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I wanted to tap into the fan base of traditional Cfnm with this post. So, when it comes to Cfnm scenes that have appeared in mainstream movies, are there any that really stick out in your brain? Have any favorites that have always been intriguing to you for whatever reason, and why do you think it is? The reason I’m asking is that Bizarre Magazine is doing a piece on Cfnm and wants input on what fans really like in a Cfnm scene that has appeared in a mainstream movie. Your comment might get put into print! I’ve been interviewed for my take on Cfnm on all levels, along with performers, producers, and other Cfnm fanatics. The piece is going up next month, so let’s show the world what Cfnm is and should be by making your voice heard. So, to inspire you a little, I’ve put together 5 Cfnm clips from mainstream movies and 5 Cfnm scenes from TV shows as a bonus. Enjoy these and definitely leave your comments.
cfnm_from_cinema_2_girls_watch_nude_guy_unknown cfnm_from_cinema_3_scenes_from_18_year_old_virgin cfnm_from_cinema_8-and-a-half-women
cfnm_from_cinema_-summer cfnm_from_cinema_ben_x_scene-new Movie Cfnm on VE:
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Movie Cfnm on PH:
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cfnm_from_tv_2_scenes_from_trinity cfnm_from_tv_female_reporter_gets_nude_prank cfnm_from_tv_guy-and-girl-strip-naked-on-dutchtv-show
cfnm_from_tv_lockerroom-scene_from_rush_s02_e10 cfnm_from_tv_may_09_nude_art_news_story TV Cfnm on VE:
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7 Responses to “Ten CFNM Scenes From Mainstream Movies and Television”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    One of my favorite movies was a British made-for-TV film called “The Bare Necessities,” which was made in 1996. Predating the film, “The Full Monty,” it is the story of unemployed miners from the industrial wasteland of northern England who decide to tour the country by bus and perform in Chippendales-style, both individually and together, in a grand finale. The stage show was such that they made their all-female audience go absolutely wild with sexual abandon. It was a thrill to see women really let go of their inhibitions and encourage the men to strip. Even though there was no outright frontal male nudity, the implication was that the men did, in fact, bare all before their enthralled audience. The reactions of the women are what really made the most impact upon me. I never thought women could behave so utterly lascivious–but they do!

    This can be seen in certain CFNM-style websites like “Dancing Bear,” “Party Hardcore,” “Brandibelle” and others that showcase nude males performing sexually for clothed women. Instead of the typical vanilla porn available most everywhere, we find in the above-mentioned sites nude males stripping, dancing, and often ejaculating in front of crowds of cheering women–sometimes on a plate, sometimes on a sheet of glass, sometimes in a woman’s hand, and other various and kinky ways. It’s different, exciting, and the women seem to really love it!

    Personally, the greatest CFNM turn-on for me is to watch multiple women enjoying the nudity of a man (or men) in some capacity in various types of scenarios. The Japanese adult film manufacturers such as Moodyz and Soft on Demand produce some of the finest CFNM movies anywhere of this type. We find guys being masturbated by women on trains, nude men dominated by tough but sexy females on buses and airplanes, submissive naked males being sexually controlled and dominated in offices and homes for the delight of their female superiors, etc. These are the kind of movies I really enjoy more than any other type of CFNM. In my opinion, the Japanese are trailblazers in the CFNM world, always pushing the envelope to try something new and different.

    It is my hope that mainstream movies will eventually feature more outrageous and sexually overt CFNM incorporating some of the Japanese-inspired themes. I would love to see a remake of “The Bare Necessities” in which everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–goes! It would give new meaning to the “full” Monty!

  2. 2 Matty

    Great clips Super. Thanks for this cool update. Again, I love the looks women give. In the ‘unknown’ clip, the blonde girl keeps looking at the guys cock as they talk. Love it!!

  3. 3 rowanbride

    this a great post. shame my best scenes are from tv

    soho stories, docusoap in 1997 by chris terill, came out on bbc and had a male stripper at a ladies evening, in a episode and it was the best I ever seen

    the other was from a programme 2001ish came out on itv, called stilletto ghetto and that was a series that was about ladies that perform, mucky dances. the males should strip in my opinion, at hen parties. this happened in a 2 episodes. one was where they had a male stripper and a ladie performing in a club (seperate shows). great shot of the male. the better one is where these mucky ladies go on a evening, to a place, and they ogle male strippers. that is the better of the 2. It is a shame bizares catagory doesnt extend to tv, and only movies, as these are the best. maybe you could mention it to them in the next chat?? extention to tv?

  4. 4 Anon

    Yes, film CFNM is one of my favorite categories. A top 5 (or 10) list is very subjective but I’ll give you some of my favorites. I hate most comedic CFNM scenes because they are virtually always used to demean men – which is my number one problem with Hollywood movies.

    I’m not sure if all of these would be considered “American” movies:

    The Reader*
    A Night in Heaven*
    Personal Best
    The Hole*
    Blue Velvet
    All the Real Girls
    Are School Confidential – a little over the top
    A Woman Scorned*
    Broadcast Bombshells

    There are probably others I can’t think of right now. A lot of good ones are foreign movies. The * ones are probably my favorites. If I had to pick one it would be A Night in Heaven believe it or not. Even though I said that A Night in Heaven is my favorite CFNM movie, I didn’t mean the stripping scenes. In fact, I never watch them. My favorite all-time scene is in the hotel room with Christopher Atkins and Lesley Ann Warren. She’s a favorite of mine.

    There’s also another favorite of mine. In Harper Valley PTA one of my top all-time favorites – Barbara Eden – has a CFNM scene when she kicks a naked John Fiedler (mousy well-known little character actor) naked into the hallway of a hotel. Although by far my favorite part of the scene is seeing the legendary Barbara Eden in a bra for the only time in her career.

  5. 5 Holly

    Hey Anon, thanks for this…would you mind emailing me at hollygriggspall@gmail.com? I’m the writer for Bizarre and would love a little more of your input for this sidebar we are doing to the main piece. Holly

  6. 6 Ice82

    Hello I wanted to know which film was taken the second video? Thanks for help

  7. 7 rowanbride

    Just to add to my previous comment, I found some links for the soho stories docusoap

    the male was troy passion, and believe the episode he was on was called rising passion

    heres a list of episodes

    here is the episode think it is

    here is a article that features it

    just nice if somebody out there, had it lol

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