Stepdad's Sleeping Pills from PureCFNM

Paige doesn’t like her new stepfather and has concocted a scheme to take nude photos of him so she can coerse him into being nicer to her. She slips some drugs into his coffee before bed and then creeps into his room with her girlfriends to carry out her plan. The laughing women pull back the duvet and pull down his clothes before bursting out laughing as they spot his tiny penis. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when Lexy begins recording his naked body on her camera phone as the women begin posing for pictures with the baby cock. They start playing with it and spitting on it to discover if it gets any bigger and they are shocked at how it becomes erect even though he is asleep! As they continue playing with it he suddenly erupts all over himself, making the women laugh even more. They then capture some more photos of him covered in cum before creeping out with their blackmail evidence.

Oh dear, this guy certainly angered the wrong girls and is about to regret it when he comes to. Imagine some selfish babes having indecent pictures of you to do anything they wish with - how horrifying would that be . . and also quite sexy! Maybe they will show your pictures to their friends . . maybe they will show other women on the internet . . you will never know! If you like these style of sexy Clothed Female Naked Male fantasies then get your ass over to PureCFNM now - the worldwide leader in realistic Clothed Female Naked Male entertainment.

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