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There really aren’t many CFNM situations that get much more raw than when there’s one clothed girl watching one naked guy jacking off for her amusement. And nowadays it’s quite literally just a click away when open minded, CFNM aficionados in the making, get on services such as Chat Roulette and Stickam. There’s now new services and pay sites catering to guys who want to jerk off from the privacy and comfort of their homes for girls who want to watch them. More on those later, but for now have a look at these 5 fantastic amateur webcam CFNM session video captures that I have put together for you. What’s great is you not only get the fantastic amateur girl reactions and interactions in them, but you get to read what they type while they watch their naked male entertainment. First there’s an Asian girl talking with a guy while he gets hard, jerks off, cums, and recovers from his orgasm. A short but hot mutual masturbation clip from Jude’s blog, followed by two great compilations of various CFNM cock shock reactions. Then lastly another mutual masturbation CFNM clip where a hippie girl gets off right along with the guy she’s watching. I’ve added three CFNM picture and video galleries as a bonus from the best fantasy CFNM sites going out there: Cfnm Show, Club Tug & Pure CFNM.

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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Picture Galleries: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3
Video Galleries: Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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11 Responses to “Amateur Girls Watching Enthusiastic Guys Jacking Off Plus Three CFNM Galleries”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    I never liked these. Watching a girl watching a guy watching a girl watch a guy jerk off over the internet is as big a turn-off as just watching the dude jerk off.

    At least when they’re face to face, you think there’s a chance she’ll reach out with her hand and cup the balls or take over the jerking. However, you know that’s impossible with this web-cam junk.

  2. 2 Shaft

    Each to their own Mr. Sparky.
    These remind me of my mispent youth back when Netmeeting was cutting edge technology. Hell even now I have been known to lose track of time on Stickam trying to find the same slutty girls I used to get from time to time on IRC chat, or Faceparty or whatever. These are pretty much my favourite type of CFNM, it is relatively harmless and real, the staged stuff can only go so far though PureCFNM take it to a really high level, the American sites tend to make me either laugh out loud or just put my head in my hands.

    Those who check my blog know that these types of clip appear often in my posts, thanks for making them the subject of the post instead of the usual thing where you put on 4 clips after your subject.

    Keep up the hot work.

  3. 3 Taurus

    Nice update. I like the reactions of the girls in the third video. Amateur cock shock is really fun. The second video is good too. The blonde has some huge tits.

    Good stuff, thanks.

  4. 4 Sparky

    Comments and opinions… it’s all subjective feedback. With all the technical problems regarding the posting of comments here lately, I’m not sure how Super is getting a full picture of what people think.

    May I suggest a simple thumbs-up or star-rating style WordPress plugin used in conjunction with comments. With that, I think Super will get a higher quality, less subjective feedback on all of the various types of postings here.

    I realize this is not a democracy but Super has repeatedly expressed his desire for feedback… and a rating system should lead to types of content that more people want.

  5. 5 Taurus

    I agree with Sparky. A simple rating system would probably encourage more feedback from those not interested in typing and allow Super to provide the most desired content.

    Good idea, Mr. Sparky.

  6. 6 admin

    I completely agree with you Taurus and Sparky, and it’s a great idea. I already have the plug-in downloaded, just need to do the necessary backups and then I’ll work on getting it installed tonight. Thanks for the great suggestion!

  7. 7 Shaft

    So what are these services and pay sites for people who like to show off their cocks from the privacy of their own home? Unless I missed something I can’t see any reference to them in this post other than in the beginning where you say you will get to it.

  8. 8 admin

    um, well Shaft, I said it in the 2nd sentence: “And nowadays it’s quite literally just a click away when open minded, CFNM aficionados in the making, get on services such as Chat Roulette and Stickam.”

    But what I meant by “More on those later, but for now…”, was that I’d get to posting more of those types of clips and such in the future. Poor wording, sorry. However, CFNM Watchers is a decent site that steers towards this genre.

  9. 9 Jefff

    See the red head older Milf from the Pure CFNM scene in the thrid gallery of pics at the bottom? She was in a few of the Pure CFNM site’s older scenes.. The red head British woman -I always loved her enthusiasm. Do you happen to have the scene where she is there is a ‘sister’ and ‘brother’ in the kitchen, the brother is touching himself, sister sees it and gets freaky about it and then ‘Mommy’ comes in and as ‘punishment’ makes the brother -Mommy’s boy, masturbate in front of both of them in the kitchen. And Mommy clearly is lusty, loving it.

    So there’s a description. I tried to see that scene when I came across it on another site and it was one of the scam deals where you’re infinitely re-directed to other sites each time you clip and multiple pop-up adds appear.

    If you got that old school Pure CFNM I’d be grateful. To me that older British woman is in the spirit of CFNM big time. (There was also one with a ‘foreign exchange’ student but, I don’t know, I’m getting weary of seeing dudes with donkey sized dongs maybe for too much ‘shock cockin” exposure. Makes me feel like I’m disabled with tiny dick syndrome after awhile, which I’m sure isn’t entirely accurate or so women repeatedly tell me over whenever that subject is brought up.
    ANYways, thanks for the site and your efforts. Best porn blog ever.

  10. 10 admin

    @Jefff: that’s Wendy Taylor that you’re speaking of. And yes, she’s awesome! I completely agree! and I know exactly which scene you’re talking about as well. It’s called “Mummy’s Boy” and I can give you two links to the scene’s free samples:
    Picture Gallery
    Video Gallery

    You should know also that she’s still doing tons of scenes for Pure CFNM as “Mr. Pure” still has a pretty soft spot for her. Plus her personality is such that she is great in roles for porn films. At least in my opinion I believe she’s great. She’s also got her own website, focusing on the adult video that she does aside from CFNM which you can check out here: Pure Wendy. I think you’ll get a kick out of checking that one out! I know I did!

  11. 11 Jefff

    Wanted to say Thanks!

    Leave a Reply