A Naked and Busted Cheater Is Forced To Fuck And Lick Two Girls, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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Cheating On Theo from PureCFNM
Nikita sneaks Justin into her office and strips him naked before sucking his cock until he is rock hard. She then lies back on the desk so he can eat her pussy and then he starts fucking her. When she sits on him in the cowgirl position she gets so turned on that she becomes very loud and work colleague Tanya comes running to see what is going on. She is horrified to find Justin’s dick inside Nikita’s cunt but when she sees his penis she wants to see more. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when Nikita bends over the desk and as Justin inserts his cock into her, Tanya pushes his hips in and out to make him pound her friend harder. He eventually pulls out and Tanya wanks him off all over Nikita’s ass and skirt. As Nikita leaves to get cleaned up Tanya lifts her skirt and forces Justin’s head between her thighs – “lick me or I tell your girlfriend Theo,” she commands.

Wow! – Nikita Law’s first ever full sex scene exclusive to PureCFNM. She certainly knows how to please a man and this lucky guy was forced to undress and then screwed and made to eat both women. If you like seeing ladies using guys as their sexual play things, click here to see more from PureCFNM the global leader in realistic CFNM entertainment.

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