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You know, I’ve been using my iPod Touch to surf the Internet for awhile now, and using it to look at porn has become kinda fun. The problem is that many sites don’t have handheld device (cell phones, iPod Touches, iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc) friendly layouts, and there definitely ain’t any Cfnm easily accessed with them either… until now. Always innovative, the brains behind Pure CFNM have stepped up with CFNM.mobi, the first mobile friendly Cfnm network, ever. Yeah, I said network because with CFNM.mobi, you have full access to all the content of Pure CFNM, Girls Abuse Guys, and Hey Little Dick – all in one place, all in your hand, wherever you go. So, bored on the train on your way home from work? Sitting on the toilet and looking to rub one out? Traveling and too smart to order the hotel pay per view porn movies? Too lazy to get out of bed and sit at the computer? Not a problem anymore! Now you’ve got the freedom to see more Cfnm than you can handle wherever you are with a membership to CFNM.mobi, as it includes Pure CFNM, Girls Abuse Guys, & Hey Little Dick. All those videos and pictures from all three sites, with only one membership fee. It’s pretty exciting stuff for Cfnm and technology aficionados all looking for a great deal, so be sure to check it out and share your opinions here in the comment section. Be sure to keep in mind that it won’t look quite right on your computer screen, as it’s formatted explicitly for handheld devices. So be sure to do that, that is, after looking at what I believe are the best scenes that have ever graced Pure CFNM‘s web space. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to “A New CFNM Site Network You Can View Whenever and Wherever”  

  1. 1 dm

    I love the cfnm fetish but why does every scene end with a handjob? I like the cfnm where the men are made to be naked or are naked and embarassed in front of the women. Like, the women can see him naked but he can’t see them. I like pictures or videos, more amateur type stuff. Does anyone know where I can find this? I tried mydickflash and kay’s planet but they were only so so

  2. 2 Jonesy

    The best 2 Purecfnm movies IMO are ‘Brother Caught Wanking’ and ‘Too Big Shorts’, I also think that the early stuff is better than the new stuff. I’m not having a go it’s still a top site it’s just got a bit samey. I’m sure they could branch off and try something like dm’s suggestion, or even like the ‘Candid Camera’ stuff I mentioned a few weeks ago, something coming at a different angle!

  3. 3 BigJon

    I agree that the format seems to have got a little bit repetitive, besides the earlier comments it would be nice to see them mixing it up a little bit more with maybe a bit more nudity/semi-nudity from the girls and perhaps scenarios where guy gets caught and girl(s) end up shagging guy! Just a thought, perhaps you could pass this on to them?

  4. 4 admin

    @Big Jon: they have offered exactly what you mentioned multiple times within just the past couple months. Seriously, there was a scene on June 3rd and on June 17th that actually included sex with a girl, with other girls watching and providing commentary. There’s been many scenes where girls showed skin as well. When is the last time you checked it out? Just click this link for Pure Cfnm’s tour and look through the previews to see for yourself. The four galleries that I put up in this post were quite old, but what I believe are some of the best they’ve ever made. But that’s just my opinion.

    @Jonesy: I really enjoy those two stories as well, and that perhaps the earlier stuff was better. But I think that if they strayed too far from what they do by having completely different types of movies, it would ruin the consistency it has. You have to remember that about 80% of the stories that get shot for the site are direct requests from current members. There’s an active forum where members basically share their ideas on a regular basis about what they want to see. The best ideas end up getting filmed. The “candid camera” type of things are honestly really hard for porn production companies to make for whatever reason – I think mostly because they HAVE to have full permission from someone before being filmed as well as have them fill out the proper paperwork. If those things aren’t done, they are at risk of being sued by the people involved as well as face huge fines for having published it online for profit. In a perfect world, yeah, just anybody could go and maybe the most kick-ass Cfnm site ever. But there’s protocol that seems to kill it or that taints it enough so that it either never gets started or doesn’t last long.

    @dm: I think the reason why most Cfnm video scenes end with handjobs or blowjobs is because it’s still porn, man. More people want to see the guy get off by the hand for mouth of the girl than do people who don’t want to see that. And because these websites have huge costs to cover when making these videos, they have to think about what’s going to make the most money in the long run. And since that means most people want to see the guy or guys getting off at the end, that’s what the site is going to produce more of. As far as amateur type stuff goes, I showcase tons of it all the time here on the blog. Just look around and you’ll definitely find sites that you can try out.

  5. 5 Mr. Big Head

    I agree 100% that Strokin for an audience is the all time best! have it saved and use it as my go to whenever necessary. There was a money shot version floating around but alas it is no more. But the preliminaries are super. Pure CFNM is the best! Oh by the way anything from P-CFMN with Jessy in it is always worthwhile…she’s a natural…loves her work..a beautiful young woman. I also like the Brother Caught scene…a classic…Jessy plays a role in it too so what can I say!

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