Regular Amateur Girls Photographing and Interacting With A Naked Male Exhibitionist Out In The Streets, 2.5 out of 5 based on 30 ratings
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This truly is a mega post of public male exhibitionism all featuring video of the fearless San Francisco resident, known in those parts as “That Naked Guy”. This man is honestly a CFNM living legend Lloyd, as there’s literally hundreds of pictures and videos floating about the Internet all documenting his interactions with amateur women on the street. (You can see some of them here, here, here, & here.) The man usually only wears a hat and a cock ring, somehow making himself approachable for women to not only check him out, but in many instances pose for pictures with him. What’s even more amazing is how many girls will grab on to his cock, right in public! Whatever it is, it’s amazing and definitely worth checking out. Enjoy!

naked-guy-climbs-a-statue-with-a-bunch-of-girls naked-guy-gets-his-cock-grabbed-by-hot-brunette naked-guy-gets-pics-taken-with-amateur-chicks
naked-guy-gives-3-girls-a-close-up-of-his-cock naked-guy-poses-nude-with-multiple-amateur-chicks naked-guy-poses-with-cuties-at-love-fest
naked-guy-poses-wth-shy-blonde-girl naked-guy-shows-girls-how-to-use-a-cockring naked-guy-shows-yet-another-cockring-demo
naked-guy-walks-nude-through-occupy-SF-protest nude-walk-with-Becca nude-walk-with-girl-in-pink nude-walk-with-Trisha
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3 Responses to “Regular Amateur Girls Photographing and Interacting With A Naked Male Exhibitionist Out In The Streets”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    Your definition of “hardcore” is certainly unconventional.

  2. 2 admin

    @Sparky: well, it may have been a little misleading now looking back. But honestly, that batch are certainly more hardcore than the others. You can always download the batch that has all 13 separated. It’s there either way. I just thought it might be fun to have them grouped together by theme in a compilation, by themselves. It’s beginning to feel like it was a big waste of time.

  3. 3 Sparky

    Yes, putting them in three categories was a good idea.

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