  8. 8 Bob

    #1 and #4 are real amateurs. Dancing Bear and Party Hardcore are plainly set up.

    Great vids 1 and 4, though…

  9. 9 june

    Prefer medical cfnm in traditional setting like real life prostate exam or penis exam.


    take note cfnm fans, do NOT make the mistake of passing up dancing bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can NOT stress this fact enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the new update on dancing bear is the best freakin male stripper cfnm ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the audience is 50% or make that 70% REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the camera work is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the heat is ridiculous!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the 100 mouths update is without equal!!!!!

    mind blowing & load blowing!!!!!

    you MUST join to see what i am talking about.

    sure there are some slutty paid porno plants, BUT~~~~~

    the new updates are real moms, daughter’s, and the reactions, and going’s on, are SUPREME! and without equal.

    no shit!

    dancing bear is A MUST JOIN SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and this is from a guy who hates everything!!!!!

    Bernard Z. Grate CFNM Director

    Steven Shine exhbitionist/spy

    Harold Wright CFNM author

  11. 11 nail

    we need more africa american stripshows please do one today

  12. 12 cfnmdave

    do you have contact with the CFNM sites? If so perhaps a seperate forum could be set up for CFNM fans to suggest scenes/scenerios that we would like to see

  13. 13 bighawk1975

    Clips 1 and 4 are real amatuers and my word I would absolutely love to see more. More new clips. Had joined Boozed Women once – real good stuff although didn’t seem to be adding many new clips of this type. Man I would love to see more new footage.

    If I won the lottery I’d pay for nights with those guys and horny amatuer women to be filmed offering prizes for the girl that sucks the most cock and goes the furthest.

    It is my dream to see these sexy women (especially a married women or group on their hen night) to get fucked right in front of everyone. Real dirty sluts that can’t resist the cock and need fucked right there in the club, not caring at the time that they’re husbands may be watching although also maybe looking embarrassed and trying to hide their faces from the camera as they take the cock as their relatives and friends look on totally shocked at what a sluts they are being. Fuck me that would be incredible.

    Thank you for these excellent clips.

  14. 14 Mikey83

    I’d say the boozed women clips maybe the most real, although I remember someone saying ages ago they had a very attractive blonde ‘page 3’ girl from the Sun newspaper at one of their shows sucking cock. However, this could have been just by chance.

    I am convinced Loverboys DO use one or two hired helpers sometimes, but this could be just girls they know. Someone on another forum pointed out a porn star of sorts at one of their shows (from a dogging site in the uk) that was very EAGER to be seen to suck cock in front of the crowd. I think one of the blonde cumshot girls appeared on ICEMAN’s now defunct ‘wanking wenches’ websites.

    It’s still difficult to believe that REAL women would look into the camera when sucking a cock – especially if they are married etc. But hey, perhaps their partners are fine with it if they found out. And there are other instances (like in the vid here) where the cameraman moves the girls hair out of the way. It makes it look more staged I think. The hottest clips without a doubt are the ones where the girl is so into it she is oblivious to the camera……oh and a wedding or engagement ring…… that just makes me explode lol.

    Not to into the really staged stuff, much prefer the REALish stuff.

  15. 15 CrazyJim

    I’m pretty much in agreement with what’s been commented so far:
    Boozed Women – almost all real (they have two or three long videos which seem completely staged, but the majority seems completely real).
    Cruelty Party – completely staged.
    Dancing Bear – mixed pros and amateurs (like Party Hardcore but DB seems to have a higher percentage of paid women, and PH seems to get more amateur interaction, or at least better acting). The fact that you can sometimes hear the cameraman giving directions to the women sorta kills the illusion. As for the Julie Helmcamp that Dan linked to, I’d assume pros use facebook too? And even if this was the first (and only) porn she’d ever done, she’s still clearly one of that video’s paid girls. Still, I’ll admit that seeing those fb pics of her in the same dress somehow makes the DB vid hotter.
    Extreme CFNM – seems mostly real to me.

    The real jackpot, pure-gold amateur-stripper interaction remains, for me at least, the vid from the chilean strip club and the pic series from “Florentine”s bachelorette party (both posted on this blog a long time ago).

  16. 16 allthingscfnm

    Well guys, I waited awhile to weigh in myself mostly because I really wanted to get everyone’s unbiased opinion first. So thank you to everybody who’s commented so far!

    To me, especially since I’ve had the good fortune and luck to have seen all the footage from both the British stripper sites Boozed Women and Loverboys / Extreme Cfnm as well as have had a open dialogue with the guys and gals running both sites at one time or another, they really are showing the real deal. They are honestly just videotaping what the girls do at these events… well, the videos are put together from the best footage of the hundreds and hundreds of shows they’ve done over the years. So of course, everything they present looks great. The fact is probably 50-60% of what they have edited out or removed from their sites (or will not ever release) is fucking boring because the girls either don’t interact with the strippers or perhaps the strippers don’t even get completely naked for the crowd until the very end of their routine.

    In the case of Cruelty Party, it’s obviously staged and they do use female and male porn stars in their videos. However, they also use female talent that you don’t see very often anywhere else online, so the illusion of them being a “regular girl” can be somewhat restored. But yeah, it’s all completely set up… not that there’s anything wrong with that, as they are quite obviously a fantasy site with a very unique and focused type of Cfnm.

    With Dancing Bear … man… I’m with Steve (Bernie) Shine on this one. Yep, they use hired girls and it’s quite obviously staged, I mean, they get over a hundred girls together in a really nice looking club. and these clubs don’t look crappy either, like in the real raw videos from Boozed Women / Extreme Cfnm so yeah, they got alot of money behind what they do. But what’s great about Dancing Bear is that they incorporate alot of amateur girls that don’t do pornwhatsoever, and of course it’s their reactions and interactions that I enjoy. The hardcore interactions between the paid girls and the male strippers then are that sort of satisfaction payoff, where you see the guys finally getting some of the attention you secretly wish that all of the girls would give them. And what’s great is that sometimes you can tell when the girls that perhaps weren’t given that extra pay totouch the guys actually do so! Really, for me, it works even if they don’t, but that does add another level of excitement to it all.

    Anyhow I would still love to hear more about what you guys and especially you girls out there think about these sites. I am still working out how I could incorporate a forum to this site, or perhaps just make a separate forum entirely on another site. Perhaps we could put that to a vote? I’m going to look into it some more and when I get closer to making a decision, I’ll do a poll on it in a featured post.

  17. 17 Dauthie

    OK, I just watched two complete Dancing Bear clips for the first time, and here is what I think.

    For me, what’s missing is alcohol. No, I’m not saying you need alcohol to have fun. But unlike Loverboy (mostly amateurs) or Party Hardcore (mostly pros), I really don’t feel like there’s this crazy, party atmosphere at Dancing Bear. All the girls who are not with the guy just sorta fake cheer and watch the girl with the guy and wait their turn before he comes to them. At Loverboy, the girls not with the guy are busy chatting, drinking, smoking and having fun. At Party Hardcore, they are all dancing and drinking and what not and having fun. So, even though PH might have more pros than DB, the over all energy doesn’t seem staged. At DB, whatever energy is there does seem staged.

    And I’ve been to a male strip club before in Mexico. Even though the strippers never take off their bottoms, it was amazing to see the girls reactions to them! And most of that reaction/lack of inhibition was due to alcohol.

    Notice, btw, how ever table at DB has an ashtray, but in the two clips I watched, not one girl was smoking.

    Just my 2 cents. And great work on this blog!

  18. 18 cfnm fan

    There was a site called “wanking wenches” that was been taken down a few years back. The guy went by “iceman” and was incredible on the other cfnm sites. Was wondering if anyone subscribed or knows where to find his vids

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