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mikes_friend_loses_a_bet_and_has_to_stand_naked_for_3_girls When it comes to amateur traditional Cfnm from a reliable source, it doesn’t get any better than sites like My Dick Flash. Chronic at-home nudist Mike and his equally deviant-minded friend Kay have constructed a web where many a unsuspecting cute female ends up getting an eyeful of naked male flesh. What’s great about it is that the footage is not forced, and the girls always have a great time in the Cfnm situation, despite some initial embarrassment. So to illustrate this point, I’ve got three Cfnm vignettes from My Dick Flash, starting with the free clip where Mike’s friend has lost a friendly bet and has to stand naked in front of three of Kay’s friends for a good chunk of time. Then there’s a video of Mike blatantly and needlessly changing his underwear right in front of Kay’s friend Brittany, who is pretty shocked at the sight of his larger than average cock. Then there’s a great clip of Mike purposely getting caught jerking off to porn by Kay and an unnamed friend of hers. There’s some fun dialogue and fantastic real amateur Cfnm reactions in these clips that I’m sure you’ll dig. I’ve also included three galleries of Cfnm pictures – amateur girls with club strippers along with two sets of old school, classic Cfnm images that most of which were originally found by me and then ripped off to create a now defunct (and ultra crappy) pay site. So, take a look and leave your opinions in the comment section.
mdf_brit_watches_mike_get_changed mdf_kays_friend_walks_in_on_mike_jerking_off_to_porn CFNM scenes on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
CFNM scenes on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
More at My Dick Flash

amateur-girls-having-cfnm-fun-with-club-strippers old-school-cfnm-picture-01-bodypainting old-school-cfnm-picture-02-girl-poses-with-3-nude-frat-boys
Gallery 1 |Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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2 Responses to “Candid Amateur Cfnm – With Three Varied Cfnm Picture Galleries”  

  1. 1 Jay Hover

    WTF every other time I try to access a pic gallery from this, I get a page full of “NO HOT LINKING.” AS this source is this page to your gallery, it’s a real buzzkill for me & my fucking dial up. I appreciate most of your efforts but this sucks.

  2. 2 MICK

    No issues here with the photo galleries, they work for me. I’m not usually a fan of the photos (as I prefer videos) but there are some good ones in galleries #2 and #3!

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