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Ever since I did a side by side comparison of both Kay’s Planet and My Dick Flash here, I’ve gotten many emails about them. There’s just something about Kay’s Planet‘s female-driven Cfnm and My Dick Flash‘s hidden camera style Cfnm content that both intrigues and befuddles people. They have a completely different approach to CFNM, and to exemplify the difference between them, I’ve included a Cfnm photoshoot clip from Kay’s Planet and a clip of Mike getting caught jerking off by his female friend via My Dick Flash. Following these are two very old school Cfnm scenes of a guy who is “forced” to jack off for a girl, made for promotional purposes for the now defunct Fetish Forum.net. Then to really provide some contrast, I’ve also provided 4 incredibly gutsy public Cfnm clips that were made by two now infamous XTube contributors Univ123 and Jack Hardin. These are a bit different then previous posts of public Cfnm like here, here, & here in that they are both pushing the envelope big time in each video. So enjoy this mega dose of private and public amateur Cfnm and feel free to leave your opinions in a comment.
kays_planet_cfnm_photoshoot_with_jane_and_mike my_dick_flash_izzy_sees_mike_jacking_off_and_watches old_fetish_forum_cfnm_clip_plumber_made_to_jack_off_for_her
old_fetish_forum_cfnm_clip_shower_jerking_off Amateur CFNM videos on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Amateur CFNM videos on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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public_cfnm_beach-jerker-gets-photographed public_cfnm_beach-jerker-stroke-and-cum-for-beach-gals public_cfnm_univ_123_jerk-flash-on-train-sleeping-girl
public_cfnm_univ_123_jerking_off_on_train_for_black_woman Amateur CFNM videos on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Amateur CFNM videos on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All 4 Cfnm clips on HF here.

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22 Responses to “Eight Daring Amateur Cfnm Clips In Private and In Public”  

  1. 1 Bernard Z. Grate

    this is what’s wrong with our world. the sick fuck on the bus jerking off, is accepted as decent cfnm, and perhaps is encouraged to do more of those videos.

    well i think it’s sick, and he should be arrested, jerking off in public? doesn’t he know women find this scary and a major turn off?

    why can’t men who are into public cfnm, do the right thing, and buy see thru pants pretend they are not aware of it,then stand in front of 40 18 year old cute girls.

    now that makes sense, and is not a in your face type of molester thing.

  2. 2 Sparky

    Good point Bernie about the sick fuck jerking off on the bus.

    Now that you mention the “in your face type of molester thing”, who was that sick fuck who made that video walking around in Walmart wearing pink see-through pants with a 9-inch boner at eye-level to small children in shopping carts?

  3. 3 lame

    This site is a joke now. You use videarn with copyright videos, banners galore and you even advertise for BS sites and claim it’s content – Goodluck staying afloat. I’ve been visiting (aka paying your bills) since you used a blogspot and it was hard enough to listen to you complain on sensations4women. I know you will delete this since you only get like 5 comments per post, but atleast that means you read it.


  4. 4 Robert

    those videos were hot. please keep posting more of those. ive returned to this site in hopes of finding more. much like the massage parlor clips.


  5. 5 allthingscfnm

    When I came to the comment section for the post I really didn’t think I’d see these kinds of reactions, or at least not as harsh. So yeah, this is making me reassess posting these types of videos. I mean, I completely understand the ongoing argument between Bernie and Sparky on this very edgy and borderline non-consensual Cfnm. I really do get it. I just know there’s a huge following for these two guys on the internet and especially in the example of Jack, where he is getting this footage from is from a nude beach. The girls that he films usually engage him in conversation in the videos I’ve seen and posted, which is always funny and erotic on some level (for some) – like in the first video, the girl is fucking topless and takes pictures of his cock while he jerks off for her. How much better of a Cfnm situation can you expect to have happen out on a public nude beach??

    Anyhow, if there’s any objections to the second two public jerking videos, I’ll definitely remove them… I don’t want people getting angry or stop visiting the site because such material exists here. Seriously, this site is here for us Cfnm first and foremost, above everything else… so if there’s a resounding call for certain types of Cfnm content to not be shown here, I’ll acquiesce and stop posting it.

    Which leads me to Lame’s comments.The videos that I put up on Video Earn are not gaining me money, that is unless you click on one of the banners and join up with the site that banner takes you to. I don’t “claim it’s content”. I don’t even understand what the heck you’re talking about as all the videos that come from pay sites posted here and then on Video Earn and Porn Host are clearly watermarked with that site’s address in the corner. I’m not trying to say I produced it or anything like that in my posts either. I simply say, “hey there’s some cool shit on this site and you should check it out… here’s a sample of what they have.”

    And how are these sites BS?? They are the same fucking sites that everybody has been a member of at one point or another or at least has seen a good amount of their promotional material at some point. So I again don’t see what you’re trying to say here… is there sites that you’d like to see more coverage of?? Then suggest them and I’ll do what I can to get some free samples made available to you and everybody else visiting the site.

    Now with the banners, yes, I have up quite a few. So does every other fucking blog in the fucking internet universe. Why? Because websites aren’t cheap to run. When I was on blog spot, it was free, which was great! I also didn’t have alot of banners when I was running the blog there because I didn’t need to earn some money to keep the thing running. Now I do. It’s tough to keep this site running when I’ve got almost 15 to 20 thousand visitors per day running up bandwidth charges and such. I also have to pay for a server for the site to be hosted on as well as to have people monitor it because I don’t have the technical knowledge nor the time to do it myself. If I didn’t have banners or advertising revenue of some sort coming in each month, I couldn’t afford to have the site running. So yeah, if you don’t like the banners, don’t click on them. It’s not a tough choice.

    I also don’t know how you feel you’ve been “paying my bills” since I used blog spot, for the same reasons I’ve talked about above. The only money I make off of this site is from people signing up for sites through it. And often times people don’t join up for sites through mine because I put up so much free Cfnm that DOESN’T come from pay sites, so people get what they want for free. I honestly don’t know what complaints you’re talking about on the forum, other than when my site was taken down without any warning or way to fix the problem. I guess also I’ve complained about people not leaving comments, which is really only because it’s hard to know what the fuck everybody wants to see on a site when they don’t tell me. That goes especially for people that only complain about what is here. So if you don’t like what’s being shown, fucking tell me what you want to see and I will try my best to put it up. That’s what I’ve always done, and what I strive to do, along with keeping everybody up to date with currently running Cfnm sites and sites that provide Cfnm material that people perhaps haven’t found yet.

  6. 6 morcfnm

    I wouldn’t want to scare or freak out a woman, but at the same time it was kind of funny. I have a pair of very see thru shorts that I’ll wear to a drive thru fast food and I get some pretty favorable reactions from the girls working there. And believe I might as well be naked the shorts are that sheer. The shorts are so sheer that I put another pair under in case it’s a guy working. And I’ll just pull the inner short up high when I know it’s a girl.

  7. 7 morcfnm

    Hey Skipper, I like most of the stuff u post. It’s like most things if u don’t like it u don’t have 2 watch it. I thought that the comment was pretty harsh, u still have the best blog and thanks again.

  8. 8 Homer

    “The girls that he films usually engage him in conversation in the videos I’ve seen and posted, which is always funny and erotic on some level (for some) – like in the first video, the girl is fucking topless and takes pictures of his cock while he jerks off for her. How much better of a Cfnm situation can you expect to have happen out on a public nude beach??”

    It looked like there was more video here – is there a second part? I thought it was great, keep posting more if of those if you have them.

  9. 9 Bernard Z. Grate

    feel free to post whatever you want, just saying some things are very offensive which doesn’t mean i want you to ban them, just saying one thing is fine but the other isn’t?

    there are lines,

    1-fake scenario actresses please sign the model release form sweetie thank you, ok now when i say look shocked look shocked ok, and action that’s it look more shocked teresa, more great that’s it wonderful that’s a wrap.

    2- real cfnm no scripts, just walking around in semi form fitting pants capturing women’s reactions.

    3- some creep jerking off on a public bus, expecting normal guys to say wow that is so hot. instead, i think most of us think (let me put myself in the women’s shoes, yuck!) not good cfnm at all.

    so that’s all IM’ saying.

    i think your site/blog is thee best, cause your open and honest, and you do a great job, so keep posting away.

  10. 10 Sparky

    1. I agree with Bernie on the public masturbation. It’s sick & creepy.

    2. I disagree with Bernie on his see-thru pants & boner routine. It’s ALSO sick & creepy. He keeps defending it as harmless fun yet he refuses to address the issue of small children who I’ve frequently seen “accidently” appear in his videos. Not to mention the 16, 14, 13-yr-old or even younger girls who stare and take pictures of his cock. Really? This is cool?

    3. This would be cool- Masturbating “in public” yet hidden from view of the innocent. Hot woman stumbles upon man and helps him jerk it off. Yeah I know… it would have to be scripted… but at least it wouldn’t seem so sick, creepy, and gay.

  11. 11 Mr Ed

    Completely agree with Sparky, Bernie’s stuff is VERY sick and creepy.

  12. 12 Joe

    The public stuff is bad, but I still got your back….just like the webcam stuff more anyway.

  13. 13 carl

    who is the busty redhead in the photoshoot?

  14. 14 robert

    i hope you continue to post the public masturbation clips. those are fantastic and the only reason i visit this site.
    and the clip on the bus with the sleeping girl was absolutely hilarious!

    if you make the mistake of deciding NOT to upload the public masturbation videos, please send them directly to my email. thanks

  15. 15 Lame

    The public clips are the only thing decent here. Sometimes the stripper stuff is good, sometimes the Jap stuff. everything else is fluff to fill the site. Fake as in staged CFNM is just stupid.

  16. 16 chranderson2002

    Dick flash stuff all seems very staged. Not a fan at all.

    Public masturbation is creepy when done in parks or on streets and buses…but I don’t feel so weird about the nude beach scenes…seems more acceptable or at least those in that environment might stumble across that now and then.

    Japanese stuff seems real for the most part and I am always amazed by the “willingness” of the girls to engage or watch. I assume there must be some financial gain involved.

    Not a fan of Bernie’s stuff…mostly because it often involves or has the potential to involve underage kids. When I do listen, I have to turn sound off…can’t stand the fake phone call jibber jabber!

  17. 17 RandomGuy

    I for one LOVED the clip where he was on the beach and the girl wanted to pose for him. She even offered to take off her skirt!

  18. 18 allthingscfnm

    Random Guy… exactly! Seriously, how fucking much better does it get? That guy really has found a great spot on that beach for finding Cfnm curious females, that’s for sure.

  19. 19 Homer

    Yes, but was there more to that beach video???

  20. 20 allthingscfnm

    Hey Homer, actually that was the entire beach clip… it was all the longer that Jack himself posted on Xtube.

  21. 21 Olats

    Anyone know what “Izzy”‘s real porn name? Does she have other videos?

  22. 22 admin

    @Olats: sorry if this bursts your bubble, but, Izzy is NOT a porn actress beyond what she did on My Dick Flash and Kay’s Planet. All the people from those websites are amateurs that Kay either knows already, knows through photography classes on their local college campus, or she recruits through modeling want ads. I’ve never seen ANYONE from either site do anything else on another site. And usually 95% of the girls that are on those sites appear only once or a handful of times, then are never involved further.

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