Guys Coerced Into Stripping Naked For CFNM Training Sessions By British Women, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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There’s always been some complaints about the fact that there aren’t a good amount of Cfnm movies for the highly well thought out, intricate scenarios on Adventures In Cfnm gigantic site. That has recently changed, I’ve learned, as Adventures In Cfnm now is running the fairly popular Cfnm Training Session series on the site, in video format! So you’ll find below a video preview of just one of the videos from this excellent series that is now available on Adventures In Cfnm. This particular scenario involves full body strip and inspection, guided instructions by the women in how they want him to pose for them, a Cfnm bath, as well as monitored masturbation! It’s really got it all for any traditional theme Cfnm aficionado.

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8 Responses to “Guys Coerced Into Stripping Naked For CFNM Training Sessions By British Women”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    Can somebody explain how the guy getting ass-fucked became part of CFNM?

  2. 2 morcfnm

    I always wondered why didn’t do the videos with their well organized scenarios. They’ve finally figured it out, but I don’t know how many videos they have yet. I think most of the preview page are just pics.

  3. 3 allthingscfnm

    Well Sparky, here’s the deal… many people into the harsher realms ofthe Cfnm fetish really seem to get intothe aspect of being humiliated by the clothed women in the scenario. Or perhaps they enjoy the vulnerability aspect of not only be naked in front of clothed women, but that vulnerability being taken advantage of by those same women. Basically, the envelope gets pushed from the guy maybe getting verbally humiliated, having his ass exposed, having to do “tricks” for the women, etc… to the more extreme. That’s what’s going on in this particular scene and some of the series that / Adventures In Cfnm explore, just how far these guys will allow themselves to be pushed. And that’s some people’s thing within the Cfnm fetish. I personally don’t really enjoy it, and definitely don’t choose to watch the portions of the videos where guys are getting their asses probed, but it’s all just part of the continuum of any fetish. Some people dig extreme, and some (like you and I) don’t. I do understand it from the psychological side though.

    To Morcfnm: yeah, it’s great that they FINALLY started releasing the videos to their scenarios on their main site. The amount of video that isavailable now is still something I’mnot sure of. I’ve asked over this weekend, but haven’t gotten a reply yet, but when I do… I’ll definitely report here in a postletting everyone know what the scoop is, ok?

  4. 4 MICK

    I love the site, but I DEFINITELY don’t appreciate that the video started playing on its own and that it didn’t give me any option to stop it. Please let people click on the link if they want to see it instead of forcing us to watch something.

  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    Sorry Mick! I am trying to figure out why this keeps happening… there’s some sort of bug in the player that I cannot seem to sort out on my own. I’ve already got some inquiry into how to fix it.

  6. 6 Twitter

    Hi! So what about the videos? No additional payment? Pls reply

  7. 7 Twitter

    Hi No additional payment on the videos now?

  8. 8 admin

    @Twitter: as far as I know, their videos do not require any extra payment. I believe that there are more videos posted on their TV site, but they are streaming only and you have to pay for each video separately. But no, the videos available on are included with the membership, from what I’ve heard reported from those who have had recent memberships.

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