Room-mate's Laptop from PureCFNM

When Elle goes out to the shops, her flat-mate Phil grabs the chance to tip toe into her room for some sexy fun. He grabs hold of a pair of her knickers and even discovers pictures of her in her underwear on her laptop. Unfortunately, Elle comes home early with friend Pascha and discover him in the act. Elle is really annoyed but Pascha calms her down and explains to her they can take advantage of the situation. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs as they get on the bed next to him and force him to continue. He is embarrassed but the women are not going to accept any reluctance. He strokes as they study his technique and then the babes start to have a feel for themselves, remarking on how large and erect he is. They each have a go to play with his big dick before telling him that they want to see him spunk. They then double team his penis until he cums everywhere!

These days if you get caught in a difficult position with some girls, they are going to make you pay for it! These two made the shy boy play with himself for them before they decided it looked so wonderful they had to take over. He ended up one fortunate git! If you get off on seeing babes take advantage of defenceless naked boys, click here to watch more from PureCFNM - the worldwide front-runner in CFNM entertainment.

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