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Although I did a post of this public exhibitionism Cfnm recently here, I’ve made this one a bit extra special. I first have more extensive footage from the site Scandal Shows, which caters to the crazy action that happens onstage at erotic film and product festivals all around the world. It’s pretty insane how much these performers will do for their huge audience of completely amateur female and male onlookers, of which there are hundreds. Since I had some various similar and more Cfnm in nature, I put together four more clips much like what you can get at Scandal Shows that two of which actually contain the same male performer, Marco, whom is quite the well endowed show performer and stripper. The first two are incredibly hot, as the action in silhouette gives way to being able to see exactly what’s going on between the girl and guy. And since the fourth video features the legendary Robert Rosenberg, of early Party Hardcore and various other PayServe Network sites (like Fully Clothed Sex & Drunk Sex Orgy), I dug deep for the final two clips. Yes, I’ve managed to dig up two of the very first Party Hardcore clips from way back, 2003 to be exact. So, enjoy yourselves this Memorial Day weekend and be sure to comment on these awesome and rare videos!
Shows on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
Shows on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
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CFNM clips on VE:
#1 | 2a | #2b | #3 | #4a | #4b
CFNM clips on PH:
#1 | #2a | #2b | #3 | #4a | #4b
All 4 CFNM clips on RS here!

Clip 1 | Clip 2
Clip 1 | Clip 2
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3 Responses to “Crazy Exhibitionist Cfnm In Public and Large Group Settings”  

  1. 1 Taurus

    Awesome update! Loved pretty much all of it, especially the silhouette clips. Do the male strippers ever take any of the female audience members back there?

    If so, that website might just be worth a subscription.

  2. 2 me

    those videos are originally from – there are lots of more of them (for free)

  3. 3 admin

    @”me”: I found them cruising through Google rapid share searching actually. But I need to contend your assertion that there are more on that blog you mentioned. True, there’s more erotic fair videos on that blog, but really, there’s really little to no interaction between women and men onstage in 99 percent of them. Actually there’s mostly just women doing toy shows and stripping onstage. It’s not really what anybody here wants to see. And that’s what Scandal Shows and even more so Public Sex Shows DOES have – onstage male-female interaction onstage that occurs at these conventions.

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