Two Females Interview Strip, Inspect, and Fondle Their New Potential Male Roommate, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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Monica and Lisa were looking for a new roommate, and decide to hold interviews to find one. Bobby was the first one up, and immediately both girls wanted to get to know him better on a more personal level. They coax him onto the bed, flirtingly asking him if they could check and see if he lives up to their standards. Hungrily he says yes and lets the girls strip him down to his underwear. They admire his gorgeous body and let him know he passed test #1. Ready for the next challenge, they take off his underwear, and begin fondling his remarkable ass. Monica then pulls out a porn magazine, and starts smacking the smooth mound of flesh, checking its durability. Test #2 passed. While looking at the magazine, Bobby points something out and Monica chooses to reenact it. She positions herself behind him and begins to massage his hard cock with her feet. Although quite ticklish at first, it begins to turn him on even more and begs for Lisa to continue playing with his dick. Monica wants to test out another picture she saw, and takes a hair dryer and heats up Trevor`s already boiling hot shaft. She then turns him around and gives his beautiful, smooth ass a good heating up as well. Now to pass the last trial, they make Trevor stroke himself to orgasm, ejaculating sticky jizz all over his body. It`s unanimous; the girls have a new roommate!

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