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amateur-girls-eye-stripper-big-black-cock Thanks to a tip from Loloman, there’s a new CFNM party site that’s hit the net called Horny Birds. If you take the small group male stripper CFNM aesthetic of Cruelty Party and mix it with the amateur blended CFNM action from Dancing Bear, you have an idea of what Horny Birds brings. The site’s story goes much like many “reality porn” sites, where women are encouraged to submit videotape of their bachelorette, birthday, graduation, class reunion, or vacation debauchery, all for a $20,000 prize. It’s all fabricated, of course, but there’s some incredibly surprising (and therefore awesome) amateur interactions and reactions that more than pay off for the suspension of belief. What’s even better is that there’s no formula, as every party video is way different than the next. Like in the example below, a girl who has gotten employee of the month awarded to her receives the payoff of two male strippers. Except the other dirty minded women of the office want in on her action and get hands on too! Great footage from a very promising CFNM resource. I’ve also added some completely amateur CFNM male stripper videos that I found mostly through YouTube and Facebook. Except for the first clip of a small group of women watching their friend play ring toss with the naked stripper, all of these capture the reactions of large groups of women. The thumbnails don’t give the videos enough justice, so you’ll have to just take my word for it and check them all out!
black-girl-jerking-off-the-male-stripper milf-jerks-stripper-off-into-amateur-girls-mouthCfnm on VE:
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Much more here!

amateur-girl-films-her-Auntie-play-ring-toss-on-the-strippers-dick bachelorette-feels-up-naked-male-stripper-onstage black-male-stripper-Rodrigo-gets-fully-nude
college-girls-with-French-male-stripper-Julio Dutch-amateur-girl-onstage-with-full-monty-male-stripper Cfnm on VE:
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Cfnm on PH:
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Featured CFNM Site: Horny Birds
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11 Responses to “New Footage Of Amateur Girls In Small and Large Group CFNM Parties”  

  1. 1 Murtney

    I joined Horny Birds about three weeks ago and was so unimpressed that I did not bother to mention it to anyone on the forums of which I am a member. Horny Birds does have similar content to Dancing Bear (including bi-monthly updates), but that is where the similarity ends. Many of the photo sets contain both HQ and LQ photos (I’m assuming the poor quality photos are taken from vid caps). The videos are often poorly lit as well and the action shifts far too quickly for my taste. I think the concept is great but the quality issue needs to be addressed, and the sooner the better. I would recommend Dancing Bear or Cruelty Party before I’d recommend Horny Birds–at least in the incarnation it is now. I think with some serious tweaking, Horny Birds could find a niche for itself within the CFNM fantasy site network.

  2. 2 CharlestonChew

    FYI One of the links from your last two updates contains a malware virus on the webpage. It infected my PC upon opening the page. You may want to clear up your links.

  3. 3 loloman

    thanks man it’s awesome.Perhaps most of cfnm’s lovers find some different nuances in birds and yes they are similar to Dancing Bears and Cruelty party but i think first are more realistic and the idea of debauchery among some group of colleagues, fellow-students and et cetera is developed in the best way precisely in Horny birds.I just can’t realize how those conceptions flashed through mind of those people…

  4. 4 sam

    great post

  5. 5 admin

    @Sam and @loloman: I’m really glad that you all are digging the Horny Birds samples, because I’m with you, it looks pretty promising. Hopefully the site continues to add more updates regularly and that those updates are improvements upon the ones they’ve already produced. It seems like sites nowadays start off with loose ideas and then get better as time goes on. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve. They film some footage, get it edited, look at what worked and what didn’t, and then learn from it for the next shoot. So hopefully this trend continues, because then they’ll achieve enough success with it. With successful website production comes more updates and a longer running string of them!

  6. 6 Freddie

    I dunno, I guess I don’t mind these as just fun fantasy scenes, but I still get aggravated when I go to the site and it says “100% real”, when I know it isn’t.

  7. 7 papa

    I like these videos but the one with the ring toss apparently has a virus or something on the page. When i clicked on it, my computer became infected.

    Which sucks because that particular video was great but I’m afraid to get infected again.

    Please fix!

  8. 8 admin

    @papa and @CharlestonChew: I do take reports of malware VERY seriously as I don’t want you guys catching some virus or having other issues related to that sort of thing. Just know this: IT’S NOT MY SITE INSTALLING MALWARE. It’s either PornHost or VidEarn that have advertising scripts running on their services sometimes.

    So, what I need is for you both to tell me which specific link you clicked on that led you to getting that infection alert. That way I can alert those two sites as to what’s going on. They don’t want malware spreading from their sites either, so yeah, please let me know what they are! Thanks!

  9. 9 admin

    @Papa: I’m fairly certain that you need to let me know exactly which link it was that gave you the virus. Please explain exactly what happened to make you think that there was a virus also. I can’t fix that problem unless I have those bits of information. So please, please, let me know! Thank you. I’m also quite sure that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the websites that I’ve got videos hosted on, as Google has given both sites complete passing grades on malware and viruses. But again, I really need your help in identifying the problem.

  10. 10 papa


    The one that gave me the malware was the first non-horny birds link on pornhost (ring toss video). It was working fine until about half way through when my browser closed and the malware popped up on my computer.

    thanks for the concern

  11. 11 gabriel

    please i want to watch black male strippers videos. what good websites show them for free? thanks.

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