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It originally was amateur male stripper footage that I found in Yahoo groups over 6 years ago that led me into my affinity for CFNM in the first place. I’ve seen a LOT of this stuff, so it’s extra surprising to come across examples such as the ones in this post. Take into consideration the two clips from Extreme CFNM, just when I think I’ve seen absolutely every last second of their shows’ amateur girl ogling, jerking, and sucking of the fully nude male strippers, they update and I see more! There’s quite a bit more previously unseen action in these, including a backstage blowjob from a friend of the birthday girl! Same thing goes for Cruelty Party, where I’ve presented two clips that of course feature CFNM blowjobs and more, but the girls are obviously playing up and genuinely enjoying the extended CFNM interaction a little more than in earlier video offerings. Then there’s six more surprising finds, starting with the somewhat recently (with old footage) updated Russian strip club Hungry Duck, in a compilation clip in spot #5 – guys pulling female audience members up onstage and stripping them down along with themselves. Then there’s another compilation of similar stripper CFNM footage from the Goldenbabes troupe, where three different strippers bring girls up on the stage for their performances. The sixth clip is yet another compilation, but of a black male stripper troupe that get up close and personal with the grabby amateur women, intent on grabbing some oversized dick. There’s another all African American strip club video that has obvious ties to New York based strippers featured on Rodney St. Cloud and Strippers In The Hood. But preceding that clip is some awesome footage of a amateur girl’s birthday party, where the stripper brings up friend after friend after friend for him to get warmed up – finally getting completely naked for the birthday girl. And lastly, is a similar clip, where a French girl celebrating her birthday with a stripper gets up close and personal while all her friends take videos of the action with their cell phones. All in all, there’s quite a bit of male stripper CFNM action here that you most likely haven’t ever seen before or will anywhere else!
Aries-cheats-on-fiancee-with-a-male-stripper Veronica-pressured-by-friends-to-cheat-on-boyfriend cfnm-drunk-girls-jerk-and-suck-off-three-male-strippers
cfnm-stripper-gets-blown-during-birthday-performance-and-backstage Stripper CFNM on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Stripper CFNM on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
See way more CFNM here & here.

2-amateur-girls-get-stripped-by-the-male-strippers-onstage 3-Goldenbabes.eu-strippers-get-wild-with-audience-girls amateur-black-girls-get-crazy-with-3-Cleveland-male-strippers
amateur-girls-celebrate-with-a-cfnm-birthday-girls-night-out black-amateur-girls-jerk-off-Hershey-the-male-stripper french-amateur-girl-Lisa-gets-personal-with-a-male-stripper
CFNM on VE: Clip 5 | Clip 6 | Clip 7 | Clip 8 | Clip 9 | Clip 10
CFNM on PH: Clip 5 | Clip 6 | Clip 7 | Clip 8 | Clip 9 | Clip 10
Get all six CFNM clips on RS here!

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  1. 1 sariastra


  2. 2 admin

    @sariastra: thanks! Although it’s really just a collection of what is out there, if you decide to stick out for a membership to any of these sites or check out YouTube regularly.

    @Mikey: you’re welcome for those, and there’s plenty more on their site. It’s tough though, to know what is old and what is new… mostly because they “remiix” a lot of their videos, doing different edits of all the shows they’ve done over the years.

    @Des: you know, it’s tough to say where it is on the site. Like I said above in my response to Mikey, they remix their videos fairly often. I’ve noticed that sometimes they’ll straight up remove videos they’ve posted, replacing them with others with out any warning or explanation. Here’s my theory on why they might do this: when they originally started their site, people didn’t have computers or Internet connections that were good enough to handle the full shows. So basically they cut everything up, put all the clips into categories and had long and short versions for members. It was that way for years, until they started doing the streaming video interface. Then they were able to have longer versions of the shows, and in much higher definition. However, they’ve never really shown completely full shows on the site, like where all three or four strippers do their act one after the other, like they actually do when performing for a group of women. Instead, they cut out allot of the boring stuff and present the shows where lots of action happened. At least that’s my understanding and what logic would dictate. I mean, they toured (and perhaps still are?) for years and years, videotaping night after night after night of shows. So really, who knows how much footage they are sitting on and how much may not be transferable unto the Internet, or worth watching? But yeah, I feel your frustration on not knowing what a clip will have, action wise until you watch ALL of the clips that they have on the site. ESPECIALLY when they will just randomly throw backstage footage in arbitrarily, even if it doesn’t happen at the show after or before it. It’s just weird, and I’ve never been able to get much of any answers from the owners of the site for YEARS.

  3. 3 Mikey

    Absolutely loved the extreme cfnm clips, outstanding. thank you so much. Really liked the girl backstage sucking Jeff’s cock. Brilliant footage.

  4. 4 Des

    Where is this clip of the backstage blowjob on the extremecfnm site? I’m a member and was a bit annoyed to see it here first!! It is awesome though.

  5. 5 howdeall

    so with both extreme cfnm and loverboys are there any new material in the last cple of years or is it still the same stuff?

  6. 6 admin

    @howdeall: well it’s like this: the footage is old (from what I can surmise from everyone’s clothes as well as the cell phones the girls are using), meaning that it’s probably stuff all the way up to 2005 or 2006. I can’t be completely certain, as there’s no actual dates on any of this stuff… there used to be actual location names and the dates when they performed on the site for about a year, but then they completely revamped the site so that people couldn’t pirate the videos as easily, and that information wasn’t shared afterwards.

    So, basically, all the footage is old, but it’s not the “same stuff”, completely. Yes, you’ll see footage that you’ve seen before if you watched absolutely everything they have put out from a previous membership. However, they constantly remix the footage, adding stuff that you HAVEN’T seen before from shows that they either edited allot out of, or never showed before altogether. So it’s like a mixture of stuff that they filmed awhile back, but with never before seen footage mixed in. I was a member of Extreme CFNM recently, because it also has hardcore stripper parties that are filmed in the Czech Republic and look much like a small version of Party Hardcore, plus they have versions of their shows without that annoying over dubbed music Anyway, there was an entire show (well, about 25 minutes of one) that I’d never seen before and it was AWESOME. I went back to watch it about a week and a half later (for the fourth time) and couldn’t find it. Instead there was a different show that had little to no action in it that I’d seen before. They just play around with the videos, adding some, remixing others with previously unseen footage, or just plain remove some.

  7. 7 dkool

    hey super you said in the forum that loverboys haven’t posted many cumshots. The truth is their videos have never featured any cumshot scenes apart from that old extremecfnm video with that blond 30-something girl who was probably a plant anyway.

  8. 8 admin

    @dkool: Well, there’s one video where I am fairly certain that Jeff nuts in this brunette girl’s mouth and it runs down her chin enough that she wipes her face off. There’s another clip with a redheaded chick where it appears he may have came, but it’s really tough to tell. There’s actually more backstage pictures of another girl, again with Jeff, in the back seat of a car where he’s obviously blown his load on her. I think I maybe have posted those actual pictures on the blog here, come to think of it.

    And really, it’s debatable as when or if he or any of the other guys actually have came during their performances. Chances are better that they haven’t, especially with the fact that even if they did during a performance, they couldn’t just stop. They are entertainers, and would have to continue the show. Plus they probably were so desensitized, physically and psychologically, at these shows along with wearing a rubber band around the base of their dicks to stay extra hard for so long, that it was practically impossible to cum. And also, with all the constantly regurgitated and remixed footage that they are stocking the sites with, there actually may be some that haven’t been made available yet. It could happen.

  9. 9 Girlies

    Wow blonde Irish chick sucking Jeff off in the loverboys clip was awsome. Its a shame they didn’t film anymore of the backsrage shenanigans lol I can’t believe they didn’t, come to think about it. I’m sure they must have a stash of that video somewhere. Hopefully they will post it soon.

  10. 10 admin

    @Girlies: Yeah, I think we’re on the same page with everything you brought up! I’m sure they filmed tons of that kind of footage, especially as there’s quite a few pictures here and there showing stuff that happened backstage. So seeing as 90% of the pictures they have up, or have had up over the years, are screen captures, they obviously filmed way more than they’ve released. It’s only logical to think that they filmed even more than what’s represented in the pictures they’ve released. In the very few opportunities I’ve had to speak with someone from the site, I’ve asked about why they release stuff in the fashion they do, and didn’t ever get a definitive answer. But since this video arose, I’m going to try contacting them again.

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