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cfnm-dual-handed-jerk-off Carly and Sasha have answered one of our adverts for new models. Unfortunately it seems they didn’t realise what CFNM was so when they come for their first interview, production assistant Simon has to attempt to explain it to them. The horny young guy decides rather than explain it he might as well show them so while they look confused and then shocked he strips off and exposes his nude body to them. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the ladies can’t believe they are staring at his dick and become even more surprised when he begins wanking in front of them. They haven’t left though so Simon pushes his luck and gets them to wrap their hands round his penis and have a play themselves. The women seem to start enjoying it very quickly and are soon arguing over who gets to jerk it next. As they carry on playing with his dick he explodes all over their hands and the floor and two more babes are converted to the world of CFNM!

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