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naked-guy-exposed-to-girl Let’s face it, there are many women out there that are quite interested, or at least a little bit curious about how men masturbate. Given the chance to do it in a safe and open environment, many women would take advantage of the opportunity to watch it happening, right there in front of them. And jerking off, completely naked and exposed to a clothed female in a close environment is a very intimate scenario that has tons of CFNM aesthetic to it! That’s what you can expect from the entirety of today’s post and featured website, Kay’s Planet: great scenes where guys jack off right next to amateur girls. In these three clips, you’ll see guys jacking their meat in front of a girl while she’s being interviewed, and in the third clip, quizzed while trying not to be distracted! Continuing on this theme of masturbation observation are two scenes from retro porn movies of men putting on a masturbation show for multiple girls. Then are two incredibly up close and personal scenes of amateur Japanese girls being interviewed and watching a solo male getting himself off in front of them.
black-amateur-watches-Jayson-masturbate Heather-memory-challenge-game CFNM on PH::
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Clip 1 | Clip 2
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Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
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Featured site: Kay’s Planet
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20 Responses to “Clothed Women Watching Naked Men Masturbate Up Close And Personal”  

  1. 1 Bix

    These are so incredibly hot. I like the goofy stuff that Dickflash guy and Kay’s Planet do. But, why are the Asian ones pixelated, when you can still pretty much make out what the fella is doing? Is that some silly measure of censorship over there?

  2. 2 Sparky

    Very arcane Japanese censorship laws. The genitals must be blurred out although they are allowed to show uncensored jizz and squirting. It’s an unusual law that, I think, explains why you see so many Japanese videos of girls playing with handfuls of cum.

    If you step back from your screen and squint, it’s almost like it’s not censored anymore. LOL.

  3. 3 admin

    @Sparky & @Bix: yes, the Japanese censorship laws are interesting, sociologically speaking. But unfortunately not in the “I just want to watch some fucking porn” way. The things is it’s just their culture. Japanese men and women don’t, on the norm, show affection for one another, let aloneactually do it. We have our American distaste for overt public displays of emotion between men and women, whereas the Japanese rarely make eye contract that isn’t on some level of formality. So of course their pornography is going to reflect that kind of cultural slant. So genitalia is pixilated, even though it’s obvious what’s going on.

    But their porn, as with any society’s, also ends up reflecting all the repressed sexuality of theirculture. That’s why you see long scenes of Japanese girls watching the guy jacking off for ever and ever. There’s even scenes which have about 10 minutes of just the men and women kissing in different ways, because that is something that doesn’t typically occur all the time. The Japanese don’t show affection in that way, on the norm. It’s just a interesting dichotomy. But it sucks for everyone who just wants to watch people having sex without stuff blurring the images!

  4. 4 Joe

    I love these vids….would love to do this in front of a girl. But I love these vids!! Thanks!

  5. 5 Joe

    Really love the Kay’s planet I love the interview

  6. 6 admin

    @Joe: I know! I really need to make sure I mention her site more often, because it’s about as good as it gets for real amateur CFNM. I mean, Kay’s Planet is staged, but not like in the way porn is. She simply puts a naked guy that isn’t a career porn star and takes a girl she’s put an ad out for in the local college paper and puts them in these situations. Fucking brilliant, really.

  7. 7 Robin

    Hi, does anybody know what city Kay’s Planet shoots in? The accents sound Canadian.

  8. 8 cyborg

    Thanks very much for your great site. I love this kind of stuff. I don’t really know why.
    There is a little problem with this post: the rapidshare link for the first four videos takes you to the kaysplanet site and not rapidshare.
    Also why is it that the individual files posted on pornhost and videarn add up to less than the size of the rapidshare file for the second set of four videos?
    Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  9. 9 admin

    @cyborg: thanks for the kudos! And yeah, that was a copy/paste error on my part. I actually don’t have any of their videos available on Rapidshare, as they asked me not to. And I’m not sure about what you’re talking about in the second part of your comment/question. I believe maybe it’s bigger because they are longer, but I can’t actually remember why they would be.

  10. 10 akiro

    Does anyone knows from which film is Jake’s Steed scene?

  11. 11 admin

    @akiro: it’s from the movie Bare Market, which was directed by John Leslie. I haven’t been able to find it in a really really long time. But if you find it, definitely let me know where to go!

  12. 12 dionyios

    whats the models full name sara on kays planet ? ide like to see more of her

  13. 13 admin

    @dionyios: I know nobody seems to believe me when I say this repeatedly, but Kay’s Planet DOES NOT USE PROFESSIONAL ACTORS OR ACTRESSES. They aren’t porn stars. They are amateur and are local to Kay and Mike (from My Dick Flash), as they are roped into being part of their video projects through college contacts and ads. So to answer your question, that’s probably all the info the girl is willing to give out.

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  15. 15 Pro Climax

    The video of the man masturbating on stage in front of an audience of women while the one woman on stage eggs him on is soooooo erotic! For me, the very few cfnm videos like this, where a guy seriously masturbates to ejaculation in front of women who are clearly enjoying it are the best.

  16. 16 Shaun

    Just love the site, so inspirational, i’d love to be watched as I strip naked in front of a group of women, ideally nurses, or wpc’s, i’d be unable to control my erection which i’d masturbate and cum as they watch. Thanks guys/gals 🙂

  17. 17 Dale R Guyatt

    I would enjoy masturbating in front of an audience

  18. 18 Frank Waddell

    Jackin off for women you dont know is a real charge!!! Not in a “dirty old man msnner” but invited to do so by groups of partying women (single and married) really gets me off! Im not sure if its s “women in charge” thing or a “personal excitement by me” that makes it such a RUSH TO STROKE IT AND THEN CUM foe the ladies! (Maybe a little of both!) Throw in thr fact you get PAID for doing it and its super cool!! (Let them Spank yoyr ass HARD wirj a padd le and it gets $10 a pop or gibe em 30 seconfs wuith a dildo in their hand and thats anothsr $20#!!!!–)women seem to LOVE hand fucking a mans asshole with a vibrator!!!! I started out just doing it for one lady at a time but tjen I saw the potential revenue so I said “youte gonna jackoff anyway lets make some scratch!!!!) FRANK (also..?.tje bigger the hroup of women the louder and nastier they are!!!!#)N

  19. 19 Frank Waddell

    I almost forgot! Many an extra job has resulted from doing partys for these women!(and lots of pussy has come my way as well by married bitches on the down low) also each party is diffe4nt drpending on the kinkinrss of th host! Sometimesvi i arrive dressed and then strip but other times i show up at front door and ring thr bell alrrady butt nakrd#!! (The ladies are all different!##)

  20. 20 Frank Waddell

    Being the ONLY MALE present at a CFNM PARTY with 20 to 25 women drinking and being NASTY….and being BUTT ASS NAKED too!!! (When women party and use males as their “little joy toys of abuse”… can be very exciting! They yell at you …grab at you….laugh at youand suggest “filthy things youcan do to youeself” that THEY “get off on watching”!(Women seem to really enjoy men “fucking their own assholes with vibrators” and “taking the dildos in their own hands anf
    D fucking mens assholes themselves”#!!# And when I finally CUM IN FRONT OF THEM….they cheer wildly and many actually CYTYEMSELVES!!!! I LOVE JERKING LOADS OF HOT SEMEN OUT FOR THESE WEALTHY SPOILED CUNTS TO WITNESS AND ENJOY!!!!(bitchez are nasty mither fuckers!!!!)

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