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I don’t know about you all, but there’s something incredibly hot and sexy about the scenario of a fully clothed woman directing a naked male to do anything of a sexual nature. Now I’ve posted videos featuring these kinds of CFNM situations here, here, & here. These first two CFNM scenes are a bit different, as they are quite hardcore and both are of the fantasy variety from different sites within the Reality Kings network. First, from the pre-launched, not even two weeks old site Moms Bang Teens, a HOT MILF catches her friend’s daughter and her boyfriend and decides to teach the girl the proper way to jerk and suck off a guy. The second, from Pure 18, features an older woman who instructs two teen girls and one lucky teen guy in the proper way to have a incredibly hardcore CFNM three way – along with some of the hottest dialogue I’ve heard in a CFNM scene in really long time. Then there’s two more instructional CFNM movies which are completely different, in that the women featured in the scenes are directing you, the presumably naked male viewer, in your masturbation for them. The third video features a incredibly sexy MILF playing the role of a teacher giving masturbation instructions from Jerk Off Instructions, followed by another smoking hot video featuring Mistress T jerking a cock while instructing you right along with! Then down below are two long tutorial videos featuring two MILFs giving first a blowjob tutorial for girls with tongue piercings followed by a straightforward CFNM handjob lesson.
Mrs-Phillips-shows-blonde-how-to-jerk-and-suck Teens-taught-how-to-get-dirty-with-big-cock-by-Moms-friend MILF-teacher-gives-you-masturbation-instruction
Mistress-T-gives-you-masturbation-instructions CFNM instruction movies on PH:
Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Movie 4
CFNM instruction movies on VE:
Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Movie 4
More here, here, here, & here

How_to_give_fellatio_when_you_have_piercings_part_1 How_to_give_fellatio_when_you_have_piercings_part_2 Jennifer-gives-a-CFNM-handjob-101-lesson-part-1
Jennifer-gives-a-CFNM-handjob-101-lesson-part-2 CFNM tutorial videos on PH:
Vid 1 Pt. 1 | Vid 1 Pt. 2 | Vid 2 Pt. 1 | Vid 2 Pt. 2
CFNM tutorial videos on VE:
Vid 1 Pt. 1 | Vid 1 Pt. 2 | Vid 2 Pt. 1 | Vid 2 Pt. 2
All 4 CFNM videos on RS here

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8 Responses to “Six CFNM Scenarios Involving Older Women Giving Instructional Guidance”  

  1. 1 jerkoff

    Very nice scenario’s. Nice dominant good looking ‘mom’ type girls jerking and sucking like pro’s.

    thanks a million for this great update!

  2. 2 admin

    @jerkoff: thanks for the kudos! It doesn’t seem like the ratings are looking so hot so far. I’m really puzzled why people aren’t enjoying scenarios like these as much as in the past. Any thoughts?

  3. 3 curitibano

    I love these scenarios myself. There’s a casualness to it to, which I find exciting, by teaching the other girl how to jerk a man off.

  4. 4 admin

    @curitibano: I do like the casual nature of the scenarios also, because it’s exactly how you would fantasize it to be. It’s pretty rare to actually be able to watch something that hits your fantasy right on the head.

  5. 5 Sparky

    I love these scenarios. This is a great posting.

    Sometimes the difference in ratings is simply the lack of come-shot. I see this reflected on other sites as well where an otherwise hot scene gets mediocre ratings.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. 6 admin

    @Sparky: well hey, I’m really glad you love these because I’m with you 100 percent. It’s hot as Hell to watch this sort of scenario play out and fortunately for us there’s tons of them around.

    About the cumshots: I figure that probably does come into play a bit in the ratings. It shouldn’t, but everybody wants pirated material and I can’t go overboard with things. I’m being given a very nice amount of wiggle-room by the websites out there, as they are trying to develop a more quality video experience for everyone buying memberships to their sites.

  7. 7 jerkoff

    could indeed be linked to the lack of cum-shot, though I personally watch multiple vid’s, some for their great scenario, some for their super hot girls, some for their fantastic cum shots, i don’t rate a video on a 10 sec cum shot…

  8. 8 admin

    @jerk off: you know, I completely appreciate you saying that. I’ve never fully comprehended why people are so fixated on “money shots” when it comes to CFNM scenes as really, most of them don’t really need it. The only scenario that I love having a money shot included in is if it’s a scenario where a girl is watching a guy jerk off, simply for the fact that her reaction to him cumming can range from surprise to “oh yeah” to “GROSS!”. It’s probably the only one though where it’s got to be there.

    Thanks for your input!

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