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This particular offering of amateur Cfnm is a bit of a mash up between three previous posts found here, here and here. Basically I’ve put together private and public forms of Cfnm that amateur couples and individuals videotaped themselves. For the first four private amateur Cfnm clips, there’s a great bathroom mirror Cfnm handjob video followed by a hot Cfnm blowjob video of a wife talking to her husband while sucking a big black cock. These are then followed by two pretty incredible compilations of webcam Cfnm chats captured by a huge dick wielding guy that gets tons of great reactions from his Chat Roulette partners. Then there’s four public Cfnm videos, starting off with two amateur couples that film their Cfnm blowjob hijinks on a bus as well as out in a field. Then lastly but certainly not least are two of some of the craziest public Cfnm videos I’ve ever seen, the first being filmed at this year’s San Francisco gay pride parade and the second having been filmed at this year’s Folsom Street Fair. Enjoy these and definitely leave some comments.
in_private_amateur_bathroom_cfnm_handjob in_private_cheating_wife_gives_cfnm_blowjob_on_phone in_private_cfnm_on_webcam_huge_dick_reactions_compilation_1
in_private_cfnm_on_webcam_huge_dick_reactions_compilation_2 Amateur Cfnm on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Amateur Cfnm on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All amateur Cfnm vids on HF here.

in_public_amateur_black_couple_cfnm_blowjob_on_train in_public_amateur-girl-with-glasses-public-cfnm-blowjob in_public_cfnm_at_san_francisco_gay_pride_celebration_2010
in_public_cfnm_masturbation_exhibition_folsom_street_fair Public Cfnm clips on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Public Cfnm clips on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All public Cfnm vids on HF here.

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18 Responses to “Crazy Amateur Cfnm Captured In Private and Out In Public”  

  1. 1 Anonymous

    Wow. The one with the lady on the phone was more upsetting than a turn on. She’s lying to the guy on the phone so it’s obviously cheating. At least she’s advertising her whore face for the world to see so the guys will know who to avoid when she ends up single.

  2. 2 Sparky

    All clips on PH… “500 – Internal Server Error”

  3. 3 Sparky

    wow… last two clips…

    just way too gay for me.

  4. 4 allthingscfnm

    Well, to speak to everything put across in comments thus far… I guess I am not a proponent of cheating by any stretch, but man, it’s kinda hot, that video. I wouldn’t go so far as to drag somebody through the verbal mud just because of a pretty slutty performance in a video, just because I don’t know their particular circumstances and thusly can’t judge. But hey, everybody is entitled to their opinion.

    The clips all seem to be working fine for me… obviously they didn’t right away or something?? I’m kinda confused.

    And yeah, I guess I can see where you’re coming from Sparky, with the gay people in the last two. But honestly, I much more place my attention and my enjoyment from these clips from the female’s reaction to it all. Plus I love putting myself in that situation, one of the guys just strutting around completely naked and getting all that attention from completely relaxed females. Just crazy stuff. Fantastic Cfnm, in my view!

  5. 5 allthingscfnm
  6. 6 Joe

    I think the phone one is funny….of course I love the rest 🙂

  7. 7 morcfnm

    Awesome clips, the masturbation in public clips and the female reactions are great.

  8. 8 morcfnm

    I know it’s not polite to chew food while talking on the phone but what’s the etiquette for sucking a big black cock while talking to your boyfriend?

  9. 9 Jake Dog

    Nice selection. I loved the girl on the cell phone doing the BJ. Very talented. And that had to be the blackest dick I have ever seen, while the skin on his legs was so much lighter.

    And while were on the subject of dicks, that one in the chat roulette video was one the longest I have ever seen, black or white. Too bad he couldn’t get any girl to keep watching more than few seconds.

    Thanks Super, and as always, thanks for continueing to offer Rapidshare downloads.

  10. 10 Joe

    That was a bit weird though the 2 guys jacking off….that phone stuff was pretty hot.

  11. 11 scooter

    I don’t believe that the last clip is gay, but it did occur in San Francisco, so yes, there is a crowd of men enjoying their straight brothers tugging away in broad daylight in front of anyone who cares to watch.

    What that says to me is that the guys are comfortable with gays and don’t discriminate OR that they are so far over the edge not to care who watches just as long as they bust a nut in a public place. But you don’t jerk off on the streets of San Francisco if you don’t want any guys to find pleasure as voyeurs.

    I don’t know about the capped guy, but the bearded one is Kuko (sp?) and he’s certifiably hetero. And to be honest, I’m much more turned on watching a straight guy jerk off than I am a gay one (assuming I know the difference).

    Thanks for bringing these out for us to enjoy, Super.

  12. 12 Sparky

    scooter wrote: “…And to be honest, I’m much more turned on watching a straight guy jerk off than I am a gay one…”

    Which brings it back around to my original comment.

    I’m much more turned on watching a woman jerk a guy off from start to finish. Totally turned off watching ANY guy jerk off.

  13. 13 allthingscfnm

    Well guys, I’ll repeat what I always say when it comes to this genre of exhibitionistic men naked and masturbating for a audience of women: as long as I can appreciate the females’ reactions and see that they are appreciating or shocked or disgusted by what they are seeing, I’m down for it. It doesn’t matter what the orientation of the guy is, I could care less about it, because really it’s all about what the women’s reaction is. Because really, that’s what the essence of Cfnm is all about, right??

  14. 14 mwlsu89

    Holy crap! i made those two chatroulette vids! wow never thought they’d be put up on another site…nor get 50,000 views. nice lol thanks all thingscfnm! wish u woulda let me know tho lol

  15. 15 Sparky

    allthingscfnm wrote: “because really it’s all about what the women’s reaction is. Because really, that’s what the essence of Cfnm is all about, right??”

    I enjoy the female reaction too but I really don’t know. CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) is a pretty broad concept so who defines the rules of engagement?

    Personally, I like at least some sort of physical contact between the clothed female and naked male.

  16. 16 Jay Hover

    Guys in a crowd watching any kind of CFNM neutralizes the CF from my POV. I don’t give a damn about anybody else, I couldn’t get excited about a CFNM experience, participating or viewing, if guys are there. I was an artist model & having guys in the class helped make it 110% asexual, which is ultimately good for that scenario. Same as with naturist events. While I never had a full on sexual experience w/a woman only art group, it was much more fun(for me).

    Conversely, a group of naked dudes, and one clothed female doesn’t get it either. To have a vicarious sexual experience = one guy to relate to & from 1 to infinity women. My formula is – if the dicks outnumber the chicks – it’s a no fun zone.

  17. 17 Sparky

    Jay Hover wrote: “My formula is – if the dicks outnumber the chicks – it’s a no fun zone.”

    I agree!

  18. 18 Matt

    I too loved the girl on the cell phone doing the BJ. It reminds me that there is a clip somewhere on this site of a horny MILF jerking and sucking her husband while telling him about her adventures in Vegas. I would love to see it again but can’t find it, any directions to it gratefully received.

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