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amateur-girls-feeling-up-the-stripper When wild and open minded amateur women are looking for a great time without any strings attached, the first thing they go for are male strippers. Now a successful male stripper has to look like most girls’ physically ideal guy: handsome looking, toned, muscular, and packing a decent sized cock. And that’s what this post and sites like Horny Birds are all about – showing what can and does happen when a crowd of girls get the opportunity to be as naughty as they want to be with attractive naked guys. Of course, not all girls are the same, as this first clip from Horny Birds shows – some girls going crazy over a stripper with a huge cock, and others rather intimidated by it! The girls’ reactions in this video is awesome for any CFNM fan, speaking as one who knows a little bit about it.
amateur-girls-get-shocked-by-stripper-with-huge-cock-1 amateur-girl-suck-stripper-huge-cock Cfnm on PH:
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Cfnm on VE:
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Much more here!

Of course, many women love them some well endowed black men for the same reasons I mentioned above, so here’s four clips of black male strip club footage. First up are two stage shows where the women are teased quite a bit, only able to interact with the guys a bit, but going crazy once they see the dick! The next two are much more intimate, where both strippers have brought a girl from the audience onstage and allow every girl around to have a stroke or even a suck of their dicks. There’s some awesome CFNM amateur action in these videos for sure!
Black-male-stripper-Lex-gets-naked-for-the-ladies girl-grabs-dick-of-Black-male-stripper-Mystery Black-stripper-Anaconda-gets-jerked-off-by-amateur-women
Black-stripper-sucked-off-behind-the-the-towel Stripper Cfnm scenes on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Stripper Cfnm scenes on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All 4 Stripper Cfnm scenes on RS here

Featured CFNM Site: Horny Birds
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14 Responses to “Fantastic Amateur Party CFNM Footage: On Stage and Up Close”  

  1. 1 sam

    great post and i think its great that your posting every day

  2. 2 admin

    @Sam: thanks, and yeah, I am trying to do it everyday… at least every other instead of the every three/four days at a time with a ton of video. Although this post was really big, the others won’t be. I’m just trying to streamline the updates so that there’s more of a mixture of CFNM more often.

  3. 3 nobusmindingi

    5 stars, baby!

    GREAT update, Super. Love the stripper stuff. I’m still mixed about H/B, but the amateur stuff is incredible.



  4. 4 admin

    @nobus: thanks for the enthusiastic feedback! And yes, the amateur stuff is always best, no? Although what’s great about Horny Birds is that the amateur girls really do engage more than they do in Dancing Bear events. Not exactly sure what that’s all about, something must be better about the production team and making people feel more comfortable with the whole thing. That kind of information is definitely tough to obtain, even with some connection to the sites that make the stuff. I try getting info all the time and even people working within the company don’t have any clue what goes on, production-wise.

  5. 5 Edward

    Love the black stripper stuff. Awesome.

  6. 6 admin

    @Edward: glad you enjoyed them! Anything in particular that you like about those videos? I’m always curious about why people enjoy those particular strip show clips more than others.

  7. 7 loloman

    Man truly i am disappointed of last H.B.’s updates.They remind of Dancing Bears.We don’t see or rather don’t feel the atmosphere of fellowship or friendship among the party-girls and on the other hand all naturalness and life-like in which the creators tried to persuade us is no more.There are bunch of some girl that don’t know each other sitting on chairs and doin’ what they do which we’ve already seen.We also see how some of girls look to the director-cameraman before grabs the rocking front of their faces dick.It’s staged in contrast to very first works up to the one where girls were in bus celebrating some anniversary – those were masterpieces.Ok the ,,affairs in black,, if i don’t mistake the title was good as well cause the clip still bears spirit of true to life.It’s only my opinion i don’t want to influence with.I hope they look back or at least do 1-2 more clips in the old style showing the main conception of what horny birds is.Thanks for uploaded stuffs man…

  8. 8 Sparky

    I was really looking forward to “one post a day”. What happened?

  9. 9 admin

    @Sparky: yeah, me too on the “one post a day”. However with SOPA, IPAA legislation, and online file sharing being put on notice in a MAJOR way (with the forced shutdown of Mega Upload and File Sonic shutting themselves off), I had to do quite a bit of talking to quite a few people to find out how I keep this truck a-rollin’. I don’t know if everyone completely gets it, but I’m straddling a fine line with my site. Investigating all this took a lot of time. Also, I got incredibly sick earlier this week. As a person with a disability, getting up and ready and set up with the ability to run this website is not the easiest process, ESPECIALLY if I’m sick. So yeah, health first as they say. I’ll do my best to get back to that, trust me on that.

  10. 10 Sparky

    Thankfully, SOPA & IPAA are dead for now… those would have been a terrible threat to all of us, giving government omnipotent power (without the courts) to shut down any website based on nothing more than a complaint by Hollywood, MPAA & RIAA, etc. However, I don’t ever see the government pandering to the demands of the porn industry, with or without SOPA.

    Megaupload was shut down (with a court order) for hosting copy-written content and caught boasting about it.

    Most other hosting sites like YouTube simply stay compliant by following the DMCA. (they pull down content as copyright violations are reported)

    I don’t see how any of that could affect you… you don’t “host” anything.

    Stay healthy!

  11. 11 admin

    @Sparky: well, the Mega Upload thing just goes to show that they really don’t need SOPA & IPAA to do what they feel is justifiably within their right to do. So many of even the streaming and tube providers are pulling the plug or restricting things quite a bit. There’s rumors of people being sold out in exchange for lighter punishments, etc flying around outside the forums and searchable Internet. I’m hearing things via ICQ, but we’ll see if any of those things actually are true. Problem is, it’s all talk and who knows what the truth of any of it is?

    But, you’re right, as long as I make it blatantly clear that I will follow through with DMCA requests, I’ll probably be ok.

  12. 12 carl

    great especially the stripper black play with the girl
    you know the link where i can see that ?
    congratulation of europe good job and continue

    my english is not very good

  13. 13 admin

    @Carl: even though your English isn’t very articulate, I can understand what you’re trying to communicate. No worries. I’m just happy you’re not too shy to post a comment! And yes, a great site for black male stripper videos like the ones I posted is called Strippers In The Hood. Just click HERE if you want a shortcut to seeing the site. Definitely check it out, because it’s pretty awesome if you’re looking for amateur footage of real black male strippers putting on shows for real women.

  14. 14 BestHarriett

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