Cheating Husband from PureCFNM

Evey’s boyfriend is on his mobile to his other girlfriend telling her how much he wishes to fuck her brains out. Unfortunately, Evey comes in and overhears before sneaking out to ask her friends about it. They conceive a plan to confront him and as he walks in she grabs him by the nuts and questions him about cheating. Watch the trailer here to see what occurs when Evey tries to teach him what he will be losing out on and undresses him so she can suck his cock. The unfortunate man is humiliated in front of her mates but as they are thrilled with the look of his cock and enjoy a good feel as well, he begins getting off on the attention. As they all jerk his cock and Evey sucks him, Sarah Jane shows her boobs to him and he loses control, shooting all over Evey’s pretty lips. The women walk out, slapping his butt and instructing him not to be naughty again!

This lucky bastard was cheating on his wife and got a blowjob and three-handed stroke job as his penance! I think I will screw about on my wife right this second if that’s what happens. In the universe of CFNM though, the girls do what they want so if they fancy sucking your dick till you ejaculate, that’s what you have to let them do. Click here for more from PureCFNM now.

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