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It’s tough to keep up with consistently posting traditional Cfnm on a regular basis (like here and here), as there’s just so much more Cfnm videos available with handjob and blowjob action these days in comparison. So for today’s serving of Cfnm footage, I decided to put together 10 scenes, all traditionally themed – the first five being from various sources on the Internet and the second five coming directly from mainstream movies. There’s a Cfnm themed documentary style report from the Netherlands (I think) which is followed by a clip of the nude male portrait artist Pricasso that I’ve posted clips of previously here. Then there’s a funny, yet quite erotic Cfnm hidden camera video from National Lampoon where a girl plays a bathroom attendant at a sports bar and views all kinds of guys peeing in the process. Then there’s a great amateur video of two girls waxing their guy friend’s ass which is followed by an incredibly well produced documentary which talks in depth about male nude life drawing – including a lot of fantastic Cfnm moments in a natural setting. Then of course are the clips of Cfnm moments taken directly from various mainstream movies from all over the world – including two compilations of various scenes from both “White Coats” and “Tulse Luper Suitcases”. Enjoy these and be sure to leave some comments on this batch of videos!
a_cfnm_naked_expo_report_documentary cfnm_a_nude_painting_expo_by_pricasso cfnm_bathroom_attendant_prank
cfnm_fun_girls_give_guy_but_waxing cfnm_life_drawing_and_sexual_power_documentary CFNM vids on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
CFNM scenes on PH:
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All 5 on HF: HERE

cfnm_movie_clip_from_la_storia_piera_1983 cfnm_movie_clip_from_une_affaire_qui_roule cfnm_movie_clip_from_white_coats_compilation
cfnm_movie_clip_with_minnie-driver cfnm_movie_scenes_from_tulse_luper_suitcases_compilation CFNM vids on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
CFNM scenes on PH:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
All 5 on HF: HERE

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4 Responses to “Ten Scenes of Casual and Traditional Cfnm From Amateurs and Mainstream Movies”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    Ok, Video #3, the National Lampoon bathroom attendant thing was mildly amusing although somewhat pointless. At the end she complains about not seeing even one dick all night. Who were these lame-ass guys?? Nobody “accidently” flashed her? She actually offered a hand-job to a guy and he walks away? What the FUCK?!?! Was this bathroom at a gay bar?

    Last time a girl joked around about holding my dick in the bathroom, I took her up on it, pissed through a boner and then got a nice handy.

  2. 2 mascfnm

    I agree with Spark about the particular scene, you have a great site here anyway. Well, yesterday I went to get a massage, true story here. And it was a legit home based business. The lady had huge fake titties, I like em all, she sat down and told me that I could dress down as much as I wanted. I could see she wasn’t going anywhere so I took off everything and I had shaved so close it looked like a brazilian wax. I’m pretty sure she liked the view.

    She offered a towel but I declined and I laid on my stomach and then she told me to roll to my back and I was semi hard but I didn’t care. When she was doing my upper quads I was pretty erect and when she was at the head of the table doing my rib area her big boobs were right in my face I was rock hard now. Anyway that was the best massage I ever had because she was so good at giving them.

    She helped me down from the table I still had wood but didn’t hide it and she sat back down and talked as I got dressed. I’m going back this week and every week I can. I wanted to contribute to this site. Hope I did.

  3. 3 Punheteiro

    Thanks for the videos, thanks for the blog. But, I have to ask you: Rapidshare links, please.

  4. 4 mascfnm

    The documentary showed some promise about the mature women drawing the young guy if it wasn’t so much a documentary. Sometimes a mature woman adds a little extra something.

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