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Tonight I’m focusing on the unique and completely amateur CFNM that only Kay’s Planet supplies. In the first clip, Kay introduces a 100% amateur girl named Tera to the concept of CFNM by bringing in a completely nude guy to stand next to her while Kay interviews her. Tera candidly answers questions about what she likes and dislikes about the male physique, her thoughts on size, and more – while sneaking peeks at the nude model. Then in the next clip, another amateur girl named Tara (differently spelled) expressed interest in getting a chance to play with Gordon, one of Kay’s amateur male subjects. Apparently Tara hadn’t ever seen a dick as big as his and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity Kay presents with the site – videotaping and watching Tera jerk off his big dick after giving him instructions on how to get it hard for her. Great CFNM footage by a true CFNM fan for CFNM fans from Kay’s Planet. And of course I couldn’t help but put together three picture sets of 100 pics a set, consisting first casual CFNM encounters, the second on girls are measuring and inspecting guys’ cocks, and then of mixed old school ones. There’s something for every CFNM in these sets, so check them all out!
Tera-gives-her-CFNM-perspective-in-an-interview Tara-gives-hot-CFNM-handjob-to-Gordon CFNM on PH:
Clip 1 | Clip 2
Clip 1 | Clip 2
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001-Brucie-poses-naked-with-3-hotties 002-two-women-measure-his-cock-with-a-ruler 003-MILF-photographing-his-boner-in-the-woods
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  1. 1 Jeff

    Love Kay’s Planet material! Would love to be one of the guy model’s for her scenarios

  2. 2 Coralee

    Dag nabbit good stuff you wharpersnippeps!

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