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For me, often times the best part of any sort of CFNM scenario is when it starts. When the woman gets her first glimpse of the naked man before her, taking in what he’s got to offer visually, and seeing her reaction is just fantastic. Especially it her reaction is that of surprise or shock, in a positive way. And it’s an even bigger turn on is if the girl is shocked because of the size of the guy’s cock, her comments and then “hands on” inspection happening as if drawn to it. So first we have a redheaded community college girl who finds out why her new friend is known as “big man on campus”. Then there’s two awesome scenes of newbie porn girls confronted with the biggest dicks they’ve ever seen, coming straight from BangBros‘ site Monsters Of Cock. Then there’s a screen grab of a webcam girl seeing a guy jerking off an incredibly huge penis, with great things to say. Then lastly is a Japanese CFNM scene (like you’ll see on Zenra Movie Annex) where a horny airline passenger flashes his cock for a very shy flight attendant, with some hot reactions and much more. Enjoy!
big-man-on-campus-gets-redhead-grabbing-his-giant-cock blonde-sucks-the-biggest-cock-she-has-ever-seen brunette-surprised-and-sucks-his-big-black-dick
Real-amateur-girl-reacting-to-a-monster-cock-on-webcam shy-japanese-air-stewardess-shocked-by-masturbating-guy CFNM on PH:
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4 Responses to “Excited Reactions Of Women When Confronted With An Exposed Penis CFNM”  

  1. 1 3xAmazing

    the annoying thing about foriegn movies for me is the lack of subtitles. i always wonder whats being said. any movies with subtitles in the collection?

  2. 2 admin

    @3x Amazing: well buddy, with Japanese movies you have to remember one large detail: they are made in Japan and are targeted for a Japanese audience. Us Caucasians or “gaijiins” are pretty much off their radar as far as marketing is concerned. They just don’t make the stuff. Honestly, that’s why there’s so few options for people outside Japan to purchase videos easily. There’s even fewer website options, unfortunately, and I have heard it’s because it’s incredibly expensive content to purchase.

  3. 3 Fishyet

    The question I would like answered is, how do they film the airplane scenes?! Do they literally just take a camera on board an aircraft, dress up someone to be a stewardess and do it? I suspect I’ve just answered my own question!

  4. 4 admin

    @Fishyet: yup, you did!

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