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Jordan has set a fun quiz to amuse everyone this evening but the sole man in the group is determined not to lose! He “borrowed” her questions before the game began and has a copy master sheet tucked down his shirt. Watch the trailer here to see what takes place as the questions begin and he acts very confident since he already has all the answers. Sadly for him Lola catches him cheating and the girls all close in on him. They are furious that he has broken the rules and start tugging at his clothes to find out if he has any other cheat sheets stashed anywhere. They soon get him undressed and laugh at how small his penis is but as they start to stroke his dick it becomes larger and larger and definitely impresses them! The touch of four girls rapidly has him shooting all over himself and the babes then grab their phones to take pictures of him covered in cum – warning that they will publish them if he ever cheats again!
This man was going to be reprimanded for cheating but when the four women saw how massive his dick grew to they were more excited about seeing him spunk than telling him off. girls are fascinated with the male ejaculation and regularly gather in groups to force males to shoot for them. If you like watching CFNM entertainment of this kind click here to head over to PureCFNM now to see hundreds more movies like this one.

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