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The CFNM scenario of a girl catching a guy while jerking off is a fun, yet embarrassing, and potentially hot scenario for a few reasons. There’s the vulnerability factor, the embarrassment factor, and also the erotic factor as perhaps the girl will go from either thinking it’s funny or gross and watch. But the obvious thing about it is the best case scenario where the girl decides to help the guy out! That’s what is playing out in these five CFNM scenes, but with the extra fantasy aspect of step sisters, step brothers, and step mothers being the players in the scenario. It just gives things an extra kink, don’t you think? First up is a step family scenario including a blowjob and a handjob dual from Red MILF Video, followed by a step brother getting caught jerking off to porn by his step sister and two of her friends CFNM scene from Pure CFNM. Then a step father gets caught jerking off to naked pictures of his step daughter by the very girl who took the pictures, followed by a more voyeuristic scene of a girl watching her step brother jack off through his open bedroom door. Then lastly is a fantastic amateur video I found on YouTube of a girl catching her roommate (I think?) masturbating in the shower. Her reaction is awesome, and his is HILARIOUS. It’s great, as in I’ve watched the clip probably 20 times it’s so great, great. Enjoy!
a-MILF-catches-daughter-sucking-off-her-brother British-girl-catches-brother-jacking-off-to-porno Caught_Step_Dad_Jerking_Off
Caught-Jerking-Off-By-Step-Sister girl-catches-roommate-masturbating-in-the-shower CFNM on PH:
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  1. 1 Sparky

    The PH links are mixed up. #1 and #4 are the same video and #3 corresponds to thumbnail #4 so there is not video for thumbnail #3.

  2. 2 admin

    @Sparky: I completely forgot to thank you for pointing that out. I had an auto save creep into my saving of the post, thus screwing everything up!

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