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*This really sucks to have to do, but Jeff had a major change of heart about releasing this material. Without getting into all of his personal details, he’s told me over the phone that the exposure of this was too much for him and his current career. Although I had warned him of the exposure’s reach, I guess it didn’t hit him until it was up for awhile. And since I’m not out to ruin people’s lives with this blog, I’m acquiescing to his request and removing all the pictures and videos. Please, let’s all respect the decision, as it was all his and not mine. I’m sorely disappointed, and that’s a major understatement. I’ll keep you all posted if there is another change of heart.*

IF you’d like to read what was here before, click “comments” for the full story, after checking out the Kay’s Planet galleries after the jump.

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35 Responses to “EDIT: What WAS Exclusive Real and Phenomenally Fantastic Amateur CFNM Video Footage Not To Be Missed”  

  1. 1 Joe

    Lucky doesnt began to describe what he got….very lucky. Would love to have done this.

  2. 2 Joe

    Tell him thanks!!!

  3. 3 Dan

    Thanks for the work that you do, but for me this is not really CFNM. It’s porn. There’s CFNM–increasingly hard to find, then there’s this. It’s not that it’s bad (too each their own, but it’s not for me) but I wish the community wouldn’t call stuff that isn’t CFNM CFNM. Also the ‘amateur’ aspect i.e. authenticity of much CFNM is suspect.

    Hope you don’t take this as an attack on you, it’s actually a dialogue worth having for fans of CFNM.

  4. 4 admin

    @Dan: I really don’t understand how this doesn’t exemplify CFNM, man. I mean, really?? Don’t let the glossy coat on this fool you, because we’re really lucky to have gotten his female friend’s editing magic on the video. And remember, this happened all by chance, nobody was paid anything, and honestly, nobody is making any money off of this. He simply wanted to share it with other people whom will actually appreciate it like he did.

    I guess I am really more curious as to what you technically call “real CFNM”, if this doesn’t fit into that mold. Please explain, I’m very curious to know! I’m not being sarcastic either, just really wanting some insight on where you’re coming from. Thanks.

  5. 5 Marky Mark

    Great video! Jeff is one lucky sob haha..

    @Dan Porn is video shoot of paid professionals doing it, this quite the opposite imho…

    Thanks admin!

  6. 6 Mr. Furley

    girl is a fox… and he got to lick it. too bad she didn’t return the favor. was sexy until the end… did he… did he lick up his own cum?! That was weird. but please post more, and of the other girl too.

  7. 7 nobusmindingi

    Awesome, fantastic clip! Thanks.

    I’m with Furley – the bit at the end was kinda nasty. But the rest was pure gold.

    And professional editing to boot!? BONUS, baby!

  8. 8 Robin

    Oh come on. How can anyone believe this story? lol. A guy goes into a bar and just happens to pick up two pornstar-looking women who just happen to be dressed like there are in a porn shoot, who just happen to have cameras, who just happen to go to the room of this complete stranger and video him jacking off?

    Hey, you do realize the Blair Witch Project wasn’t real, right?

  9. 9 admin

    @Robin: forgive me, but you’re completely off base. The girls picked HIM up, not the other way around. They were there to do a shoot, got stood up, and he just happened to be someone they decided to “work” with that particular evening. And they are in the business of doing photo shoots like this all the time. Also, how are they dressed like they are there to do a porn shoot? Basically they are wearing nice clothes and mismatched underwear. How is that a indicator of “dressed for a porn shoot”? No woman I know, or have ever met, would wear mismatched panties and a bra if they had any intention or even the slightest idea that they might get seen undressed.

    Also, you never talked to the guy that submitted these videos, Robin. He and I have been talking for two weeks leading up to this posting. It’s been killing me to not get it up on the blog all throughout that time. But further editing needed to be done.

  10. 10 Sparky

    I’m with Robin & Furley here.

    Also, what’s so damn hot about what’s going on here? If I were the guy, it would be pure torture, not hot, to have them in the room with me and all I got to do was jack myself off. And WTF is wrong with this guy sticking a finger up his own ass and eating his own jizz?

    What kind of mental defect causes sexual arousal by being laughed at, berated and called a disgusting loser? That’s one thing… he certainly lives up to it.

    Then again, this subset of CFNM is not my thing, watching dudes jerk off… especially when a female is close enough to lend a hand (or mouth) and won’t.

  11. 11 admin

    @Sparky:um, I don’t think you watched the first video in its entirety man. Not only does the girl videotaping end up jerking him off (with the help of the still photographer), he ends up eating her out, and cums all over her back. How is that not them getting involved?? The whole dialogue of that second video is a complete TEASE. That woman loved what she was seeing, she just played the role up a little for fun. And really, what’s hot about CFNM situations like these is that it’s all being done FOR the woman/women and seeing their reaction to that is what creates that heat. Especially if the women involved are playful about it or casual. Otherwise, it’s a blowjob or a handjob where the girl doesn’t take off her clothes. It could be argued that she is then dispelling her sexual needs to fulfill the guy’s.

  12. 12 Dan

    I guess Super, it goes to different tastes. This to me is just bizarre and I suspect staged (I know you disagree). I agree with Sparky and Robin.

    As for CFNM? I liked CFNM when it was REAL. And real life situations like the big brother shower stuff is a great example. Or the stuff in Spartacus or Hung. Maybe it has evolved, I suppose. Seem it’s been getting more ‘extreme’ lately, with other fetishes like BDSM blurring into CFNM. This post is an example of that. Or those Japanese dick-in-a-box or weird stuff which is clearly not amateur.

    But I do see one or two commentators did like it, so perhaps I was to harsh to speak out.

  13. 13 admin

    @Dan: it’s not staged. I’ve talked to this guy for two weeks prior to posting this, more or less on a daily basis. The video needed to be edited so that the faces were blurred after he originally sent them to me, because he hadn’t thought of that. I wouldn’t make this up, and really, he didn’t either. It’s not staged, believe me.

    I’ve also posted plenty of this “real” CFNM on the blog… and it doesn’t get high ratings nor do people comment about how fantastic it is. I’ve got more and more people saying that they want to see handjobs and blowjobs. So I bring out amateur versions of that, or get sent stuff of that nature from others and I post it. But that’s not considered real either. What’s really going on is that everyone is confused as to what “real” actually is when it comes to anything on the Internet. Too many hoaxes, too many paid amateurs, too many false positives of things being real are what’s coarsening people’s judgment. So I guess what happens is that everything is suspected of being fake no matter what anybody says or proves.

  14. 14 Rawb

    I am SOOO sorry I missed this–sounds like it was totally in my wheelhouse.

    Ah well, maybe he’ll have another change of heart…

    Thanks for your site as always.

  15. 15 Joe

    Hope he has a change of heart….I don’t understand why everyone is saying “its not real”. I trust you, you talked to the guy no one else here did.

  16. 16 Joe

    Him licking his own cum wasn’t hot to me though….everything else was good.

  17. 17 kluu

    You missed the link to some pics wihtin the text.

  18. 18 HungDaddy

    anyone else get a raging boner just reading the description?!

  19. 19 Mr. Furley

    Unfortunate but understandable. We need more good amateurs to share otherwise we only have professional porn, stickcam uploads or a few dedicated amateur sites. Maybe next time he can go for anonymity by mask, blurring or other design, as the chicks in the vid did. Thanks for sharing anyway, this kind of hot stuff is hard to find elsewhere.

  20. 20 Bean

    Wow, fuck this. It sounds like this website finally – FINALLY – has something worth watching, and of course it’s removed before I have an opportunity to see it. Whoever runs this place should honestly just stop. All you’re doing is posting the same tired videos we’ve all already seen before. If you’re not going to give us the good amateur stuff, just go the fuck away and stop sullying the CFNM community with your bullshit posts.

  21. 21 admin

    @Bean: wow, just wow. I understand you’re upset that you missed it. However, I only intended to have this up a short while. I wasn’t able to get at the site all day today until just recently. I’m working on completing another post, but wanted to have a full explanation to those who HAD seen the two videos. So yeah, I’m sorry that it’s been a major tease to have it up. I sincerely apologize for that, and am working to correct it the best way I can, while responding to everything simultaneously.

    However, that doesn’t give you any right to accuse me of making it all up. ESPECIALLY IF YOU DIDN’T SEE IT. Also doesn’t really excuse you of saying that what I post are “the same tired videos we’ve all already seen before”. I have and still do provide things that you cannot see anywhere else, always have and always will. Sure, some things will undoubtedly be from sources people may have seen before, because the Internet is a gigantic place. However, there’s tons of stuff on this very first page that I found and edited myself, let alone the literally gigabytes worth I’ve posted over the years. Shit, there’s tons of sites that snaked my clips for their own purposes over the years. They still do, even though I’ve taken to watermarking clips. And if you’re looking for amateur CFNM never seen before, ever, on a semi daily basis, and think you’ll find that anywhere, you’re insane. anyway, I’m done commenting here. If you don’t like the site, don’t visit.

  22. 22 Bean

    Just seriously, delete the entire fucking post instead of leaving it up with a “content removed” warning. Or are you afraid the site will go back to the way that it was, with only a handful of people commenting on each post because all of the posts are fucking awful?

  23. 23 Bean

    “Exclusive Real and Phenomenally Fantastic Amateur CFNM Video Footage Not To Be Missed” – Wow, that sounds great. Too bad it’s now just clearly a plea to get hits for the site. Take down the article, jackass.

  24. 24 Arborite

    Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…

    I clip with everyone commenting here and sensations saying ‘wow’ and ‘unbelievable’ and I missed it!! uggggg. I’m on here almost every day, but couldn’t this weekend since I was so busy. Then I logged on yesterday to find that.

    Super I know why you removed it, I understand, and I applaud your ethics. I’m just expressing my personal frustration for missing it. Looks like I checked too early that day.

    Can’t wait for the next update…and hopefully the next blockbuster I’ll get my eyes on if anything like this should happen again!!

  25. 25 admin

    Here’s what was originally posted, along with the videos and pictures. Again, I’m sorry it didn’t work out, and hopefully I’ll be placing a link to the reuploaded videos here sooner than later! But sadly, read on if you want.

    This CFNM blog post features a regular guy named Jeff, or who all of us die hard CFNM aficionados should call him, “one lucky sumbitch”! Jeff was on a business trip and after seeing a hockey game, decided to hit up the hotel bar for a bit. It was here that he met two younger, hot, sexily dressed women having drinks and struck up a conversation. They had canvas bags with them that Jeff asked about, which led to them disclosing they were erotic photographers and had been stood up by a couple they were there to shoot. After they produced a business card and Pamela & Catie spoke candidly about their erotic photography, Jeff decided to disclose that he loved jerking off for women. And after another 20 minutes of drinks & flirty conversation, all three were in Jeff’s room for an impromptu photo shoot. What occurred is what you see in the first video below – Jeff being watched jacking off while being videoed & photographed by two hotties whom cannot help themselves at times and have to get involved! Now, Jeff is also lucky to have a female friend that was intrigued enough to videotape him jerking off, much like in the first movie below. Except she wanted to be more humiliating, teasing him the entire time he’s jerking for her about how awful it is that he’s jacking off so much. As in the first movie, the girl asks him questions about his masturbation habits and such, creating a hot dialogue that is amazing as it’s all real – no script! Jeff’s friend Ann edits personal videos through her company Arizona Fox Editing, and made these videos look quite professional, so credit goes to her for how great they look. So if you are looking to get personal videos like these of Jeff, feel free to email her at arizonafoxediting@gmail.com, as she’s asked me to help expand her business. These are the real deal, kids, and we all should be humbled by Jeff’s generosity and his exhibitionist streak for providing us with these, so make sure to show your appreciation in the comments! And since there’s a real lack of steady resources for this kind of REAL amateur CFNM, I thought I would mention one and provide three galleries from the one place that has tons of it: Kay’s Planet. Enjoy!

  26. 26 Sparky

    Fuck you Bean! Go someplace else if you hate it that bad.

  27. 27 Joe

    It was real I remember watching it. Get out of here Bean he puts a lot of effort for enjoyment. He doesn’t have to do anything. Keep up the good work

  28. 28 Ann

    Damn, I didn’t check back for a few days and it looks like I missed the video being posted!

    Looks like some of you liked it 🙂 Glad to hear!

  29. 29 Mr. Furley

    Admin is in the hospital on a regular basis and still manages to post on a FREE blog. He deserves credit for that.

  30. 30 Bean

    It’s adorable the way that all of you band together to defend the administrator/site. It’s like a little community of poorly-educated perverts.

  31. 31 Beaner

    eat a rotten bag of cocks, Bean. The guy provides a free service, so go fuck yourself if you don’t like it.

  32. 32 Beaner

    oh snap, dunno if this is against the rules (traading) but if anyone that has it wants to pass it along, that’d be just fantastic!

  33. 33 Pedja

    Since I didnt have the oportunity 2 c those clips, is there a way that I can c those? Is there a website where one could find them?

  34. 34 admin

    @Pedja: sorry buddy, I was the only person to have the videos, and the only person to upload them anywhere. They were not up for long at all, either. And I’m really hoping that nobody uploaded them anywhere else, because I strongly recommend AGAINST sharing these videos until Jeff gives me permission to put them out there again.

  35. 35 Alex

    Any chance the guy warmed up to it a bit? I’d love to see what all the hollabaloo is about. The description sounds great and I’d say I believe it. You said it pretty well that there’s so much blurring the lines of what’s real/amateur etc. that we can’t believe when something crazy actually is real. I was an art model as a side gig back in college and at first I didn’t really think much sexual about it. Then I got offered to pose at this BYOB Paint n sip’ studio for “ladies night”. Having no other males present and some spirits made them giggly and loose and It was a turn on for all the ways cfnm is. Also… you said it well. The empowerment for the girls etc.

    I got to pose for a few of their ladies’ nights and even had one of the girls ask me for my number after. Didn’t turn into anything. On two occasions I found a post on craigslist looking for someone for a bachelorette party but they didn’t want the sleazy male stripper thing(which I wouldn’t do) and thought maybe a nude model/drawing class or a nude guy to play guitar and serve drinks would be good.

    The first time I responded and said I wasn’t a stripper but an art model (who now happened to love being in real cfnm situations) and suggested that I come over and be a bottomless bartender and then at the end they get to bodypaint me. I shit you not. They didn’t buy brushes and used their hands. The paint design looked like shit tbh but it was incredible. They weren’t all that attractive but were young and nerdy and smart and most were at nyu or becoming doctors or financiers. A couple of them honestly lost their shit and were acting boldly sexual about it. I ended up making out with the fairly attractive asian girl in the shower (she came into the bathroom uninvited to wash her hands as I washed the paint off.)

    The next one was another group of really smart low to mid 20s girls who lived in Brooklyn (I’m from NYC). I was a surprise present for this bachelorette who was also becoming a doctor actually. One of the girls was in art school and was going to lead a painting session. The girl getting married freaked out when they took the blindfold off and started saying how I was exactly her type and how she’d only seen three penis’ in her life and mine was the nicest and these goody two shoes girls had a really genuinely nice painting session that was creative and artsy but had this really erotic energy in it. They were all giving me these fuck-me eyes and this group was different than the last because 4 of them were really attractive. I was always conducting myself as professionally and non-sexually as possible in both situations to make them feel comfortable, but I found it so hot that they didn’t even care that I was trying to be professional and they just felt free to express their arousal. This lead to me getting a huge erection in the second one, which I acted apologetic for and blamed it on the girl’s openly commenting on my penis and acting turned on. They comforted my anxiety about it and said they didn’t mind one bit. THE TENSION!!!

    The only thing that kinda stunk abotu that one was that the girl’s friend who was organizing it didn’t have a enough space in any of the girls apts (again, it’s ny) with the paint and easels and everything so she had to do it at her boyfriends place who agreed on the matter only if he was allowed to be present(dude was clearly bisexual if not outright gay.) Something about even having him there kinda ruined the sexual tension, or tampered with it anyway. But I got paid 150 bucks for an hours work on both accounts.

    I also have used okcupid and searched for gilrs in the area who had keywords “artist” “Painting” “drawing” etc. and found ones who showed some signs that they were a bit more sexually open and would strike up conversation with no sexuality in it but would eventually get into them being into art or they used to paint alot or they’re illustrators or whatever and would then let them know I’ve been an artists model but hadnt done it in a while and how I’d be happy to model for her. I’d always preface with how it wasn’t a proposal for sex or anything(it genuinely wasn’t even though I did find it so arousing). Anyway I’ve had a few encounters where the whole time it’s under this veil that It’s purely for the art and how When I’ve modeled professionally for artists or art classes there’s nothing sexual about it and I dilligently keep professional and respect boundaries and expect the same…which was true in those settings). However, in these ones I would always just make it known that I was okay with their feeling aroused by it if that happened (wouldn’t just outright say that, but I’d get that point hinted) and this handful of times It actually came together the girls would always be the ones to start expressing how they were turned on or whatever, at which point I had an excuse for and would at that point finally allow myself to get aroused. I LOVED their reactions as they had been painting this nude male model and were tentatively expressing a bit of what they were feeling and now I was suddenly becoming fully erect, which set them off.

    Anyyywayyyy…. I really want to film some of these encounters but I feel conflicted about the ethics of it all. I haven’t had one in a while. It takes alot of responding to ads you find out are a (most-likely) gay male artist who wants a naked dude in his apt or studio or you talk to a bunch of girls on ok cupid who simply wouldn’t be down to have some naked stranger in their apt or who are at first but then back out etc. But, I am proud that I’ve somehow managed to manifest these ridiculous experiences and I guess the whole point is that we should never stop believing. Amazing things do happen. Be skeptical, but the real ones are their in the haystacks. Believe!

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