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Man has it been a crazy summer for Cfnm or what? I mean, new sites like the Tainster network, Crazy Cfnm, and Kay’s planet have cropped up and Cfnm friendly events are popping off also. To celebrate this “season of Cfnm”, I’ve put together these picture sets for you all – starting with two galleries of public Cfnm from this year’s Bay To Breakers run in San Francisco as well as from various cities participating in this years’ World Naked Bike Ride. I then of course had to add three galleries worth of Cfnm from amateur parties involving strippers and then a couple galleries involving student initiation Cfnm, like the Ballongdansen. I’m hoping you enjoy these, and wonder if you’d want to have more picture focused posts in the future. Be sure to comment!
cfnm_from_bay_to_breakers_pic_1 cfnm_from_bay_to_breakers_pic_2 cfnm_in_public_world_naked_bike_ride_2010
cfnm_strippers_bride_groom_both_get_strippers cfnm_strippers_full_marty_male_stripper cfnm_strippers_german_troupe_gum_event
cfnm_ballongdansen_gisledagarna cfnm_doopweek_student_initiation Cfnm Pic Galleries:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4
#5 | #6 | #7 | #8
Cfnm Picsets on RS:
Set 1 | Set 2 | Set 3

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2 Responses to “Summer Brings Out The Best Cfnm – Eight Picture Sets”  

  1. 1 droid

    I have been following this site since its inception and wonder why I have never been able to view simple galleries from my android mobile phone. I love cfnm and would like to be able to see these galleries. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. 2 Harold Wright

    let me be the first to pee on your parade. cfnm what is it? how did it get here? and why do we love it so much?

    well those are questions for another day, but for now, this bay to breakers stuff is anything but cfnm.

    there is Al Pacino, and then there is soap operas, one sucks the other is legend.

    cfnm MUST have the women acknowledging the man’s penis PERIOD

    if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?
    YES! it technically made a fucking sound, but did anyone hear it? NO!

    if women are standing around a naked guy and not looking at his cock ever! do they see it? NO!

    technically the women are clothed,and the males are nude, but who gives a rats ass i say who gives one mighty rats ass???????????????????

    the purpouse of cfnm is the arousal and excitment,and curiousity of the female regarding the male penis.


    clothed females can’t just “exist” around the nude male,that is not why we love cfnm.

    i know this is a blog and this shit is part of cfnm, but for one who was there,jerking myself off in front of 75,000 runners, almost arrested, i can swear to you, that it was not arousing to me or to the women there.

    and now for something complelty different~~~~~~~~

    while in san francisco i wore my famous see thru pants all the time.

    it had been near dusk one evening and i was upset because not many women had noticed my penis.

    just then across the street, i saw 6 beautiful white females age wise of around 35 years old head into a rite aid drug store.

    i went inside.

    in front by the pay counters i saw one blonde, she looked at my penis,saw i ws wearing see thru pants,and made a mental note of it.

    i looked for the other women in the store but could not find them.

    i headed back towards the front of the store, and at my 1:00 were 5 of those beautiful women,and right where i left her before at my 11:00 was that one blonde that knew about my penis!

    the next comment sent blood to my penis faster than sarah palin sounds like a fool!

    the blonde who knew about my penis said out loud “wait a minute ladies”

    i KNEW what that line meant, and my cock expanded within half a nano second from 3″ to 5!!!!!

    it meant that she was going to tell the ENTIRE GROUP OF WOMEN that my cock is visable and they should wait and “check it out”

    i picked up reeces the lady said $3.24 i practically THREW the money at her head,and said keep the change!

    i headed outside,thinking i wanna turn the right way and i decided towards the wharf which was a left would be good.

    well friends, let me tell you what CFNM IS~~~~~~~~~~~~

    20 feet away LINED UP & WAITING to see my cock were these good looking MILFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by now my cock was 7″ and each and every step i took i felt like godzilla, my cock kept growing until it hit it’s full 9″ i got closer and closer to the women, and get this~~~~~~~~~
    THE ONLY REASON WHY THEY WERE WAITING THERE WAS TO SEE MY PENIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is MIND BLOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the time i was 3 feet from them, my cock resembled the chrysler building inside my pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH MY GOD OH MY GOD was repeated over and over and over again by each one of them LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!

    it was INCREDIBLE!

    this was perhaps the best cfnm expreience of my life!

    NON FAKE NON STAGED, totally interested females almost fainting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    a moment i shall never ever forget!

    and my point?

    THAT IS CFNM the women showed expressed a big intrest in my penis.

    from now on i motion a ruling to ban pictures of women that are clothed with nude males and the women are not even paying ANY attention to the male subject.

    do the yeas have it?

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