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brunette-gets-cum-shot-on-her-shirt Yes, that’s Pure Cfnm‘s Jessica Pressley witnessing the aftermath of a guy shooting jizz all over her shirt. You see, in Pure Cfnm‘s newest scene “Spunk Magnet”, Jessica is describing to her therapist that wherever she goes, guys are jerking off and cumming all over her. This of course, plays out in the video below, where various guys cum on her while she sits in the street, while putting the groceries in her car, even during lunch in the park. It’s happening so often that she’s even dreaming about multiple guys jerking off and shooting big wads of semen all over her. She’s looking to her therapist for advice in how to deal with it all, when she realizes that she’s suddenly seeing him completely naked! And with a hard cock to boot! Thinking it’s all a delusion, she goes right to sucking him off, with a nice facial finish. But suddenly, he’s completely clothed again, leaving her to wonder, has all of this been a delusion or not? It’s probably one of the best ideas Pure Cfnm has put onto film in quite awhile, with a total of 9 cumshots! Of course, given the type of action in this newest update, I couldn’t help but be reminded of a Japanese CFNM idea – specifically the “24 Hours Of Semen” series. Japanese girls are set up in an apartment, where at any given moment, guys can and do come out, jerk off, and cum on the girl. So I’ve got four CFNM scenes from the second installment in this series, which I found through Asian Movie Pass. Enjoy!
man-cums-on-girls-face-out-on-the-street flasher-jerks-off-onto-unsuspecting-girl-in-the-park brunette-gets-cum-shot-onto-her-face-while-sunbathing
four-guys-jerk-off-onto-sleeping British-girl Jessica-Presley-sucks-her-therapist-off-in-his-office CFNM on VE:
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japanese-girl-gets-jizzed-on-while-trying-on-her-glasses japanese-girl-takes-4-facials-then-goes-shopping japanese-girl-gets-facials-while-talking-on-the-phone
cummed-on-while-brushing-her-teeth-and-eating-breakfast Japanese CFNM on VE:
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Japanese CFNM on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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5 Responses to “Clothed Women Enjoying The Ejaculations Of Multiple Exposed Men”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    The idea is hilarious and very sexy! And such a lovely woman to be the object of all that liquid lust! I think the Japanese have pretty much covered all the bases, but it’s great to see PureCFNM doing its own take on things. I hope they keep up the trend. Thanks very much for posting this! Love it! :0)

  2. 2 admin

    @Murt: yeah man, it’s really funny and honestly is fairly creative considering what most of these CFNM fantasy sites are throwing out there these days. They at least are trying to do different things and thinking outside the box. I just hope more videos like this start coming out more often!

    What did you think of the Japanese videos? A little extreme, to be sure, but definitely worth watching I thought.

  3. 3 Joe

    I like this…but the amateur stuff with a guy cumming on a girl is a lot hotter in my opinion 🙂

  4. 4 Daniel Valverde

    It was funny!

    Could you please upload again a old set photos of a small penis contest? haha I think it was in a night club called “L’ discoteque” because i saw it in the pictures. It was really funny because was natural. The girls laughing and the naked guys didnt know what to do. It really old. I think 3 or 4 years ago.

    Please let me know of you need more info.

  5. 5 Murtney

    Hi Super,

    “What did you think of the Japanese videos? A little extreme, to be sure, but definitely worth watching I thought.”

    I liked them! I agree that they are a bit extreme, but at least they’re trying to be innovative, and that’s what I find appealing. I have to give credit to Mr. Pure of Pure CFNM. He has made several attempts at emulating some the Japanese ideas over the past few years and I hope that he continues to do so. Thank you again for these great videos!

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