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In these completely amateur, independently produced CFNM videos below, various women working in hotels or in personal homes react and interact with nude male exhibitionists. I should mention that these and more like them are made by members of UFlash.tv. In the first three examples of this type of CFNM, an older guy has recorded the progression of CFNM relationship building with his apartment complex’s African maid. It starts with him being exposed with a wide open robe in the 1st, him jerking off for her shy observation in the 2nd, & then openly jerking off for her as she watches. The next 5 videos are all compilations of various guys’ less personal, yet similar exploits. First there’s a fully nude guy who enjoys walking out as the maids are coming in, causing an “oops” moment, followed by more embarrassing and shocking “being caught jacking off” clips in one video. Then there’s a video of 3 occasions of what looks to be Indian or Arabic guy jerking off for his maid, followed by a hairy guy’s luck with having two different black maids being very interested in viewing his naked body. Ending lastly with footage from a Russian man who enjoys openly jacking off in front of his helpful, but somewhat unfortunate looking maids. I’ve also included three free video clips of similar content that you can find tons of at My Dick Flash. Enjoy!
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Download links for all 4 the CFNM clips on MS: here & here or on MC: here & here

Izzy gets a face full of cock unexpectedly seen naked by 3 laughing girls Carissa sees more cock than she wants
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4 Responses to “Female Hotel Maids and Personal Housekeepers Involved In Intimate CFNM Situations”  

  1. 1 Bix

    Good stuff. Erotic and kinda hilarious at the same time. Wish there was a dedicated site for this niche…

  2. 2 Steven

    Thank you. Excellent post. This and your last one is the old you I remember. I like REAL CFNM like this without bizzare bondage fetish stuff (especially when it is obviously pro, or conventional porn).

    Thank you, and post more like these!

    Any Big Brother updates by the way? Also I don’t know if you’ve found any but there’s occasionally “Dieux De Stade” CFNM on dailymotion. These are naked fit models posing, with female director and some makeup artists. Haven’t seen 2012 on Dailymotion yet though.

  3. 3 Rawb

    Thank you for this!
    My favorite type of stuff.
    (I gave it 5 stars…)

  4. 4 James


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