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It’s been a fair stretch of time since All Things Cfnm presented some hot Cfnm cock shock, so that’s the flavor of this update. First up is the modern master of interracial Cfnm cock shock getting a long and challenging blowjob from a petite cutie via the Blackzilla site. Then there’s a hot Whitezilla scene where a cute redheaded girl is shocked to see that not only black guys can have a huge dick and before jerking and sucking it, takes a couple pictures of herself with it on her cell phone. Videos from both Blackzilla and Whitezilla site (along with many others, are available through the Hush Pass network. Then there’s two majorly classic retro Cfnm cock shock videos, firstly from the originator of this phenomena: director Ed Powers. The first stars Jake Steed and Kaylynn putting on a live sex show for two completely amateur women, both of which has never seen a porn shoot before nor a dick the size of Jake Steed! Then there’s another fun Cfnm cock shock scene between Jack Napier and Anne Howe which is not part of Ed Powers’ legendary series Dirty Debutantes like the other, but just as fun. As an added bonus, there’s 3 non-Cfnm clips from the Dirty Debutantes series available through the second Rapidshare link. And it wouldn’t be right to not include a couple of great Cfnm scenes from the Bang Bros juggernaut Monsters Of Cock. Ramon completely shocks a hot brunette with the size of his cock during a trip out to the Everglades, and Castro gives an oboe player a huge piece of meat to play with. All in all, these Cfnm scenes are great in that all the women are truly engaged in discussing their shock and disbelief of how big the cock in front of them is, and the expressions and reactions are fantastic.
cfnm_cock_shock_blackzilla_jersey_jaxin cfnm_cock_shock_whitezilla_hot_redhead Cock shock on VE:
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Cock shock on PH:
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jake_steed_kaylynn_and_2_girls_cfnm_2 jack_napier_and_anne_howe_cfnm Cock shock on VE:
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Cock shock on PH:
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moc_cfnm_cock_shock_in_the_everglades moc_cfnm_orchestra_girl_meets_castro Cock shock on PH:
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10 Responses to “Six Great Cfnm Scenes Of Girls Shocked By Huge Dicks”  


    thanks for posting cock shock, the best of the best is castro with monsters of cock.

  2. 2 Rareneed

    Don’t forget the series with “the french exchange student” who is first tricked into getting naked for the daughter and friend of his host, surprising them with his sizable cock

    Then in a subsequent video with the host mother and the sister of the first video’s girl, who has told the mother about the JO scene and the mother doesn’t believe the size of his cock

    She makes him show her and she is now a believer! Totally one of my favs!

    The way the mother and sister watch him, with the mother just running her hands under and around his balls once or twice, watching him jack off, and talking about how they will watch him “make a mess” and then later tell him to clean it up!


  3. 3 horndog

    Just want to clarify that Jack Napier has nothing to do with Ed Powers and Dirty Debutantes series. That Jack Napier scene is from West Coast Productions, in case anyone is doing a search.

    Been awhile since I saw that Jake Steed scene. The 2 amateur girls watxhing did a hot scene with him after this one.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Thanks to everyone for the comments so far, and I especially thank you horndog, for correcting my mistakes on the blog entry. I obviously just kind of assumed that Jack Napier’s scene was another Dirty Debutantes movie. This was for a few reasons: the cameraman sounded almost exactly the same as Ed Powers, the film looks to be about as old as many of the ones I’ve seen, and as there’s easily 50 plus movies in this series, I just assumed that it was probably one that I hadn’t heard about or watched.

    But thank you so much for clearing that up as well as filling us in on the fact that the two girls actually did a scene later. Was it with Ed Powers or with Jake Steed? I’m very curious to know! Thanks!

  5. 5 horndog

    Oh it was with Jake Steed. I wouldn’t recommend any scene with Ed having sex but Jake was a great actor. The more talkative girl had trouble taking him and she was moaning that she could feel it by her bellybutton. The other girl took it no problem…slid right in. I can’t remember which Ed Powers vid it was from but it’s around 11 years old. If I remember I will let you know…

  6. 6 question

    whats the name of the girl in first group and #1a?

  7. 7 horndog

    Found it : More Dirty Debutantes 86

  8. 8 allthingscfnm

    Wow man, you’re quite the porno scholar, Horn dog! Hahaha

  9. 9 allthingscfnm

    to question: her name is Jersey Jaxin.

  10. 10 paullap

    Who is the redhead with the glasses?

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