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I know I’ve pointed out repeatedly in these previous posts that Bang Bros. offers SO much Cfnm in a great variety. Of course it’s fairly obvious that Brandi Belle‘s site is the network’s specific Cfnm outlet, but as it’s not being updated anymore as I explained in this post here, the other sites at Bang Bros. are even more worthy of your scrutiny. For example, I’ve got two awesome scenes involving amateur guys that strip down and expose themselves to clothed girls via the legendary Bang Bus site. Then I’ve given you two Cfnm scenes where three female porn stars pick up two random amateur guys and see how they hold up for a three-girl handjob and blowjob attack – both from Fuck Team 5. Then lastly there’s a great Cfnm cock shock scene from Monsters Of Cock followed by an incredibly good Cfnm scene where an amateur guy is first stripped and photographed naked, and then has his cock and balls shaved for some blowjob action – directly from The Penny Show. As I said, it’s fairly amazing how much Cfnm and straightforward porn Bang Bros. has available, and I’m sure you’ll agree just with these examples below.
bb_amateur_guy_flashes_cock_and_gets_cfnm_blowjob bb_amateur_guy_flashes_small_cock_in_the_van_for_blowjob CFNM scenes on VE:
#1a | #1b | #2
CFNM scenes on PH:
#1a | #1b | #2
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ft5_amateur_guy_sucked_off_in_a_van_with_3_girls ft5_amateur_guy_whacked_off_in_a_van_with_3_girls CFNM scenes on VE:
#1 | #2a | #2b
CFNM scenes on PH:
#1 | #2a | #2b
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moc_skinny_girl_shocked_by_huge_black_cock ps_amateur_guy_gets_balls_shaved_and_blown CFNM scenes on VE:
#1 | #2a | #2b
CFNM scenes on PH:
#1 | #2a | #2b
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11 Responses to “Six Scenes Of Amateur Guys In Varied Cfnm Scenarios”  

  1. 1 steven shine

    instead of me saying things that ordinary people might say such as
    “thank you so much for posting these things, it’s so great to see them, they are great you are great the world is great,”

    well instead of that i am going to say what i feel.

    this sucks! it is horrible awful crap!!!!!!!!!!

    that guy who holds the camera on bang bus and doesn’t stop talking is so fucking obnoxcious, and HE say’s to the girls stop talking!!!!! schmuck we DO wanna hear THEM, not you so YOU shut up!!!!!!!!!!

    then the monsters of cock clip is horrible & terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    instead of the girl flipping out over his cock, she starts sucking him off and that is that. boring!!!!!!!!!!

    just another day just another blow job.

    when the day comes that women start opening up and talking about the size shape and weight of the cock, until then cfnm cock shock stinks!!!!!!

    we don’t wanna see blow jobs, we don’t wanna see hand jobs, we don’t wanna see sucking, we don’t wanna see fucking, no ! we wanna see women looking at the massive penis, and talking about it, we wanna hear them go on and on and on and on about it’s size!!!!!!!!!!!!

    at the end of the day cfnm is all about men watching women appreciating a penis.


    so let me say, bang brothers has it all wrong.

    the comments are the HOT* part.

    the cucumber blow job class from cfnm secret, and the all girls class with the one boy and his erection from brandi belle that is excellent cfnm,

    but this?

    i have to be honest, until horse hung guy is on his own site with his real non fake 19″ penis, and regular clothed everyday moms,and daughters are commenting on his unusually large penis,until that day, all this so called cock shock stinks, and will continue to do so.

  2. 2 Mannu

    Cudnt agree more.

    But Bernie the biggest and most important characteristic or trait or attribute of a male put up in pornographic scenario or a male model or a male porn star is to get and maintain an erection during the sets or while the porn is being shot .

    The horsehungg guy as you and we all ve seen doing dickflashing on webcams etc might be good restricted to his parents house basement doing prev things on computer . But when it comes to the camera and real actions , its a different part all together. Plus some psychological part is there .

    In simple words , as I understand , for every well endowed guy to just go out there and do porn is not that simple as we think. Preston Parker jas been doing pretty decent job along with Shaggy ( Peurto Rican guy with large penis) . Ramone was good to but he doesnt feature anymore. Bangbus theme is more amateur oriented as they pretend picking up chicks from the street , the Gonzo porn. I wish they could linger on to the CFNM part some more in some better and creative ways.

    Thats my point of view.

  3. 3 Joe

    I like how the amateur guys are picked up though I doubt there real

  4. 4 Joe

    Also what is the Penny Show?

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Joe: well, really, the guys they get are definitely amateur… but the actual pickup footage that they get is most likely 90% staged. The thing is though, it’s not all rehearsed, nor are they following a script. It’s definitely gonzo in that respect, where yeah, it’s with real people and porn stars mixing together and it’s all unrehearsed and done off the cuff. They shoot it once and let it fly. That’s where the realism of scenes like these come from.

    Now, concerning The Penny Show – basically it was a series of videos that Penny and some friends who were in film school (and who obviously had ties to porn) made in one of the people’s basement. That’s about it. They would bring guys on, and she along with another girl would do all kinds of interviews which led inevitably to some sort of sexual activity. It was only updated until 2008 when Penny obviously moved on to bigger and better things. What’s crazy to me is the similarities between The Penny Show and Brandi Belle, as the two girls did similar types of Cfnm-oriented videos and both did porn for only a limited time. Interesting to say the least.

  6. 6 Sparky

    Bernie Shine wrote: “this sucks! it is horrible awful crap!!!!!!!!!”

    I don’t know why Super puts up with your constant bitching, whining and complaining. And will you ever shut up about 19″ cocks? They only exist in your warped imagination.

  7. 7 allthingscfnm

    I totally get what Bernie is getting at, don’t get me wrong. And I actually like having a malcontent like him around to balance out the supportive environment that isn’t always that critical. I’m pretty critical myself to a point, and really, Bernie is onto something with the fact that these major sites could be making the best Cfnm shit we’ve ever seen, but they just don’t. And what’s the reason? Because they really don’t understand it. There’s honestlyfew sites that really get Cfnm, and the major network sites REALLY don’t. They just sort of do it by accident, and when they do, it’s pretty fucking fantastic. But, like Bernie is saying I think, just think if they were doing it on purpose? Like in the awesome scenes that exist on Brandi Belle’s site that he mentioned. Seriously, they would be on par or possibly even better than anything we’ve ever seen before… because they’ve got limitless resources and have the capability to do it.

    So yeah, he’s got a point… but he tends to be a little extreme in getting that point across. That’s just Bernie. And it’s cool with me, really. Now as far as the gigantic circus dick admiration, I would get really tired of that pretty quickly. I would much rather see guy judging and playful examination done by amateur girls with average to well built / well endowed guys… to truly get the full spectrum of the female reaction to naked males in every way possible.

  8. 8 steven shine

    first let me say thank you “allthings cfnm” for letting me have my full uncensored say around here, that is kind and refreshing, and is healthy.

    now then, yes correct, if the sites actually KNEW what they were doing, it would be amazing.

    the two points i try to make is this (once again)

    1- real women would LOVE freakin LOVE to get paid to judge actual dicks on film!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “excuse me,i am ron speigal i’m with cfnm blue films, and we have regular clothed female women just like yourself rate and talk about males and their nudeness if you will, anyhow we pay $150 for 10 mins of your time,it’s fun simple and easy, we tape it for our web site in isreal, and all is well, so what do you say are you game?”

    sure sure bring on the men i say,~~~ bring onnn the men”

    and so there you have it, easy shmeesy, simple,

    part two, i know for a freakin fact horse hungg guyy is real, he ain’t no santa claus kids, he is the real freakin deal, you can tell so easily from the videos, anyhow he is a freak of nature, a something that happens once every 600 years, by the way his cock IS 19″ no shit!!!!!!!!!!

    it comes up to his nipples!\!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so anyhow the second part of this equation is this~~~~~ horse hung guyy is THEE STAR*********

    these normal women from the bank, from the church what have you come into this studio, horse hung guyy comes out clothed, drps his pants, and muther fucking walla this is it, never before in the history of cfnm have there been so many comments, so long, and repeated over and over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the women see him sucking himself off, they comment “oh lord oh my the mc asks why what is wrong?
    oh my sir, i have never seen a young male suck himself off in such a manor
    well, do you like it?
    LIKE IT!!!! i am so wet right now, sweet jesus, i might have an orgasam right here, lord have mercy.

    then horse hung guyy stand up, his penis, looks like the chrysler building as a car!!!!!!!

    “might i feel it?”

    asks the religous nut

    why go ahead

    she slowly reaches out for the huge 19″ freak, before she does she looks at his eyes shakes her head in pure and utter disbeleif, she finally touches it, and say’s~~~~~~~~~~~

    holy jesus of god, i think i might have just dyed and went to double heaven, this thing is wider than my hand, i bet i could,

    the mc speaks well now hold off for one moment, i got a gift for horse hungg, come on in here

    it’s the religous lady’s daughter and aunt!!!!!!!!!

    come join us, they all put their hands on him,

    “oh my word, six hands isn’t enough, you are a freak you know that?

    and so on and on and on and on and on the comments go

    that is why i love him that 19” monster cause THAT cock will have non stop comments for 15 mins.

    anyhow hope i didn’t bore you, but that is my point, regular women, horse hungg guyy, that cdombination makes all the other so called cock shock look dull, very very very dull.

  9. 9 Big Head

    I think the Penny show is great! Brandi Bell with better tits! Ditch the guy host keep the female assistant and and keep the camera rolling is what I say. More Penny & Friends.

  10. 10 Sparky

    Super wrote: “Now as far as the gigantic circus dick admiration, I would get really tired of that pretty quickly. I would much rather see guy judging and playful examination done by amateur girls with average to well built / well endowed guys… to truly get the full spectrum of the female reaction to naked males in every way possible.”

    Yes… EXACTLY!!

    Average guys with average women… something I can relate to. That situation after a pool party, that innocent massage that goes too far, something slips out at the beach, strip poker turning into more, a female friend wants to see what you’re packing, etc… these scenarios are rare but very hot… and all happened to me at one point or another.

    Whatever a woman says in reaction to a 12 to 20″ penis is nothing like what she’s ever going to say or do kneeling in front of you…. so what’s the point?

    As far as Horsie-Boy having a 19″ dick… it does NOT matter either way… it’s such an anomaly that mere mortals can’t relate… again NO POINT. He might as well have a double-headed dick with three balls and a 36″ studded leopard skin shaft… hey Bernie, wouldn’t you enjoy girls’ shocked comments to that kind of circus clown even better?!

  11. 11 steven shine

    funny stuff sparky, ok the thing is, is that i LOVE when women go on and on and on andnon about cock, THAT is what turns me on to no ned. so

    a regular cock, women will not go on andnon anjd on cause it’s over with sort of speak, here’s their dick, there’s your mouth, let the blow job begin, but with horsie boy, those comments WON’T FUCKING QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they will seperate his cock from the man, making it like an object, i LOVE that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in other words

    “marge,notice how it reaches his nipples”
    “i know debbie i know”

    and look how it is thicker than a cesspool pipe
    i know i know

    hey can you suck it yourself?

    (horsie guy puts it in his mouth)

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

    take a picture

    so you see?????????

    it’s the going on and on and on without shutting up that makes me fucking crazy!!!!!!!!!!!

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