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I did a similar amateur public CFNM themed post back in January, where all the action happened in or around cars here. It got quite the positive reception, so I’ve revisited the idea here today with one major difference: more video! First up are five handjob and blowjob CFNM action packed clips, starting with a hot brunette who jerks and sucks a guy while he’s driving down the highway and interviewing her about what she likes to do with her boyfriend. Then there’s a busty blonde German that sucks a guy off in a parking lot, followed by a similar themed clip with two blonde German girls sucking off a guy in a Toys R Us parking lot right next to his car. The last two occur in minivans and both come from Bang Bros. sites. A girl gets on the Bang Bus to get interviewed and instead gets flashed by Shaggy, with a very positive response! Then three Latinas part of Fuck Team 5 pick up an amateur guy, who does his best to take advantage of a dream come true of busting a nut with them. A very hot set of clips! But then I’ve added four CFNM exhibitionism videos featuring guys who jerk off in front of women while driving, the first two consisting of compilations I made of these “jerk flashers” in their cars. Then I actually found two videos where the women appreciated the guys’ masturbation display enough to climb into the car with them and help them finish!
Crystal-jacks-and-sucks-off-a-cock-in-car-on-the-highway german girl milks and sucks out his load in her car german girls share a cock by a car in ToysRUs parking lot
Shaggy-gets-jerked-and-sucked-while-driving three-latinas-jerk-and-suck-a-amateur-guy-in-a-van CFNM on PH:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
On MC: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

a-car-jackers-talk-to-girls-compilation-full a-car-jacking-exhibitionist-compilation a-jerk-flasher-gets-a-handjob-from-a-girl
a-jerk-flasher-has-milf-get-in-his-car-to-help-him-cum CFNM exhibitionism clips on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
CFNM exhibitionism clips on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All 4 CFNM movies on MC here

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9 Responses to “Amateur Public CFNM Featuring Amateur Couples and Male Exhibitionists In Their Cars”  

  1. 1 Jeff

    Love the jerk flashing videos. I did that for a while, some of the best orgasms of my life. But I became very afraid of getting arrested and have stopped. But these videos brought back intense memories.

  2. 2 admin

    @Jeff: well I’m glad that you haven’t kept up that sort of behavior… I don’t really condone it insomuch as to endorse those who actually do it. I mean, it’s more or less NOT 100% consensual every time. There’s always the huge risk of the voyeur being offended by what she’s witnessing.

  3. 3 Joe

    To bad I can’t find Fuck Team 5….I would love to be one of those amateur guys!!!

  4. 4 Sparky


    IMHO, those are not really average guys off the street. I’m sure everyone is screened and tested for diseases before they “find” him walking down the road. These dudes have no real believable sense of shock or surprise when picked up or or stripped down. Notice how when the girls first pull up next to the guy, he never once comments on the professional video camera pointed at him. That is the FIRST thing an unsuspecting person would ask about.

    This is not a criticism at all… all porn produced by these professional companies is staged in some fashion.

    Even the last two videos where the girl jumps in the car and jacks the flasher, IMHO, is amateur but setup in advance. For one, there’s no sound which makes it easier to fake. Secondly, the part where she actually gets in the car is cut from the clip. Why? I believe, because that’s the part where he’s making the $ deal with the hooker to jump in and finish him off. Again, these reactions don’t seem normal for an average girl off the street… it’s like she’s jerking her 99th cock of the day.

    BTW- I love this post… I just don’t have any illusions about what it is.

  5. 5 admin

    @Sparky & @Joe: well, they are very much average guys off the street. But not like how it appears in the scenes. Sparky’s right about the fact that yes, the guys are screened and tested (or can provide paperwork and a follow up confirmation from a doctor proving the validity of their paperwork). So yeah, they are in on it. However, 8 times out of 10 these amateur guys CANNOT KEEP IT UP! The pressure and the presence of the cameras, being with incredibly hot porn stars that get bored and/or completely frustrated if they don’t have a hard dick to work with proves to be too much for most of these guys. THAT is where the amateur nature comes through in a amazing fashion. They honestly are not in the industry and it shows. Most, if not all the episodes end up with having a lesser-known male porn performer getting “picked up” or along with the amateur guy/guys so as to insure that they will get a money shot from somebody. But that doesn’t take away from the entertainment value and the dominant, or female-controlled CFNM aspects of all their videos.

    Now with the jerk flasher guy… I’m on the fence with whether or not they are staged with a prostitute. Mostly because I’ve seen literally about 200 of his videos, and only until very recently did they have any sound. Also, in both clips, there isn’t anything cut whatsoever from when they get into the car with the guy. I will concede that the second one does look a bit suspect, mostly because she really does just jump in and go to town like it’s something she does everyday.

  6. 6 Jay

    Enjoy your blog. Would love to see more OLDER women with young guys. By older, I mean older than a MILF.

  7. 7 admin

    @Jay: well thank you for leaving the comment, it’s always much appreciated. However, I don’t really know as if I’ve got any incredibly older women on guy CFNM content sitting around. And I’m very certain that there isn’t any particular website that would cater to such a specific thing. I would know about it, if there was! If I come across any, I’d be sure to do a older women, younger guy post including a couple scenes. I wouldn’t have a problem with thatwhatever.

  8. 8 Sparky

    This is supposed to be about CFNM, not granny fantasies, GILFs or GGILFs… eww.

  9. 9 Joe

    Good point…I did sort of realize that. Though in the 1st vid that girl is super hot. But yea plus they aren’t in shock at all like you said….oh well one can dream!! 🙂

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