Parents Evening from PureCFNM

Little Tommy has been misbehaving in school and teacher Paige has asked his mum and dad in to discuss punishment. As she tells them that the young boy has been lifting up girls dresses, she suggests she should be authorized to yank his trousers down in front of the girls to see how he enjoys it. Watch the trailer here to see what happens when the father refuses but as he protests, headteacher Mia enters and takes him in hand. “Like father like son!” she exclaims and the women all agree to test the punishment out on the father first. Before he knows what’s occurring the dad is stripped naked, whacked on the bum by the headmistress and then the women take turns to jerk his dick. When Paige shows him her knickers he can't hold back any longer and cums all over her desk!

His son had been unruly but these women took it out on the poor father. Mind you, he seemed to like a threeway tug job in the end - even if he did have to put up with a smacked ass first! Every day scenes in which guys end up nude and humiliated in front of fully dressed, controlling girls - that’s what PureCFNM is all about. Click here to see more from the global leader in Clothed Female Naked Male action!

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