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Performance artists have always utilized some level of nudity in projects, especially that of the male nude form. I’ve always had an interest in performance art, and thanks to free video art sharing sites like, I’ve discovered there’s plenty of CFNM in performances online that pique my interest. So I’ve gathered four videos of CFNM and mixed nudity performances, all with plenty of clothed onlookers, female and male alike. The first scene comes from a simple body painted game of naked twister, the naked bodies of the men and women running together all for the audience to view. The next is quite odd, where the performers strip down naked and proceed to crowd surf down the audience itself – forcing all of those in attendance to come into very close contact with their naked bodies in a slow manner. Third is a fairly straightforward German theater production involving a naked man and a armor wearing woman, getting into a dramatic fight. Then lastly is a very interesting sound and three body movement performance art piece including one naked male. And as I have been wanting to post more pictures, I’ve put together three galleries of over 200 + various CFNM situations completely unstaged and amateur in nature. Enjoy the post and look forward to another tomorrow!
a-live-performance-art-of-naked-twister Parterre-nude-crowd-surfing-performance-art-cfnm Parzifal-und-der-nackte-mann-CFNM-excerpt-2
sound-room-cfnm-performance-art-excerpt Artful CFNM on VE:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
Artful CFNM on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2 | Clip 3 | Clip 4
All 4 CFNM on MC here

01-swimming cfnm cfnm at an Italian art show  cfnm shenanigans at Fantasy Fest
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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5 Responses to “CFNM and Mixed Nude Performance Art and Theatre Production Footage Plus CFNM Picture Galleries”  

  1. 1 Sparky

    The nude crowd surfing is quite amusing… notice how certain people are quickly getting the hell out of there before some bunghole hits them in the face.

  2. 2 admin

    @Sparky:yeah, I found it really entertaining also! I actually edited out part of that performance, as they dothe first round of crowd tumbling fully clothed. They then got onto the stage (where the clip I’ve posted begins) and strip down. So yeah, once people saw them strip down and start walking up the stairs to the top of the lecture hall seating, they knew what was up and acted accordingly!

  3. 3 Mr. Furley

    Twister video – I bet they are all hoping no one ate a bean burrito for lunch….

  4. 4 admin

    @Mr. Furley: no kidding on the burrito comment! But then again, you would worry about that even if everyone had their clothes still on!

  5. 5 Amelia

    Hi Egypt I am poor too! I am in a LOT of debt! When this site re-opens it will be only $9.95 (NOT $4.95) per month. That is much lower than similar sites. Surely you can affrod $9.95 per month???

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