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When it comes to incredibly fun and fully natural CFNM environments, it doesn’t get much better than during a male stripper performance for a group of amateur women. The girls are there to do two three things: have fun, put the guys in their life out of mind for the evening, and enjoy watching good-looking, well built male entertainers getting naked and performing for them. And there’s no better way to explain this than through showing you the real footage of such clothed female, naked male interaction at bars, clubs, and at home parties. So first off there’s two fantastic videos of British women enjoying male strippers from Extreme CFNM, with one fantastic MILF that has gotten backstage and jerks off two strippers, followed by a compilation of hot handjob and blowjob action from various events the strippers have done. Then there’s some footage explicitly focused on the amateur girls that are in attendance at Party Hardcore‘s events, out in their club in the Czech Republic, followed by one incredible performance by black male stripper Cameo, from NYC’s Strippers In The Hood. I then have four more completely amateur videos of male stripper nights, filmed by women that attended the events – snagged from FaceBook, Photo Bucket, and YouTube. And as a bonus I’ve added three galleries of pictures from similar events from Extreme CFNM‘s more hardcore Eastern European footage, from Hungry Duck – the infamous Russian club, and a bachelorette party that took place at HunkMania in NYC. Enjoy all this and feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section!
Extreme-CFNM-amateur-girls-jerks-off-two-strippers-backstage Extreme-CFNM-girls-sucking-cocks-at-hen-parties-compilation party-hardcore-strippers-get-sucked-by-amateur-girls
SITH-fully-nude-stripper-Cameo-groped-by-amateur-girls Stripper Cfnm clips on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Stripper Cfnm clips on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
See way more here, here, & here.

amateur-black-girls-night-with-male-stripper-Do-Damage amateur-costumed-girls-night-out-with-a-male-stripper black-girls-night-with-Tasteful-male-stripper
Stripper-Jayson-ONeil-gets-freaky-with-a-female-audience-member Stripper Cfnm clips on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Stripper Cfnm clips on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Get all 4 CFNM videos on RS here!

cfnm-strippers-001 cfnm-strippers-003
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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12 Responses to “Movies and Picture Galleries of Amateur Girls Fully Enjoying Naked Male Entertainers”  

  1. 1 Perry

    The blonde with the purple clip is the ultimate plant, I had the full copy of her efforts on disk, it goes for about 30 mins, all through the show she is chucking spreads on key, she was sitting at a table but it was obvious she didnt know the rest of them, and to top it off she fucks two of them in the van outside

    I love the loverboy stuff, but am not a fan of plants

    Great work as always running the site

  2. 2 admin

    @Perry: you’ve got a point with the girl… but her being “planted” in the audience really isn’t all that big of a deal. Honestly, the chick is just a major slut. That’s pretty much it. Obviously she’s down with sucking off and later fucking the guys because she enjoys it. I mean, they fuck in a parking lot after the bar closes… it’s risky and definitely spur of the moment. I’m sure that they fucked plenty of other women at their shows over the years, and she just happened to be one of the girls that didn’t mind them filming all of it. So… even though she’s “in on it”, doesn’t really take away the fact that she’s still a dirty, hard core, awesome to party with, type of girl. I happen to dig that shit big time. But, to each their own, as they say.

  3. 3 dave78

    Loverboysusa are the king of strip cfnm, but these are old videos.
    Party hardcore are fakes, with actress, bull shit !!!

    Loverboys come back !!!

  4. 4 admin

    @Dave 78: well… yeah, the first video is definitely old, but not everyone in the world has seen it. You have to remember that there’s tons of people learning what CFNM is for the first time every day, many of them coming here to learn about it. I would have to argue that the second clip, although there’s many scenes in it that are old and have been shown repeatedly, there’s a good number in it that I even didn’t remember seeing before. And I fucking studied that shit, watching the videos that I got through my membership from 2003 to 2008. I’ve never been a member of any other site that long or will ever again most likely. Although don’t quote me on that!

    And Party hardcore isn’t completely fake, man. Seriously, there’s tons of incredibly average to less than average women getting involved in what’s going on. If you watch closely enough, you can read their body language pretty easily. I mean, there’s girls that are pushing the guys away in the first installment of the night, definitely not interested… only later to be seen way drunk and perhaps giving a handjob or even a blowjob in the fourth installment. It happens way more than I think people give it credit for.

  5. 5 Appreciative

    chucking spreads on key?

  6. 6 Perry

    everytime they had the camera pointed at her sitting down, she would spread her legs, no undies on and show the smoo

  7. 7 Girlies

    Looks like pornhost is playing up again…

    Great update though.

  8. 8 admin

    @girlies: I’m pretty sure all the problems with porn host are straightened out… but Jesus did it take too long!

  9. 9 Paco

    Have extremecfnm or loverboysusa started putting up new videos again yet? I quit months ago because they were just reposting old videos over and over.

  10. 10 admin

    @Paco: you know, it’s not being updated with brand new footage… as I am fairly certain that they are trying to get through putting up all that they already filmed. It’s an excruciating wait, but the bright point is that what they are putting up are high definition, uncut, full versions of the shows. So, there’s TONS of footage that they are putting up that hasn’t been seen before. For example, there was an update a couple months ago that had an entire show that I hadn’t seen before. It was like HOLY SHIT! IS THIS NEW? I could tell by the cell phones that the women in the audience were using to be able to judge that it probably was at least 5 years old. But man, the action! One incredibly hot-for-her-older-age woman gets busted blowing the stripper, as he pulls the cape aside to show the cameraman… and she hauls off and slaps him on the stomach! And that’s just one part of the video. It’s definitely still worth joining I think. Especially as all the clips used to be all chopped up with really annoying overdubbed music. Most of the videos don’t have that overbearing public domain music overpowering the conversations and the real sounds from the parties.

  11. 11 sam

    great post

  12. 12 sariastra

    Awesome – this is what it is about for me – shame much of this is fairly old – yet to see any new backstage stuff .

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