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This post consists entirely of amateur footage involving female masseuses engaging in erotic CFNM play with their naked male clients. First is another video from the lucky guy and female massage therapist friend in the 3rd clip from this post. Apparently she often enjoyed watching him get hard and jerk himself off during the massages she provided him, and in this rare instance allowed him to videotape that exact thing! Next is actual footage from a sensual Tantric massage parlor in London, followed by an extra special therapeutic massage clip. This was a YouTube link submission to the blog, and I provided the download links for it in the Sensations 4 Women forum, but am sharing it exclusively here now that it’s been removed from YouTube. It’s from an Israeli sexual impairment healing clinic where one woman has been “treating” men with a type of massage that she describes on It’s incredibly hot to think that this woman has devoted her professional life to massage which ultimately leads jerking guys off to orgasm! Then the fourth video is more “happy ending” footage, captured by the guy receiving the massage and subsequent handjob with a hidden camera he brought in. And speaking of happy endings, I thought I would mention that the Happy Endings site is a great source for this type of CFNM, and also has other types of CFNM in its site network. So I’ve provided three galleries from the network as proof. Enjoy!
amateur-video-of-guy-jerking-off-for-his-masseuse busty-sensual-London-massage-demo Israeli-full-on-sexual-release-cfnm-massage
massage-therapist-gives-her-client-handjob-on-hidden-camera CFNM massage movies on VE:
Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Movie 4
CFNM massage movies on PH:
Movie 1 | Movie 2 | Movie 3 | Movie 4
Get all 4 CFNM movies on MC here

female-massage-therapist-oils-up-a-cock a-dirty-MILF-nibbles-his-dick asian-chick-strokes-fat-dick
Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3

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11 Responses to “Amateur Video Footage of Hot CFNM Action With Female Masseuses”  

  1. 1 guide_dogg

    So that’s why everyone want to make a pilgrimage to the holy land!

  2. 2 admin

    @Guide_dogg: you’re hilarious, man. But on a serious note, isn’t it insane to think that the Israeli clinic is completely set up as a therapeutic and professional service? There’s really no hint of it being not completely legitimate, like most businesses that caters to massage which has some sexual benefit attached to it. She’s very serious and devoted to her treatment approach, being incredibly clinical about it even! It’s like the ultimate CFNM experience, I’m thinking.

  3. 3 Jefff

    Gawd, that’s some horny stuff. CFNM Massage Movie 1, 3 and 4 I’ve watched so far. The 4th movie’s “massage therapist gives client handjob on hidden camera” has a wild technique. She’s all over the place and I about lost it. The 3rd movie featuring the Israeli is interesting. I concur with your remarks, admin, and I’ve been intrigued by the idea of full body and ‘release’ being legit and normalized.
    I can imagine that. Perhaps in Europe and other places before ‘Merica. But I can imagine ‘handjobs’ being apart of a _therapeutic_ massage session. Heck change the words and->change meaning, change social reality for people. Heh, what’s the term ‘lingum massage’? With the Western craze for Eastern ‘holistic’ medicine, Eastern spirituality/philosophy and religion, Yoga, meditation, etc. -I can imagine it. Alas, it wont happen ever. Because? Hmmm, interesting question. For one thing sex = power. It is what makes society exist the way it does. Or put it like this: if sexual release for average males is affordable and readily available and legal and safe as going to get a normal massage, some people lose power. I don’t have a social theory. lol. just a notion of why it is *such a big freakin’ deal*, in part. Marriage is popular not because of love, I think, so much. Maybe that’s cynical. Ok I’m getting too out there.
    Peace out.

  4. 4 admin

    @Jeff: I actually enjoyed your ramblings on the subject, mostly because I ruminate over this kind of stuff quite a bit myself. If I was dumber, I would be writing quite a bit more in all my blog posts about the social implications and my opinion on what the videos represent for societal norms and such all the time. But nobody would enjoy the read I’m sure, as they really are more interested in the videos than what I think about them! Hahaha. But my take is this: the reason why these services exist is because there’s a demand and there’s not much of a supply of people open enough in their regular lives to help them with it. So, basically, guys go elsewhere and there’s people outthere willing to “help” take care of that demand. It’s a pretty simple equation.

  5. 5 um

    Victorian era Doctors would treat women with “hysteria” with water jets to induce orgasm. Also, brothels for men were common.

    maybe they were on to something

    maybe there would be a lot less divorce

    just the other day i read where 4 clients of a “spa’ were arrested for soliciting “illegal touching”

  6. 6 admin

    @um: exactly, and they basically were the inventors of the first vibrator. They would use the vibrating phallus-looking wand and “treat” the female patients with it. It’s very odd to think that it happened, especially as it really wasn’t a thing that women sought out. Actually it was quite the opposite. Women that were not mindful of their husbands often were diagnosed with “hysteria” and then were pretty much “treated” as though they were actually sick with something. So there’s a big difference between that and brothels and massage parlors that offer the “happy ending” service, as men were and are free to solicit those sorts of services on their own volition. They aren’t told to seek these “treatments”, other than in the incredibly rare case of the Israeli therapist which there’s an example of in the post.

    And @Jeff again: I see where you’re coming from a little better with your follow up comment. I especially liked the reference to Idiocracy! Very underrated movie, by the way. But yes, to some extent there was that idea that it was a health issue more than just sex.

  7. 7 Jefff

    re: um

    I know. I guess what I was sort of meaning was an unprecedented normalization of paying for services which include sexual activity. In other words, zero stigma or taboo and just as regular as a massage or getting a coffee at Starbucks. Actually like in the comedy Idiocracy. Chuckle. So brothels were not exactly viewed as.. how to put it? It’s kinda dirty business to mainstream society (and back-n-the-day it Was in terms of health). And women going to a shrink for treatment were viewed as ill, one way or another, and in need of a doctor to treat them.

  8. 8 Jefff

    @ admin, yeah just a simple point that it’d really be something if getting a happy ending was expected, normal, legal, inexpensive and/or no additional big tip.
    Ok like you get a massage and it is part of it unless you ask not to get it. And your mom, wife, kids, priest, co-workers, friends, whomever -know that when anybody gets a massage they get an hj.
    Take it a step beyond and there are “jack shacks” where that’s all they offer. Step in off the parking lot, go to a counter, take a pick from the “strokers” and go to a comfy, clean little room and get a sensual handjob. And No Big Deal. In fact it is NORMAL.

  9. 9 Worksafe

    Massage vids are the best.

    Fuck it, I’m going to my local asian parlor tomorrow. Owner is about 50 but she aims to please.

  10. 10 Marshall

    Anyone have working links to any of these vids?

  11. 11 admin

    @Marshall, all of the videos hosted on Pornhost work, except for the last one.

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