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Some women have a playfully evil good time of yanking down or “depantsing” guys when given the prime opportunity. This then obviously is always a potential for a great CFNM scenario, especially when the woman doing the depantsing is also a stripper! Not only is she doing it for her amusement, but for all the guys and girls watching her do it, also! So below are 5 great examples of female strippers that have decided to get a guy naked. First, an amateur black guy gets stripped down naked in front of a huge group of girls – and take note of how many of them have their phones out to record the action! Then there’s a couple of costumed strippers that strip guys during their birthday parties, first a blonde in a cowgirl outfit, and the second a brunette in a nurse uniform. Then there’s two strippers that get their guys out of a large audience and strip them naked onstage in front of everyone! And then, as Scandal Shows has quite a bit of stuff like this, I’ve given you three picture galleries to check out. And it should be mentioned that it’s part of the Wank Pass network, that includes Strip Club Cheaters & Public Sex Shows and almost 20 other sites. So check it out. Enjoy!
amateur-black-guy-stripped-by-stripper-in-front-of-girls amateur-guy-stripped-at-birthday-party-by-cowgirl-stripper amateur-guy-stripped-naked-and-played-with-by-nurse-stripper-flash
brunette-stripper-strips-guy-in-Russian-bar embarassingly-stripped-by-blond-stripper-onstage CFNM on PH:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
All on MC: here

schoolgirl stripper peeks down his pants at his cock lucky pale guy gets stripped naked by hot stripper naked amateur guy rubbing strippers tits
Scandal Shows galleries: ONE | TWO | THREE

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10 Responses to “Amateur Guys Getting Stripped Naked By Female Strippers In Front Of Friends And Strangers”  

  1. 1 Noodi

    My favorite kind of CFNM!! thx

  2. 2 Bean

    Surprise, surprise. Another disappointing post from AllThingsCFNM.

  3. 3 admin

    @Bean: two things:
    1. Read my response in the last update’s comment section
    2. Submit some of your own homemade CFNM and I’ll post it. Or perhaps start your own.

  4. 4 howdeall

    why the bitching if u dont like a site dont go on it
    i would understand if it was a paysite (even though it appears to have more updates on here than most paysites)but its free if its not for u move on!!
    Title of site says all things cfnm and would say majority of the time the posts are bang on topic so dont get why the bitching

  5. 5 cfnmdave

    yeah really,

    if you don’t like don’t view!!

    I like most of the posts and this site gives me some great ideas for my own CFNM!

    keep up the good work

  6. 6 admin

    @cfnm and @howdeall: thanks guys. And thank you for pointing out why you like the site… I don’t often enough hear that kind of feedback. I’ve always said that if any of you ever have any ideas for posts, or ways to improve the site, to definitely leave your suggestions in email or here in the comment section. So please, all suggestions are welcomed!

  7. 7 3xAmazing

    Don’t often post, and don’t really go for the stripper stuff, but I’m just going to echo: the blog rocks, ignore losers who haven’t done anything for anyone. You’ve got a lot of fans checking out the site. Keep up the good work

  8. 8 admin

    @3xamazing: thanks man! Although you realize that this post isn’t “stripper stuff”, like I normally post. This is completely different, as the strippers are female and they are exposing the amateur guys they are there to entertain. It’s great because the women really enjoy embarrassing the guys in front of their friends and strangers!

  9. 9 cfnmstudent

    I love the 5th video. The real life embarrassment of his small dick. Amazing!! I always have been an sph fan 😉 Love this site. Been my first go to for quite some time. x

  10. 10 ancho

    What’s up, every time i check website posts here it’s early in the day, for the reason that i enjoy finding out more.

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