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CFNM that’s captured in mainstream film and television is becoming a little more widespread, it seems. Is this because male nudity is becoming more acceptable in a broader sense so that more is getting shown? Or is it the result of a backlash from movies and TV shows having predominantly shown naked women for so long? Whatever the reason, it gives us CFNM aficionados a wealth of things to view for our own purposes! Although Playboy TV’s 24-hour dating show “Foursome” is more so aimed at showing female skin, there’s quite a few moments where the guys show off their goods for the girls. So that’s what you’ll see in this batch of five various clips that I edited for your viewing pleasure.
cfnm-scene-from-Foursome-bondage-date-and-sex cfnm-scene-from-Foursome-candy-swimwear cfnm-scene-from-Foursome-edible-nude-painting
cfnm-scene-from-Foursome-sex-toy-date CFNM on PH:
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Here we have five incredibly rare and great examples of CFNM moments from mainstream movies, all of which were made by the amazing Cineguy. This guy honestly must have the most incredibly vast amount of knowledge of film of anyone you could ever meet. The last video of two CFNM scenes from “Young Lady Chatterley” appear to have come from another source, but it’s every bit as good as the rest.
cfnm-scene-from-movie-Au-Autre-Homme cfnm-scene-from-movie-Tvillingernes-Tegn cfnm-scene-from-movie-Zaehrtlich-Aber-Fresch-Wie-Oskar
cfnm-scene-from-movie-Zheleznyy-Zanaves cfnm-scenes-from-movie-Young-Lady-Chatterley CFNM on PH:
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8 Responses to “Ten Examples Of CFNM From Mainstream TV and Movies”  

  1. 1 Scotty

    I just wanted to take a moment to tell you thank you for all you do! I think this is the best CFNM website on the web and I check it out every day hoping for a new update. I think you do a great job of having a variety of CFNM topics that cover a lot of different people’s tastes. Thanks for all you do!!

  2. 2 admin

    @Scotty: that’s really really nice of you to express, and I truly appreciated reading that. It’s been kind of tough to keep up with things and not get somewhat discouraged. There seems to be less interest in CFNM, or at least less interest in the stuff that I post and what the pay sites are offering. The economic slow down hasn’t helped anyone either. So reading your (and a few others’) appreciation sentiments help quite a bit. So thank you, once again. Take care and definitely keep coming back!

  3. 3 Perry

    Brilliant updates as always mate, loved the foursome stuff, if u have any more feel free to post it here or send to me privately

    Living in Sydney Australia, we don’t get any tv shows like this, the nanna state controls it all, lol

    All the best to you and all the other followers of this great website for the holiday seasons

    As you know I’m not a prolific poster of comments, but I have done enough posting I hope for you to know how much I appreciate all the hard work and time and effort you put into this for us



  4. 4 admin

    @Perry: thanks ever so much for saying that! I appreciate it. And yes, I’ll most likely be posting more interactive moments from the series. Well, from the episodes that I can find, that is. I’m having tons of difficulty in finding completed versions of the third season of this show. So yeah… I’ve got 7episodes at about 80 to 99 percent completion, and have for awhile now, so it’s looking like maybe they won’t finish. But I’ll keep looking. Feel free to let me know of any other possible sources!

  5. 5 fredfred

    Great post as always!
    I agree with Perry, more posts of foursome would be appreciated!

    I have followed this website for around three years and check it every week, keep up the great work!!

  6. 6 admin

    @FredFred: well thank you! And rest assured, there’s probably quite a few more clips from the show coming. The biggest problem though, with the show, is that they REALLY shy away with showing a whole lot of the guys getting or being naked. It’s overtly obvious as you see less and less male nudity the more episodes you watch, if watched in order. There’s then instead an increase of female nudity instead. for example, in later episodes, the “dates” where the couples go and do some adult activity together, even the presenter girls getting completely naked within minutes of them being introduced. And even in those later episodes, the only male nudity that really gets shown is during the actual sexual contact between the guys and girls. Then it’s only a few minute clips of hardcore sex. So yeah, it is kind of a bummer as there’s obviously so much great footage they just edited out! So much video that they simply got rid of.

  7. 7 Captain Jack

    I used to subscribe to the Playboy Channel and watched Foursome, all time. For the most part it is an audition for aspiring porn actors. Very unrealistic. Nonetheless, thanks for posting the videos.

  8. 8 admin

    @Captain Jack: yeah, I think you’re right about that show as I’ve got pretty much all the seasons downloaded that are available. There’s been a couple of familiar faces, like Sunny Lane that popped up on the show. 7 Lives Exposed was another show like that in the same respect, except the guys didn’t make it into the hard core circuit, only the soft porn stuff. But there are some great CFNM moments in both shows that are definitely worth checking out. Glad you appreciate them!

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