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Since there was some lackluster response to the past couple hard core Cfnm action oriented posts, here’s a nice mix of traditional Cfnm. First up are a batch of five Cfnm scenes that were captured from actual television broadcasts if you can believe it. The first two scenes are of the medical Cfnm theme, coming from a sex education series that runs on British television’s Channel 4. Then I’ve put together three new Cfnm oriented segments from the Dutch TV show, Spuiten en Slikken, much like the previous posts of the show’s Cfnm footage here, here, & here. These pieces are called “Make Love, Not Porn”, “Sex Swing Porn Shoot”, & “Two Men, One Woman” – all involving a clothed female reporter presenting their wares with sexual activity going on right in front of them. I’ve lastly put together some picture sets from two Cfnm aficionados that post prolifically on Flickr, Naked In NYC and GoodGun, both providing great Cfnm captures from San Francisco events. Definitely be sure to check all this out and leave commentary, thanks for visiting!
british_medical_cfnm_erection_differences_classbritish_medical_cfnm_male_genitalia_assembly spuiten_en_slikken_make_love_not_porn
spuiten_en_slikken_sex_swinging_porn_shoot spuiten_en_slikken_triootje_mmf Cfnm vids on VE:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
Cfnm vids on PH:
#1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5
All on HF: here.

eeb072-by-goodgunsm dsc02209-by-nakedguynyc
Picset 1 | Picset 2a | Picset 2b | Picset 2c

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7 Responses to “Five Scenes Of Cfnm From TV and Cfnm Picsets From Amateur Photographers”  

  1. 1 fig

    traditional media not strong enough.. ur not following past comments… cfnm no fun anymore…. where the nurse thing … what about prostate massage…..female police checking male penis….

  2. 2 fig

    female misstress from cfnm adventure, gym teacher ..asked them to give video…

  3. 3 Jay

    I’ve noticed lately that when I click on your PH links, the website trys to install Adware on my system: js/pornpop.A. Then I’m redirected to the bogus virus scanning site which tries to install a virus on my system. Are you aware of this?

  4. 4 fred

    holy shit that british thing with the school kids amazing stuff! a little too sterile but what a find!~

  5. 5 Vaiski

    That first picset was amazing! If you have more of that kind please post.
    Thanks for a great blog!

  6. 6 alexander

    the first one is educative indeed…

  7. 7 Dizzle

    Dr. Modgil cleaned up very well for the first clip. It seems someone is working to bring her beauty out; however, I have mixed emotions about the high school kids being featured in the clip. CFNM is sexually stimulating for me. I don’t want to see and/or listen to high school students being exposed to penises. I understand they “fit” in the sex education discussion, but, considering most of us visit this blog for a sexual release, I don’t care to watch the videos featuring the high school students.

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