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Ever sat in your place of work and fantasize about all the opportunities for CFNM situations that you have had in your life? Like when you could’ve gotten that risky blowjob from your girlfriend while her sister and Mom were downstairs, after she saw you changing clothes but decided not to? Or maybe when you were hanging out with three of your female coworkers after work hours, discussing penis size and you didn’t drop trou and show them just how big you could get? Maybe you haven’t had opportunities in the past for a CFNM experience, but still fantasize about how you could get into one, at work, a job interview, a department store, or even at the bank. I think anybody with genitalia, a brain, and a predilection for being naked in the presence of a clothed woman or clothed women can envision hundreds of scenarios that are highly erotic. And so does Mr. Pure, the lone wolf of production for all the scenes made at Pure Cfnm. Not only do almost all of the scenarios utilize amateur guys that are fans of the site, the scenarios are such that you can put yourself in the situation. Of course there’s a suspension of disbelief needed, but that’s what fantasy is all about. So check out the two longer clips and trailers of Pure Cfnm‘s imaginative scenes, as well as the galleries from it’s sister sites Hey Little Dick & Girls Abuse Guys. I should also mention that all three sites are available for one membership, as well as (the mobile device version of this CFNM network) for only 10$ more per month. So if you join Pure Cfnm, you can have all the network’s hot CFNM footage on your iPod touch, iPad, smartphone, for just a small extra monthly fee. So be sure to check everything out they have to offer and leave your comments here.
seamstress_strips_and inspects_a_male_customer seamstress_gets_her_assistants_to_measure_and_jerk_off_a_male_customer nanny_gives_boyfriend_a_cfnm_handjob_while_being_peeped_on_by_another_couple
peeping_couple_has_a_cfnm_handjob_while_watching_nanny_jerk_off_boyfriend Amateur guy Cfnm on VE:
CFNM Scene Clip 1 | CFNM Scene Clip 2
Amateur guy Cfnm on PH:
CFNM Scene Clip 1 | CFNM Scene Clip 2
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Office Girls Strip And Wank A Male Executive For Being A Sleaze More Pure Cfnm scenes:
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4

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