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loni_evans_cfnm_huge_cock_reaction Although there was a small amount of this type of Cfnm in this post, many of you still love to see a clothed woman’s reaction to a naked guy with a giant dick. this genre takes the classic Cfnm scenario of a woman saying “oh my God, that guy is naked” and ramps it up to “… and his cock is fucking HUGE!” This type of Cfnm was dubbed cock shock for this reason, and it’s a popular theme for the blog. I’ve put together four scenes of cock shock Cfnm, starting with a great scenario via Hush Pass where a cute brunette catches a ride and is treated to a huge dick in the back seat. Next up from Reality Kings, a guy has to strip down for his new potential female boss to prove his physical fitness. Then, a Colombian girl is somehow able to bridge the language gap once she sees this guy’s gigantic cock from the impeccable Monsters Of Cock site. Then lastly from Cfnm powerhouse Pure Cfnm, a well hung guy makes the fun mistake of showing his tight fitting shorts to his female roommate and her four grabby friends. Enjoy these great scenes!
brunette_takes_a_ride_and_sees_a_huge_dick busty_boss_shocked_by_his_dick_size columbian_hottie_surprised_by_big_black_cock
pure_cfnm_tight_shorts_leads_to_cock_shock Cock shock Cfnm on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Cock shock Cfnm on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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7 Responses to “Cfnm Scenes of Girls Reacting To Naked Guys’ Huge Dicks”  

  1. 1 Jay

    I like your site, but let’s face it, most guys (and I include myself) don’t have a “Huge Dick.” What I enjoy about CFNM is real women reacting to real men. These staged “cock shock” videos with professional porn women are just plain boring. Please post more video of amateur women with nude men and amateur women with amateur nude men.

  2. 2 Dom

    The girl in the Hush Pass video is magnificent. Anyone know who she is and whether the rest of this or any other scenes she’s done are available online?

  3. 3 fred

    i dissagree with jay cock shock is the essence of cfnm!!!!! without it there’s nothing!!!

    i particuarly liked the british one at the end!!

  4. 4 morcfnm

    I like both the big dick and little dick cfnm, agree with fred about the last clip was best. I was a member of pure cfnm a year ago and it is a pretty good fantasy cfnm site.

  5. 5 Sparky

    I agree with Jay… regular people… amateur and semi-amateur is the best.

    These “plastic” people with their giant hair/wigs, fake nails, three pounds of mascara, massive silicone tits and foot-long dicks are like space aliens to me.

  6. 6 allthingscfnm

    Well fellas, it looks like some people like this sort of stuff and some don’t… kinda like everything else I post here on the site. I can see the argument of “plastic people” when it comes to the really high production porn from Reality Kings and alot of what comes out of Bang Bros, but there’s only one clip in this batch (other than the free gallery in the upper left hand corner) that’s like that. The other three are pretty genuine reactions to truly big dicks by the women that are handling them. Sure, they end up doing the regular “look in the camera seductively” porn style acting later in the scenes. But it’s that initial sight and getting used to being around the guy toting a huge dick that breaks them out of the typical porn star acting that makes these scenes intriguing.

  7. 7 Sparky

    My point was that I can’t relate to the people in the clips since my dick is not black or 12″ long AND I don’t hang out with hookers, porn stars or strippers… just cute girls next door who will appreciate any dick without requiring ca$h to do so.

    I think it seems like a while since you posted some HJ clips… I know Brandi Belle is gone but something similar to her work is always great. Japanese is good too but differentiation between censored & uncensored when posting is appreciated.

    When was the last time some massage-table-with-happy-ending scenarios were posted?

    Nurse exams? And not the kind where a silicone porn star is wearing a white leather nurse outfit and he fucks her… the kind where a real looking nurse jerks him for a sample.

    Hospital scenarios? Guy helpless in bed, girl jerks him off. Again, don’t want the ones where the nurse looks like a dominatrix/stripper and he miraculously gets up out of bed to fuck her up the ass. LOL.

    You got anything where a GF finds her BF sleeping and wakes him up with a BJ or HJ? Or wakes him with several of her girlfriends participating?

    Girl accidently goes into men’s bathroom while guy is peeing… lets her stay to watch him and ends with HJ.

    Guy at a party wants to pee, girl(s) don’t want to leave bathroom, he whips it out and pees anyway… she watches or wants to hold it for him… ends with HJ… (this one always happens to me) 😉

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